Girls built for BBC

Girls built for BBC

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the dead eyes, shes been blacked already kek

its so hot knowing she's already been blacked

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You cucks are so pathetic lol

Fat cow tits dyke needs some real cock

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strip her user

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fuck yes


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how many bbcs do you think my wife could handle?

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I bet 4. That face would take two and her pussy and ass one each.

Yo what's up faggots and bots. A lot of Euro cucks today huh? Pathetic

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id give her my BWC while i yell racist shit

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Why is it always incel amerimutts and virgin shitskin poojeets obsessed with nigger dicks?
So fucking weird, europeans and asians don't have that kind of mental illness

Lol. Checked

Milf needs it

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You know the people who always make these threads are whites who can't even speak to women it's really pathetic. I'd say mostly Americans as well who are probably afraid of blacks or haven't even spoken to one. If I had a picture of these mother fuckers I'd make a simular thread. Men built for the gas chamber!

love it. BBC has been in that ass for sure.

every one of them needs a black baby.

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Are you white ?

Coon loving bitch. Who wants to see her body that she thinks is private?

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This little whore needs so black man meat to stretch her

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No so private anymore. coon loving bitch

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Oh yeah she'd ride it hard

Gf 2

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arent all girls built for bbc?

I can't imagine her without black boyfriend.

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one more


Which girls most built for it and why?

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middle with her palest skin but show moar of left and her thicc thighs

Anyone think she deserves it

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“im not like other girls, i don’t want to hook up. want something serious, etc”
posts picture that borders between revealing her goods or in a suggestive manner

and now unzip her


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girl on the left looks hotter

Anyone got her new insta?

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I think she need a huge one

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He threw everything away for this mediocre whore? Hope he dies of colon cancer.

They shouldn't have "everything" in the first place. Monarchy is cancer and worse than welfare niggers.

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Anyone know a black bred white woman? I'd love to send her monthly support!

fuck yeah, this pose naked user


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You like?

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keep her cumming

>ywn schmear your bagels with cream cheese made from her milkies

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face and tits user

None of these sluts have even touched a nigger

gay cucks

Need more bumps.

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naw dude that girl was built for my BWC

I hate to be the one to tell you this user but at least 75% of white/latin/azn women get blacked by the age of 21. The other 25% fantasize about it and often make it a reality.

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Sure keep believing that fag

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are they worthy..?

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she has 2 epic bumps user

Hell yes. Porcine Peggy on the right is literally a black baby making machine.

show right naked to help with decision user

how about middle and left? you think they could handle BBC? imagine the three of them getting impregnated by the same one on the same night
my good sir, if i had nudes of any of them i would greatly oblige, but i do not :(

star of david? could that be a jew?

Girl in the op literally fuck niggers.

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5 more interests till naked

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moar changing room and lingerie pics user

All 3 need a black gangfuck

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Her black babies will be fed like kangz.

is she an am model you've fucked user?

Where's your mom's nudes OP ?

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Dat azz

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More of right please!

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she already dates black, im sure she can handle any bbc and look great doing it

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these two would be perfect, love the contrast of super pale on a nice chocolate bbc

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Nah, she hates niggs as I do.


jesus she is perfect
100% would be a willing cuck

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fuck, that pussy. her thighs are amazing. pretty face. perfect tits. BBC would OWN her.

There have been things that "broke the internet" for as long as the internet has been around. This might actually break it. It will definitely see a 50% reduction in workforce staying home to fap.

Think she needs blacked ?

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these sluts would devour bbc

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They're all perfect for getting Blacked

All 4 Vs. a busload of just released from max security africanus criminalus breeding bulls that have been locked in chastity for 3 months and are all high on PCP.

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What's her name? Can already picture Daquan grabbing that bun and fucking her mouth while he tells her how he's gonna fuck her ass

“Help this niggers on pcp Johnson”
*bang *bang
“It’s fine Swanson just sprinkle some crack on him”

That's a "no go" on the name. Sorry.

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especially far left, shed get DESTROYED

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Why do their eyes all look fake? Kinda creepy..

No worries. I'm sure she'd never bother giving me her name let alone her number anyway. That body is built for a real man... a black man....

For sure.

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either hella photoshop or theyre high, most bitches who fuck BBC are always drunk or high on something

she's a fucking goddess

Tell me about it!

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BBC cockwhores

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would literally suck BBC cum off of her body just to have some kind of intimacy. fuck she's so hot

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Anyone else see pregnant whitegirls and always hope that the baby is black?

Smoking hot.

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look like they would happily share a black cock, moar user

Any more of her? She's cute

theyre sisters but they probably have shared a few

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Left is a poor mans Riley Reid.

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pretty much, even down to the similar but a bit worse body

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Holy fuck those are some birthing hips.

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poor man's bree olson

She's too fucking perfect. I'd treat her like a goddess but she'd rather get bent over and used by some thug, his cum dripping from her pussy as he fucks her ass? omg.

She's still gorgeous. I'd pay an obscene amount of money just to hold her pregnancy test in my mouth while she pisses on it.

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here's one of katie pissing

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shes really a great looking slut

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god she's perfect for BBC. would love to kneel in front of her on that toilet, pull her panties down and gently spread her legs so I can lick her pussy while she empties her ass to get ready for some black dick back there

Champagne for her and Tyrone, her champagne for me.

So you think she’s made for bbc ? Give details and ‘ll show more, maybe nudes

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hell yeah celebrate her stretching and impregnation by BBC

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You might aswell call it a cuck thread. We all know black people don't come on Cred Forums...

That big mouth is perfect for sucking off BBC's.

how many black cocks do you think she's had in her ass?

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Looks like foot slut Jade + 15 years older.


More details please

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Judging from the amount of semen in her shit that I just saw, I'm guessing it was two guys and soon to be a third... just licked her pooper clean so she's ready for Daquan

thicc af

Wish my girl would take one, a brother would enjoy stretching out her cherry little pussy.

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Nice hangers!

she craves the attention of men

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fucking disgusting ham beast

Your mother

would love to watch my boss ride BBC

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what a bbc whore, she probably had them in there at the same time

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When can we see her sucking black dicks?

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great ass

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yeah, and her skin tone, just a perfect contrast to a nicely built dark skinned man

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this slut

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(You)r mom

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Imagine watching Jenna take one

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That pig looks like she can throat a BBC easily.

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fuck yeah, shed moan so loud, id love to see that african seed seeping out of her pussy

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theyd ruin her

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fuck yes

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And you just know he'd wreck her cute, puckered little asshole!

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>tfw Tyrone asks to hit you up later


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mmm yup

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more!! holy moly she thiccc

that ass belongs to black cock

breeding stock

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would love to see her impregnated

Turkey baster full of BBC seed from 100 bulls injected into her. May the strongest seed win.

who wouldnt

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fuck yes

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Imagine billions of heat seeking missiles roaming around her womb at the speed of light in search of an egg.

Des Moines gals eh?

spilling down those thighs

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My 23 y/o girl loves black dick. Wwyd

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more of that thicc slut

prep her bull and eagerly watch and wait for him to implant his seed

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she needs to be gangbanged

Shed love it. She loves cum

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Attached: 20200105_222648.jpg (1080x916, 387K)

This is Jewish psychological warfare. Try to keep up.

good slut


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Attached: 2F4E5B82-63BB-442F-8DBB-E72DD3838BB7.jpg (1177x1327, 286K)

love those tits

Jewish women are build for da true BLACK Israelites!

Attached: Marissa Eldman blacked jew.jpg (2715x2000, 1.49M)


Attached: asian cucks.png (928x295, 52K)

Attached: 20200120_184022.jpg (408x976, 248K)

Wwyd for moar

Attached: Screenshot_20200120-132313_WhatsApp.jpg (1080x2280, 792K)

drop her off drunk and naked in the hood in the middle of the night

god yes he would. fucking destroyed. stretched. in pain for a week but she fucking LOVES remembering what he did to her. wish she'd let me taste her back there all week long

How would you want to watch her be dominated by BBC?

Attached: CA610524-F17B-47C4-A657-C212886AE8D0.jpg (1183x1563, 447K)

gangraped there on that beach

I'd watch with my eyes.

look here

Attached: 0FE42A09-AE53-4CAA-B057-1D238E07C07E.jpg (1204x1186, 431K)

vola/unsee for her?

Attached: 61981867.jpg (509x440, 74K)

she looks like she's forcing that smile when she's next to that white guy. if only she had her favorite black man next to her. i'm sure his hands would be on her tits and down her leg. god he's so fucking lucky.

She's looking away because even with sunglasses, the suns reflection off that pale skin is blinding to her.

Attached: 61303500.jpg (640x960, 66K)

sweetie let's get your ass ready for Jamal to enjoy, why don't you pull those bottoms down and squat right there in the sand and empty it all out... I'll lick you clean. Hurry up, he's coming and I don't want him to get mad at me for not having you ready again.


just kill yourself, you are just pathetic and worthless, hope some nigger beheads and kills you all, you don't deserve to live.

Grinning just thinking about having that belly full of his cum.

Attached: 33650888.jpg (1080x1350, 1.29M)

Anyone on kik or discord? Send girls to chat or roleplay about them getting blacked.

oh god she's even getting her friend to join them. white boys will never compete :(

They've got no shot.

Attached: 3216546946.png (435x770, 576K)

Don't say that. I'm sure they have plenty of bills for white bois to adopt.

Attached: 34092950.jpg (960x960, 93K)

yes sweetie i'll pay your phone bill so you can keep texting your black guys, do you think maybe i could have a pair of your used panties please?

Only if you sign a debt contract!

Attached: 33200163.jpg (1080x1350, 1.63M)

of course! anything for you. makes me feel so loved when you show me some attention.

$10K minimum sweetie plus $200 for my lawyer to draw up the contract.

oh my god that's a bit rich dear, i can barely afford that... i might have to sell my car

We can lower the monthly payment but the interest will skyrocket so you'll likely never escape.

Attached: 1371237209.jpg (1920x1080, 614K)

I don't want to ever escape from you sweetie... I live to serve you

You angered embodiment of cuckery, gj