Ask a black man (26 y.o.) who only dates white women anything

Ask a black man (26 y.o.) who only dates white women anything

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When was the last time you stole a bicycle?

Since your picture is fake as fuck I'm guessing your larping is real as fuck

How big is your cock?

you have to go black

When's the last time you said "Thanks for the warning ticket officer" or "Happy father's day, dad"

Middle Eastern dude who is very attracted to black girls. (But I'll date anyone who's my type in terms of fashion sense/style)

How come white girls only? Mabye it's because I'm.a zoomer but I've never understood people who specifically limit themselves to one race, whether that be there own or another. Just trying to gain some genuine perspective.

>Inb4 baitpost

Why dont like your own?

Why are you really a white faggot larping on Cred Forums?

What’s one thing all white girls say? Is it a common fantasy of theirs to fuck black guys? Do they bring it up

Because OP is not a nigger, just a wannabe. They would timestamp on themselves to prove me wrong.


Came from middle class family.

7" but I got some girth

Have you only ever dated whites, or did you ever date a black chick?
How many of the white girls you've dated have eaten your ass?

If I was then why did you respond?

How's it feel to feel so inferior to white people that you cant even date youre own race?

Knock a few up. Fuck race away.

Whats the youngest white girl youve had?

Do they all want to be submissive for you? Certain ages you go for?

I dated two black women but grow up in a predominately white neighborhood.


Can I see your cock?

White women are perfect but I never tell or show them I think that

My honest answer

How old were you


No. My age is good.

I just might

Thanks. What about the ass eating? Do you find that with it becoming more prevalent in porn (liked in the Blacked and BlackedRaw series, that white women are doing it more? I mean, I feel like eating ass is happening more everywhere, but was curious your experience.

Nope, and I dont think about it


Why don't you date sheboons? Is it because they closely reflect apes or are they just crazy?

What is the point in editing that pic? The original one was perfect.

You're missing out. A chick's tongue on or in your ass is a wonderful thing.

How many nignogs have you murdered, and when will you take yourself out?


>who only 'rapes' white women

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They ask me sometimes.

Cucked guy asked me to bull his gf

what's it like being a subhuman literal piece of shit?

Why does the Jiggaboo prefer women of cleaner stock to those of his own savage tribe?

larping this much yet hasn't time stamped with his nigger skin yet

What are your thoughts on foreign policy?

We have too much foreign policy.

wheres the timestamps stupid nigger? oh you cant because of some dumb excuse? kill yourself larping virgin

When did u realize black woman are awful and start dating white Queens ?

I like how op cant prove hes black and doesn't answer anyone asking for proof, saged and hidden fag

quit samefagging op and trying to answer your own question, pussy

how many white colored clothes do you own?

Early. Something great about white girls, y'know. Most of them make an effort to show you that she's an asset and not some ruler. They fuck like it's their last day on earth, too.


pics or it didnt happen

sure pussy, keep larping you pathetic samefag

you can tell by the posters, that you're the only one making the questions and answering them kek how sad

What’s it like being an incel

Pic with timestamp, nigger larping

Wouldn't know what an incel life is... incel

Do you date them or just cry about dating them after taking some creepshots on a bus?

What did your mom do that was so bad that you hate black women? She must have been a piece of shit mom to turn you into a self-hating idiot.

yeah you would whitey quit trying to say you're black and post a Tim stamp fucking lying pussy. I wonder how bad your shitty white life is that you have to act black lol god you literally must be that pathetic

I've cried but not like you tho

Not about that at all. Just preference, man.

Btw parents are cool with it.

anyone got the original? and/or any more?

Your parents are cool with you larping?

how does it feel to be a 35 year old fat white man? if not show timestamp with skin

parents, now I know you are larping.

when are you going back to africa? any response that isn't "now" isn't soon enough, nigger

What's your favorite cocktail?

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hows it feels to be a nigger?

he also said he came from middle class xD

Jamieson on rocks.

Living a damn good life, tbqh.

a lot of self hatred. my only wish is that I was white. It's hard out here for an ashy spade

>Ask a black man (26 y.o.) who only dates white women anything
>posts picture of a hot white girl who is clearly with a white man

Why are you such a dirty race traitor? You should be ashamed negro.

Is that the closest you got to 'dating' white women? Taking creepshots?

I'm not actually, I've been larping the entire time. I just hate my life so much I have nothing else to do

Your bait needs work.

I'm white and I hate myself too. Sorry dude :(

I'm actually white, I've been larping the entire time because I want to know what it feels like to talk to people. I'm actually a 39 year old virgin

jacking off to them from across the way. it's hard to do an not get caught

Would you like to date my gf?

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I would be to scared to walk up to her. I'm still a kissless virgin

What race of women do you prefer to date also


any, I havent gotten any action in the 39 years I've been alive, I've been larping I was 26

But if she just want to fuck a bbc , would you do it?

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I wouldnt know, I'm white. I was lying about being black


I mean anything is perfect compared to black women..

most the time, like I said; I'm actually white

You replied didn’t you?

Have you ever cum tributed a pale redhead?

Just my preference

ok guys, I'm done with the thread, good job taking the bait thinking I was black when I'm actually a 36 year old white man

Nope, sir.

not my cock is too tiny for that

Ah, so you didn't have to

real op here. no I have not. I would be to afraid because my penis is under 3 inches

which one?

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D) none of the above.

none, they are all too good looking for me to walk up. I would be terrified

quit trying to act like you're me pussy. I'm the lying white guy acting black so fuck off. this is my thread

>I'm actually white,
As are almost ALL NIGGERS on Cred Forums.

leave our woman alone you dirty nigger

the whites here are the niggest tho

sorry I made a thread pretending to be younger and a different race on an anonymous board lol

Not your women.

and not mine either since I'm a virgin

What do you think about the niggers in america ?
(niggers =/= black)

I think a lot can be done to help people.

What's wrong with black women?


Why haven't you killed yourself yet, nigger?