Is being gay a mental illness? it's a clear obstruction to normal reproduction

is being gay a mental illness? it's a clear obstruction to normal reproduction.

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gayness doesn't obstruct anything.
there are always a percentage of defective animals in a population.
you wouldn't beat up a mentally disabled person because they are not responsible for their disability, same as a faggot.
leave them to live their miserable life and you live yours.

They're already removing themselves from the gene pool by staying with same sex, what more do you want?

>Just like not having sex is obstruction to normal reproduction
>Just like working too hard (for more money) is an obstruction to a normal relationship- that leads to less reproduction
I'm going to trip and fall tomorrow to lead to my clear obstruction of normal walking

Mental illness? Not one bit. People are born with desires and attractions, and that goes for sexual orientation too.

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an ultimate fighter between gays for survival would be must see tv.

>i took her out
>it was a friday night

Trans is a mental illness, for sure, but there is credible evidence cited by either Cambridge or Stanford (been a while since I read it) to a genetic reason for homosexuality.

It gets down to our times as hunter/gatherers... genetically better males with genes that would benefit the tribe were hunters, and leaving lesser males (gatherer males, betas) exposed to females without alphas around whule they hunted could lead to betas reproducing and passing inferior genetics to a new generation.

Nature finds a way, and used a gene to turn off the heterosexual reproductive urge in lesser males. In theory, they think that the "switch" the gene turns off has been carried into modern men, and as a result of sex becoming something beyond reproduction, this genetic change became homosexuality instead of asexuality.

Tl;dr I'm not your cliffs notes you lazy faggots.

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Oh wow a reasonable person on the internet

The redpill is that ALL sexuality is nothing more than inherited mental illness. That's why it's useless to classify "right" and "wrong" behaviors, sexually speaking. It's like saying tourettes syndrome is "evil" but stuttering is "normal".

It's all just sickness and you should try to learn compassion all around.

i don't think anybody objects to different people being different. the issue comes from a vocal minority being glorified and able to dictate public policy.

i agree with what you're saying, and that's kind of my point. for example, i think gender dysphoria is a real thing, and should be treated. acting like it's normal only contributes to further mental illness and suffering.

Well, that's where we differ. Sexuality in all it's forms is not really treatable. Ever heard of "gay reprogramming"? Huge fail.

Basically, sex makes everyone crazy, there's zero cure for it, so just let it go

again, i agree with you. let people do what comes naturally. things only get weird when we try to regulate sexuality with law.

adults reproducing is what causes cancer.
is being a cis adult a mental illness?
it's a clear threat to the existence of humanity itself

all curiosity itself is evil inherited illness from the garden of eden.
only through intentional ignorance can anyone approach holy innocence.

>not thinking there weren't hunters that ever used their hunting getaways to fuck each other senseless

I highly doubt the roots of homosexuality can be derived from a singular type of person like that. Besides, most beta guys I've ever known are ultimately just cucks, rarely do they set off my gaydar.

Its the end result of a literal chemical imbalance within the body, so yes.

Not a gay here but if reproduction is your only meaning of life, that's very sad.

Why care about something like that? Humans are all mentally ill in a way or another.

here's the point though. are we fighting? yes. Machiavelli laughs.

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It's not a mental illness as much as a form of autism... Their version of "normal" doesn't impact actual normal people, so just let them have it.

So we should just accept mental illness because its abundant?

Shouldn't we be acknowledging the so called "mental illness's" and work to correct them?

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honestly, liking girls is kinda retarded

Only if you're gay. Aka mentally ill.

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its only a mental illness if your gay and flip off houses

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The problem is The "percentage of defective animal" in the population is rising, FAST.

Perhaps we shouldn't be putting massive amounts of estrogen / estrogen precursors into our food and drinks

>So to clarify, on a biological scale, non-heterosexuals are below retards.
>I dig it
>Shouldn’t non-breeders be persecuted due to overpopulation concerns? They’re against our biological will.

I mean the most jacked up guys i know are gay. So yeah.

who cares, there's already too many people in the world, it's honestly better if some of them don't reproduce

No, it's a mutation. They are mutants.

eh, billions of people have lived without procreation. They aren't ill. I mean, for most of you reading this, are you gay until you find a girl to fuck and get pregnant?

and at one point people thought the world was flat because we couldn't comprehend a sphere. We got over it and stopped attributing the little that we knew to a constantly unfolding new world construct.

I can understand when a religion says something and people want to honor their god by pushing gods agenda and beliefs (god loves everyone but sometimes not gays?), but I don't understand why people care so much if someone is gay or not.

"They thought the world was flat, but it was round... They called me a blasphemer..." - Joel from Vinesauce, 2015

i can't keep stressing that i'm against politicizing a human issue. i have lgbtq family and my opinion is "fuck it why not".

>Trans is a mental illness, for sure
Ok conservative

>you wouldn't beat up a mentally disabled person
Nah man that's cruel. You throw them off a cliff to end their suffering.

Trans and gay people are mental illness retard! They can't even fucking reproduce

no living adult should be allowed to reproduce

it's a natural evolution in response to the cancer epidemic

Implying being gay because it hinders reproduction is a logical fallacy. It implies that if a man or woman wasn't gay, they would be heterosexual, which is false. Homophobic people who make your claim would be just as harsh on the pope for being voluntarily celibate. Case closed.

i've got gay and lesbian friends

the faggots i dont like are the ones that mince about thinking the world owes them something homos like that should be shot in the face with extreme prejudice

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Imagine living a cuckshed like your average american lmao

if there were shirt lifters living in that house it would be your god given right to pour petrol through the letter box and then throw in a box of matches

Why do we still have beta males then? Shouldn't that mean that there should be more 'alphas' than 'betas'? Why are there lesbians then? That doesn't answer the bloody question.


morons literally think their life's mission is impregnation and they can then do whatever they want after. nothing more alpha than being a shitty father

Is sterileness a mental illness?

>The problem is The "percentage of defective animal" in the population is rising, FAST.
lmao how the fuck would you even know the overall proportion anyway? and why would you even give a shit? It results in less competition for straights, so I for one ain't gonna complain about that.