Ruined sluts - before and after

ruined sluts - before and after

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Who is this?

An ex cheerleader


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oh my god
but she was so perfect

imig es/c/TnEaJvC

liberal colleges, not even once

Lol that was great work by Cred Forums

Is Katelyn a bull dyke now?

It's all shopped, you idiot.

I bought a lot of stuff from her Amazon wishlist. She was super nice and called me a sweetheart. We messaged back and forth for a few months but it never went anywhere. I guess I should have spent more :(

way to go Cred Forums she used to be nice

She was a cheap whore who tricked money out of guys with her scrawny body. I don’t think Cred Forums ruined her enough personally

I think its better like this

you bitches did this to her.
you wonder why more and more white women hate white men.
yall literally ruined this girls life.


wouldnt you hate men too after all the shit shes been through

she looks better with short hair

She’s a scammer, she got some of what she deserved

yea this might be true.
All the shoulnt share threads and shit.
This can have very bad repercussions.
Not as tho you could convince these misanthropic dirtballs to care

Nobody forced her to post her cunt online.

I kinda miss the threads of her stuff

Idk the story, but most of these girls had shared these photos to someone they trust.
You get the idea

IDK how many times you gotta be told how she was ripping guys off with her teaser pics and Amazon Wishlist shit, but she was. All these whores and their “paypigs” deserve the fires of hell

She was a cheerleader that Cred Forums discovered. Also she was posting on sites looking for a sugar daddy.


How many times i gotta be told. lol wut?
Can you read?
>Idk the story

was the video ever posted? not the video of her showering

For every one of her who gets caught leeching off guys there are dozens who don’t. No sympathy for any of them if it turns bad

there was a video of her being fucked

In for video.....

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Adding the period and this still doesn't work.

try comma

Anyone have her full set? Only have a few nn pics

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Nope :(