How much of these do I take to get a safe high

How much of these do I take to get a safe high

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14 and a half

You spend your money on weed

Just take 400mg and realize why it's not recreational before you waste more than one night experimenting. Or Google it you fucking faggot. Don't forget to go incognito so mommy doesn't see what you're up to.

Smoke weed instead faggot

>the whole box retard

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Honestly user, Benadryl does not get you high. It causes delirium. Which makes you delirious. I have only done it one time. I shit you not, it was pure hell.

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There is a threshold you cross which makes Benadryl do the opposite and makes it feel like cocaine that lasts as long as meth. Good luck user

Enjoy feeling spiders all over your body

There is no safe high with the bennys

benadryl by itself is awful. in order for the trip not to suck massive cock, you need to take 300mg DXM (robitussin(delsym is the most palatable)), 300mg benadryl. if you have trouble staying awake from the benadryl, drink an energy drink. be warned, these drugs are terrible for you and the benadryl + energy drink puts your heart under great stress. also you can smoke weed if u want. also the trip you will get will be like a psychedelic fever dream, very strong and not to be taken lightly as a fun, quick high.

100mg to be comfy, 800 mg to trip, anything in between is nightmare fuel.
Also tripping dosage runs the risk of serotonin syndrome, and when you come down you'll want to have some 5htp to take the edge off the serotonin depletion.

That's dxm retard

Pretty sure this is one of those you don't want to fuck with. You don't get a good high from this shit, you get organ damage.

1 is enough because you'll get drowsy and fall asleep in about 30 minutes.

Go to erowid. It sounds like most people end up in the hospital.

titty boy get cut off

Ate 26 on 2 different occasions. Definitely not for the weak lol

30+ yrs old here. no rookie for the record. took 1 last year, 15 min later absolutely had to swing by Starbucks and grab a coffee. downed it , an hour later passed the fuck out at 5:30 in the afternoon and completely missed the final 4 b-ball games. i couldn't imagine taking 2. probably wudnt wake up after that .

u wont get high u just get intensely sleepy and can barely walk

took some with a girl named amber, 13 of them to be exact each of us

she was woke as hell meanwhile i was so tired i could barely get out of my car to take a piss at the safeway

it was like being drunk, but actually somewhat more relaxed

wasnt great cuz i wanted to sleep and she wanted to go home


Lmao faggot. I'm 29 and know what you mean.

Nice try to fool OP you stupid nigger.

Just Google "benadryl spiders"

Take 200mg, drink a beer, and smoke a'll absolutely love whatever music you put on......thats about the best "high" you can get from it.

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don't get the Kirkland brand ones, they're 3x lethal

Stfu idiot. Kys for the good of humanity. Serotonin Syndrome is not causes by overdosing on benadryl. Not even close.

Dxm overdose can cause serotonin syndrome but not benadryl.

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