28 yo old working at dead end job for 3 years with no education, no friends, no gf, no hobbies, boring as fuck

>28 yo old working at dead end job for 3 years with no education, no friends, no gf, no hobbies, boring as fuck
>feel like co workers hates me, cos they always avoids me, they doesnt want to be around me, doesnt want to even look me in the eye, most of them are women
>working with couple normal fags, one is 18 yo old who loves to brag how often he have sex with his gf everyday, other is 30+ years married man, they both piss me off and are annoying as fuck, specialy that 18 yo old faggot
>he sometimes flirt with co worker women, some of these women are my age, but most are older and he's way better at flirting with me, i mean i dont even try, because i wouldnt know what to say, how could i?
>there is this 19 yo old co worker whore girl who falls in love with every 18-40 yo old guy that comes to wrok to our job, but she never felt that same way for me, it kills my self esteem even more
>it probably means im literally buttom of the barrel if even such a whores who would sleep with 90% of men on this planet wouldnt give me a minute in her life
>how ever its probably not my looks, im 190cm, toned body, handsome face, definitely above average at looks. I can tell that because i had random girls approaching me on the street in past and literally hitting on me, asking if i have girlfriend, asking for my number, then texting me and shit, but it never worked out.
> i mostly hate my job in my life right now, cos it kills me when i come to my job and i can see how women interact with my male co workers and how the interact with me, they find me repulsive, but i have no option to quit my job, i have no education, i live in second world country i have very weak monthly savings, all jobs i can get a same shit filthy hander workers for same shitty wage. Combine it with me being a looner, you know what you get...

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Get a new job, fuck it

Fuck your coworkers bro. I dont talk to mine unless I have to. People who get obsessed with thier coworkers freak me out. You spend 40 hours a week with those losers. You dont need to spend your free time concerning yourself with them too. Coworkers and friends are two very different things. Go to work. Put your time in. Go home and live your life.

Also that 18 year old is a huge faggot. Let him brag now. Anyone who's bragging like that isn't actually getting laid.

lol wageslavery

No education? Get a CDL. Don’t have money for classes? Most state’s unemployment will pay for it if you’re on unemployment

It's pretty clear that you're either very unlucky or very bad at effectively interacting with others. One of these can be improved upon.

>how ever its probably not my looks, im 190cm, toned body, handsome face, definitely above average at looks
Picture with timestamp, if you truly are decent looking then you can learn how to make yourself behave like a normie.

It's not your right to be hit on by anybody, and a good body isn't a replacement for a shitty personality. You clearly have some very unhealthy view about women which is going to be an instant turn off. Focus on getting your life and mental health on track first. Hope shit works out for you user.

i dont comunicate with my co workers even at job
i said im living in second world country, not in states
im very bad with interacting with others, i never know what to say, im almost always quiet
Passatas13 on reddit.

Where are you from bruh? Also, the fact that those other women hit on you should be enough of a confidence boost.

Start play LoL and do solo queue, so you have a reason to suicide, jk, come to play League of Legends

>the fact that those other women hit on you should be enough of a confidence boost.
well it is not
i played, stoped playing 5 years ago cos its shit game

you've got to read this in Golem's voice

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I asked you where you were from, dipshit.
Anyway, if the women you know (interact with) don't find you attractive and strangers do, you can deduce that it IS, in fact, your personality that's the problem.
Start addressing it - practice your social skills. Try to be funny or something, learn how to hold a conversation, you've got the internets.

checked your reddit account, you're a very handsome man, but that's not everything in this world. your coworkers probably don't care about you because 1) as you said on reddit, they probably think you're gay, a solution to this would be to make some comments about a girl you're seeing, so that they know you're interested in women 2) you have a shit personality, this is not very easy to fix, it's very clear how insecure you are, and im sure others can see it too, maybe you should start focusing on other stuff, find a hobby and become an interesting person that people would like to have a conversation with.

post him, i wanna see what he's got.

is it really that hard to look it up yourself? reddit.com/user/passatas13

No hobbies? Seriously. How lacking in imagination do you need to be to have no hobbies in the internet era? You sound retarded, mate.

Dude, it's not the lack of friends or gf. I'm 27 yrs old, until recently I had 0 experience with girls and no friends. I started making money, got some friends, even though not much, I'm seeing 4 girls now. Still feel like shit. I'll try going to a good psychiatrist or something. I think ur issues are mental as well, I saw ur pic on reddit, u look well above average and with 190, u can get girls for sure.
Btw, are u from a slavic country?

>surrounded by female coworkers
Hit the gym and shower

Why the fuck does it matter where I'm from. I said from second world country sithole 3 times already.

Quite your job coward, it can only get better

Well I'm not seeing any girl. And I have no idea wtf to do to change my shit personality. I have no1 to hang out with, I have no hobbies I do not connect with anyone in any topic. Nothing is intiresting to me.

Because you're obviously trying hard to not tell us and this is what made me curious. Why the fuck would you type out all that personal shit and want to keep it a secret where you're from specifically? I mean the extra info can't hurt.

Well my hobbies are video games. Nothing else interests me.

I'm not slavic, but close. some shit country with slav countries all around it.

Dude u should tell the country, because it has a huge difference on life where you live. I'm from a slavic country, here looks don't play such a massive role as in western european countries. Here, money is king. Not that looks dont mean anything.

you know you can lie, right? santa won't put you on the naughty list, i promise. also it's not hard to get a hobby, you can get into movies, music, videogames, the choice is yours. and if there's really nothing that interests you, try seeking mental help, you might be depressed. (also stop using reddit, you're not that a lost cause like them)

Austrian detected
Youre slav too stop denying

Damn, are you me?

Austria is sure as hell not a second world country

Same man but I'm 36. It doesn't get any better.

*you're not a lost cause like them

It won't change anything either if I tell.

Commit suicide, for we're living in a satanic world, and it might stay like that forever.
If not the Jews, this world would never be satanic.

Not him but most people probably don’t have the same taste in music as me.
I might just be depressed from staying in all the time and not getting enough sun. Are vitamin D supplements effective?

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ive had vitamin d deficiency, it doesn't affect your mental health, just your bones.

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Is music and movies a hobbie. Ofc I watch movies and listen to music, but I wouldn't consider that hobbie.


it's not about sharing the same taste in music as other people, it's the opposite of that, you must be more informed than the average guy so that other people come to you for suggestions, same for movies and videogames.

If this is seriously you, then put down the phone/computer and go outside. Keep hitting the gym. Get in touch with a therapist and look at social skills development since that was obviously stunted in your youth.
You can at least learn new behavior.

just start going out to dinner by yourself just to get out and be in the world. learn to love yourself. i had to do the same thing. i feel alone alot but i have sad days and good days

eat your moms pussy


this is good advice, try to reconnect with yourself, what did you enjoy when you were young? try to revive past memories and passions

nofap, redpill, blackpill and learn forex (rds_forex89)

Im afraid I will look like awkward looser going to dinner alone.

What's forex?

probs becaus your sutch a downer from what im reading

this guy's got the right idea and he's right about that 18 year old kid. 9 times out of 10 people getting laid a lot don't feel the need to brag about it.

just put ur time in, look for better jobs and never get comfortable with your current situation. go home and live your life. find a hobby or a side hustle to put a little extra money in your pocket.

trading currencies fam

Maybe it’s because your a massive killjoy.

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i've been in your position and trust me, feeling like there's no way out is the first step to freedom. i planned my own suicide and for some reason, that unlocked my newfound life.