Do i make a good trap?

do i make a good trap?

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Id fuck the trap out of you

you suck at doing makeup and you have masculine facial features but i would still smash that boipussy. also show ass

that's not you

You look like a faggot in a dress and lipstick

am asexual

No but you do a great cosplay of the lead singer from Tears for Fears

Fuck no. Nothing exposes a "trap" attempt more than facial hair. Women don't have 5 o'clock shadow.

pls post more, you're beautiful

shiet i gotta get laser hair removal but thats too gay

I think yes, you do. your voice is key, tho

I’d beat your ass

now cant unsee

I'd fuck the shit out of you
What's your social media handle?

i like the hair

i got a deviantart

[spoiler] [/spoiler]

Cheeks are a lil angular but honestly pretty cute.

Hey I dig your art, pretty sicc.


Seriously not trying to take the piss here, but I could tell you were a trap by the thumbnail pic alone.

On a phone screen.

41 percentile

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Saint Vincent too

fr tho you're hot show ass

>good trap

the only way to accomplish this oxymoron is to not be a trap

how you accomplish that is up to you, faggot.

thanks bruv

hopefully i can improve more this year