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none of them

A, but C will complain about it

A. b & c have aids to help them stand and the fat nigger chick could do with the exercise.


only white one there

C because he's white.
Sorry nothing racist gotta look after my own kind.

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All of them.

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Fuck all of them, I deserve the seat

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Flip the chair upside down


turn the chair over and you got room for all four


In the USA, A gets the chair. B and C get excluded as they are men and despite it being a bit unfair in this culture men's comfort is not valued. Between A and D, A has preference as the baby is currently feeding and it's largely unworkable to feed a baby standing. Once the baby is done eating A should be expected to offer to the chair to D. D can then choose to take the chair or offer it to B or C. Any off D's choices could be considered right or wrong but as she is a pregnant woman no one is in a position to second guess her.

Rock paper scissors.

flip the chair upside down and let them share it

Depends on if any are my friends. If none are, fuck ‘em - don’t give a shit.


A does not, choosing to have a child should not grant you special treatment

C does not because age befalls us all, you are not special.

D. does not because anyone can be pregnant, by being that many months pregnant she has decided to keep the child, she will need to deal with this decision.

B deserves the seat. Maybe he was injured due to shitty choices, but he did not choose to break his leg, nor is breaking a limb inherent to existence, he is truly disabled.

B - injuries don’t deserve special treatment beyond medical care and medical aftercare.
You’re told to use your leg after breaking it to help keep muscle tone while casted, just to be careful.
His ass can stand.


I'm not giving any of those fuckers my chair




B never asked for his situation, so B. C is close second but since the elders need to exercise more, not making them sit is actually a good thing.

A- Healthy mother is able to stand with her young child just fine.
B- With use of crutches is able to find a wall to lean against to have multiple sources of support.
C- Close second but even an elderly man with a cane is able to support himself.
D- Deserves the chair as she is carrying an unborn life and her and the baby's bodies are in the most need of support.

If you turn the seat upside down, they can all sit down on the chair together.

C because hes not a nigger

I wish I had this kind of "outside of the box" thinking. I bet you're successful and make a lot of money.

C, the only white one.

But I would say "fuck you" to all of them and still sit there if I was there first.

He's black though, so he only gets it if the old white man doesn't want it.


A if she'll let me jack off on her tits.

B gets the chair, he looks uncomfortable standing
C has both legs and a cane, he seems content
A&D last, you arent special because you let some nigga nut in you

B, because it will probably be more painful for him to stand, and he has the highest risk of falling.

Whoever owns it. That person can choose to sit down or allow one of the other to for whatever reason they see fit. No one deserves the use of others shit just for being in a situation millions of others will find themselves in.

A- fuck children, that bitch can stand. Children are worthless
B- take a seat my dood, rest those crippled feets
C- if day boi gets up, it's all you Daddy
D- fuck children, that bitch can stand. Unborn children are just lifeless masses of cells, shoulda aborted to help overpopulation faggit

>able to find a wall to lean against
I'm going to use this from now on.

d, but tell her she has to stand on it instead of sitting
then grab the legs of the chair and just swoop it out from underneat, and watch as she gets an unintended abortion

report them to hitler and take the chair for questioning

Depends, where's this seat on the bus?

Sociopathy is a mental illness.

Is it at the front of the bus?

Niggers should be grateful for standing next to a white person