I found this picture on my wife’s phone. What does it mean?

I found this picture on my wife’s phone. What does it mean?

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means you need to mind your own business and not snoop on your wife's phone

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stop rollplaying. No one likes your stupid cuckold fantasies.

Means your wife got some nasty ass skin

1. Is it your wife?

2. Is it your dick?

If the answer to either or both questions is no, you're fucked.


It means you're a larping faggot and nobody cares.

That she should change her password?

you fo real nigga?

It means she has a side piece just like you do.

no you didnt, thats grandma gook

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It means it time for another "OP is a cuck and wants to power fap to your fantasy" thread.
Can someone please just fuck this mans girl already so he can leave

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Ha, OP is a fucking loser

Obviously it means your wife secretly has a dick and likes to bang ugly chicks. Sorry user.

It means she was sucking your, or another mans willy.

It means the bitch doesn't listen. Told her to delete that shit.

now that was funny!

>grandma gook
It means that you’re a faggot and you need to do something better with your life than watching porno

it means your wife has a dick

Means the alpha male she's fucking is a retard using her phone for pics and not his own. But these aren't of your wife and just a reason to start a thread so you're still fine user. Unless you're secretly wanting to be a cuck