Recognise thread - aussie edition

recognise thread - aussie edition

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aussies are too busy burning or drowning to post nudes rn

Hunter Valley?
Newcastle/Maitland area here.

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Looking for Brandi from Perth

Is she sucking in her gut??


Gross and bug eyed




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Is that Katrina

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This Perth cosplayer

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Anyone got a share discord or chat?

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Any Cabramatta girls?

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Any more Melbourne?


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Hunter valley. I'm an old fuck though and all the people I know are 25-30 now.



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Same here


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Didn't realise there were so many Novacastrians on here. I know like one person that *sometimes* uses Cred Forums for porn. He's not even from here.

Canberra Uni, anyone know her?

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I knew a few others but that's going back a decade. Been living here for 20 years and love it.
Just moved from Thornton down to Charlestown.


I was born here and moved all over the place when my parents split but somehow I keep ending up back here

Yep, she's from that seaside area of Canberra

Her name's Caitlin

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Born in JHH here too. Haven't moved round much though.
Small world eh?

I want her. What a good looking woman

Haha, I'm 90% sure that photo is actually from the States somewhere if I recall correctly

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More melb insta models

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Frankston ?

post her nudes


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Any Brooke alexx or brooke febo? Ran a make up instagram

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any brisbane/logan sluts?

Damn, more of them? Think i know the left one

have some more of right

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if katrina is her mothers name i know who this is

2322 represent
When the fuck did Cred Forums get so many Hunter peeps? That useless ISP filter finally lifted?

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2321 kek
Idk, Cred Forums was banned on optus for a bit i believe but it's always been here for my ISP

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Looks like my ex.

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It could be

Was your ex a Perth cosplayer?

If anyone has any QLD OC I'd be down to swap

cord: Icecreamanator


Anyone got her? from Brissy

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got anything?

I have pics of a fat fuck called Bianca (degenerate husband sent them) and a tall slut named Fiona that I used to fuck. Doubt anyone in here would know them though.

What about Sarah H


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Is it her?

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Got kik?

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Do you actually believe some loser from Cred Forums dated a cosplay slut?

Knowing the people she's talked to. Absolutely

Any Mildura or Warrnambool or Port Fairy?

maybe thereare nudes of her

I'm sure there are

There are two types of cosplay sluts.
> Normal sluts who do it for money or attention
> Nerdy sluts with a lot of issues who do it to be popular because even if they're hot, they aren't special and they know it.

She's a bit of both

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Prove it