Started dating a religious girl because you fucks told me she was hot enough

Started dating a religious girl because you fucks told me she was hot enough
> go to P.F. Chang’s
> order drinks
> order appetizer
> good conversation, plans for the week whatever
> comes the sesame chicken
> Imfuckinghungrygoddam
> I’m fine dinning in this bitch
> unravel fork and knife
> cut a piece off and proceed to eat it
> “user, what are you doing?”
> tf.gif
> “ surely eat , haaaa”
> “ but you didn’t give me a chance to bless our food?”
> wtf.gif
> “ugh, what?”
> “ user, your silly. Here let me bless our food”
> proceeds to bow head and inner lock hands
> “ Heavenly Father, thank you for supplying us with this amazing food”
> start looking around
> see a booth take a picture
> start to sweat and say “amen”
> “ user, it’s your turn”
> fuckthisandthat.gif
> “ naw, we good”
> eat and dip the fuck out
> could hear chuckles as I am leaving
> get in car “user, just to let you know when we eat out I want use to demonstrate the lords love in our life”

You motherfuckers god dam made me date a fucking lunatic .....

Pic is her

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Damn, give me her # you pagan scum. Then, accept you're a guilty fallen human that needs rescue before you dead.

you couldnt even say a fucking prayer for a chance to get laid? Ive gone to god damn yoga classes just to get my dick wet.

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If she's that religious, she's not putting out for a long ass time, maybe not even until marriage in which case, she's definitely not worth it.

Fuck that. Save before I die. Wtf is this bullshit.

fake and gay, tits or gtfo you chode pube

Nigga, the guy who responded to this is definitely right about her putting out. I don’t think it’s anywhere worth it.

Wtf???? You think I would make this up. What do I have to gain?
If I get to see those tits, I would probably be referring her as my wife.

absolute beta

I’ll go to yoga, plenty of other asses to stare at. This shit every time we go out to eat. Yeah, fuck that.

>sees tits
>marriage material

r u 12

No you dumb fuck, she just said anything and everything would be reserved for marriage.

not necessarily. ive been with 3 super religo chicks, 2 were mormons. The one rule they werent afraid to break was premarital sex.

Oh well shit user. I greatly appreciate this advice.

you should be good on anal, doesnt count according to Old Testament if she rock that shit

>be me
>be mormon
>never had sex
>never hugged a girl
>find out user fucked 2 mormon girls and says they don't hesitate to have premarital sex

imagine my crushing sadness

I worked with a girl who admitted to me she only did anal to retain her virginity. I was really tempted to ditch my current gf at the time to hook up with that bitch.

This is the best advice of my life

LOL I dated a yehuvas witness, and was a wild fuck, so just pull the strings op

how have you never hugged a girl?


tremendously ugly and diagnosed with depression at age 10, which has remained untreated. no one wants to be with an ugly person, compound that with depression and i mean i fully understand why no one would ever want anything to do with me at all.

no redeeming qualities. very ugly, currently morbidly obese, tiny dick, and a bummer to be around. not sure why i'm still around. no good reason to be.

yes i am genuinely incel for a constellation of reasons, not just meme "social anxiety."

Are you ugly or something

I think the first step would be to stop being mormon and then you should shave

yes. it's the first thing i said.

probably a troll but obviously i have nothing in my life to proclude me from taking the bait

what makes you think i'm unshaved.

I know you're unshaved

The real question OP is does she only do anal because she’s saving herself for marriage?

mormons are clean shaven.

>faggots who care more about what random normies think then actual pussy

Make sure your next girlfriend was previously a boy then faggot

>dates retard who believes in ancient fairytale
What the fuck were you expecting?

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it is so interesting that the majority of the population still believes in christianity. fucking how.

>i want to demonstrate the Lord's love in our life
and this is the real problem with her.
It's not that she's religious
but that she's wanting public attention
and she's trying to be a used car salesman
with her religion
it lacks humility
you don't want this false witness in your life

A man too good for a girl like this is not a man who goes to PF Changs. Even in your self invented fantasies you're an atheist douchbag

Let me help you out your dumb loser. In modern Japanese culture, they give thanks for food. Modern Japanese culture is agnostic, not religious at all. Don't think of these things as superstition, but instead as culture.

Ahahaha fuck no
You really did it

>“And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.
Matthew 6:5-6