What is the cutest trap you've seen?

What is the cutest trap you've seen?

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Definitely Erica Chery.



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This angel

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Hoooly fuck im gay now

Name? And does she do porn?


this a kid


No, she only does webcam unfortunately.

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Holy shit them legs


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It's a toss up between Auracandy (on Chaturbate), Camimontoya (NYC party 'girl') and that Norwegian chick...

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This is perhaps the only passing trap I've ever seen. Must have started hormones RUL young. Still wouldn't smash though.

Spill the beans nig


Wait she's trans? I thought she was a cis chick, was going through her gfs twitter the other day

Previous posts say she's 20/21 years old

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Would be hot if she didn't do the feet shit

Natalie Mars, of course!

emma ellingsen
"that norwegian chick"

Cute ones with big dicks.

don't know if trans, but says he/she doesn't "care" about gender. has a dick, though.

Being as how she's from the richest country on earth...I"m pretty sure the Norwegian chick has already had her dick removed. Anyone know for sure?

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all traps are deformed genetic mutated females who slit their wrists and milk their disability on porn sites

am trap, can confirm



her girlfriend is a trans girl
she's not trans


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Who is this?

No such thing
They're all abominations.

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Would gladly eat both of their asses and fuck them with the force of a thousand suns.

Dear God, I would pound her boipussi so fucking hard she would be limping for weeks.

Fuck off. If it's cute, I'll fuck it. Who cares if they have a penis? Frankly, that just makes it hotter.

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Don't forget there's a brand new generation of kids who started hormone replacement therapy before puberty when they were still little.

These kids are not only going to be indistinguishable from natural born girls, they will look far cuter than girls ever could.

You heard it here first.

Bugs is not trans you dumbass, she's always been a woman. Spider is the trans one.

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Isn't this the trap that ran away from home and worked at a pizza parlor dressed up like a cute pizza waitress?

Her dad confirmed she's 15.
(he posted asking for help saying he just wanted his boy back lel)

BUT! that was like many many years ago so she is definitely over 21 now.
I wonder if her dad ever got her to move back home.

Not my words

I must find out who she is before i die of excessive cooming.

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IMO I don't like this trap. Always felt like she looked too much like a little boy.

I prefer my traps to look like a woman with a dick like OP posted. The little boy look makes me feel like a pedophile so not really my taste.

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prove that there are things a bio-female model can do and be super hot and awesome when a trans-women better not do it live because it's disguising if a dude does it.

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Velma thread?

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Trap or not them feet are sexy as hell

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So sweet

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As far as I can tell, no she's not. Matter of fact she's got a Corn-chan situation and is getting annoyed at being called trans. She's just some lesbian.

What an angel, moar

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>Teens Links list


> See the chan. Hope you'll find what you want...


Omg, im gonna bust my jizz wade so good on this hot one.

Princess Alena

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Wow I'm not even gay but i would love to suck that cute little dick untill she cums down my throat

there youtube channel


>not gay
>would suck dick

Pick one bud

i remember someone posted once a video of a cute trap in a train seat fapping i think, it was next to a window but don't remember the name damn, i wish i could see it again

She is not a trap, she surpasses female cuteness and plebs like you misinterpret it

> When you take so much estrogens your dick gets useless

my fucking sides

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Think thats the whole point

it's not gay if the penis is feminine

Femenine buttholes & penis

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natalie's penis makes me sad. the botched circumcision is a boner killer

Who is the cutest trap. Traps are people too.

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last one

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It's a girl dick. That's not gay. I wouldn't suck a guy

also what is the name

id go fuckin crazy with her

Fucking nasty.
What kind of fucked in the head freak puts ketchup on a god damned hot dog.
Lock him up.


More ?

who's this stunning faggot?


Who's the Norwegian chick?

nah, shes a trap and has admitted to having a penis imgur.com/a/EootGcC

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I'm confused,
How can someone's face look so much like a girl and then have a dick?
Is this what all those female hormones do?

It makes her much hotter.

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Quick anwser: yes

wow whos this

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theres gotta be a mega link of her, anyone have it?

This is "the norwegian girl". Emma Ellingsen

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any nudes of her?

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lol. No they're not, silly user.

Holy shit, wow. Good choice user. I'm moving to Norway now.

please I need more Velma and Daphne

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Heres your (you)

ain't traps gay?

no. just demons.

She's not a trap

You think these are traps? Just delusuonal fags larping as girls. Noone will be fooled by these guys.

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There's a penis down there my friends.

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Why can't he get hard?

Hormones = limp pp

more of this goddess

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I wonder how big his dick is...

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Who is this?

ive been off Cred Forums for like 2 weeks now and people are still talking about nyannyancosplay being a dude

This is real or some fan art?

Because she has a dick, which makes her a him, ya get me?


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Okay then.

False no dick

Prove it.

A bear trap, the rest are low life scumbags


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Prove it

Prolly why they turned into a bitch.

Look at the facts, man. That body belongs to a fucking boy, there's no denying it. No pussy there, just a big dangling cock and balls.

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Does she *really* have a dick?

Traps and Trannies are different you tard

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that would be absolutely revolting no matter who did it.
fucking sticking something up your own arsehole until it's fully inside your colon, shitting it out, and then eating it. if you find that hot under any circumstance you need your head examined.

yes i'm aware it's likely fake because there's a cut before she eats it. but the implication is gross enough on its own.

>It's super effective

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Every. Single. One.

They're both men tho.

yep. ask him yourself if you want.

This is not a trap (and I really hope so..).

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idk wat your on about but send THOSE pics bitch

If you see a cute little thing like that and don’t want to stuff your cock in there then you’re a complete fucking beta cuck. Alphas dominate everyone especially femme boys and traps. Bow down to the bi master race.

My neighbor

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nice, shes hot, is she chill?

Once you get to know her, yes. She was a little standoffish at first, but now we chat all the time.

not a trap but when to a rave and met this asian kid. We were both rolling and i guess horny and i convinced him to dip early and come to my place. nothing happened though i think we got sober and realized it was a bit gay. but sometimes i wish i at least got a hj

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you fucking ""HER"" ???

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Have you seen her penis?

hnnnnnnnnggggg, should have had a bottle of booze around the old place for these reasons. What a little cutie

do u like?

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this one is pretty cute

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Thread is for actual homosexuals

I mean, obviously

hell yea

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Traps are proof god isn’t real. And I’m 100% ok with that.

Have you literally never stuck your tongue up a woman's ass? You're there by that point man - unless you're using dental dams, but goddamn those are a pain.

shes a 10, until she speaks

>Implying God didn't look down upon us, smile, and give us traps


There aren't enough crosses for all these degenerates

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they jsut do it for attention because west has too many people. fake service of a fake market

uniquely new problem humanity faces. too big to be combined with so much retard

you just wanna eat his poop

Moar or some sort of a name?


Damn cute and a huge cock

nicole mancini or bigdicktrannynicole on cb

miya i cum when i see her

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Amazing ass on that one.

Suzi(Sphere Hunter)
This one

early Ren Rikka

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Not a trap.

dumbass nigger, that's a fucking facebook meme of a pic of cis girl in a costume, some retard just made shit up about


looks like only chopped vegetables

For me, for some reason, when a super hot trap has an obvious man voice it is such a fucking turn on. Like, the contrast, the obviousness of the situation and probably a little bit of knowing its gay to like it just does it for me
t. probs def gay.

Not a fan of it personally. I'm attracted to them becuase they're extremely feminine. having said that, I'd still totally nail Dr Girlfriend.

>this shit again
when will you learn to research before saying stupid shit

what ever happened to ren rikka?

your wrong, she used to post here

its not the voice that bothers me, its the unending stream of verbal diarrhea and hood rat gibberish that spews forth

i wanna see that deek

became a model

was also on some tv show like 3 years ago

Goes by Ren Spriggs now

Super cute!


And *you're a faggot. She's that Kittens girl that used to get posted all the time.

and *your wrong again. she literally isnt
so stop being a cunt

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Ellen argent, adorable af

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If the one you posted is the same as then you're right. Hard to fucking tell with how much filter and whatnot is being used in that first pic. Anyways, that dude looked similar to Kittens here.

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she sells dick pics for $10k, so better empty that wallet!

>you're right
no shit sherlock, look at the nose

forgot pic

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Wasn't this girl named Crispy? Or was that a different similar girl? I remember she was Mexican.

I sure hope so.

I saw it in the second pic immediately but that first was all glitzed up and was hard to tell. This third pic just looks like a dude straight up. A dude with feminine features of course, but it's pretty noticeable.

I never got to see him/her take it in the ass. That a shame. Such a cutie.

The cutest trap is the trap with a gay bear

only flaccid and it's huge with massive balls. Thought the hrt would shrink them up, but not in his/her case.


u mean toast?

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He looks so much cuter as a boy... Why is he trying to play clown :(

they came to that conclusion as well and stopped

>15 yo boy acting like a slut
can't contain the BIG PENIS

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Of course those pics never leaked. No one ever bought them. No dick is worth 10k haha.

I mean, look at that left hand...

>dem tiddies

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same person i'm pretty sure. goes by spider now.

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finally found the pic you wanted

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i think shelbi is pretty fuckin cute

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so damn destroyable

I'm pretty sure they are "digitally enhanced" in that shot.

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I didnt know ozzy osbourne did crossdressing



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so fuking hot

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you're mom

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Hot as fuck.

"Her" dick is bigger than mine. I'm sad now.

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> Mentally ill incel who pop some kind of mindbreaker-pills to look like a whore(woman) and do camwhore shit for estetique and sexual pleasure of other incels

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Please sauce, anyone


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Shelbi who? Does she have a twitter or anything?

>we're on a mission from god

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Who has the biggest trap boobs?

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Holy shit. Who is that?

>What is the cutest trap you've seen?

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Would abuse

It's the petite traps that always pass the best.

Cute face, but like the tiny, sissy packages myself.

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Really old pic but same one as
S/he's CursedArachnid


When was the last time she had new pics? She's an all-timer, but I've been seeing these for years.

Same. Sue lightning has a great tiny package.

Ah, I like the earlier look better.

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lol she said she'd wear fake boobs before, maybe that's why.

Jesus, what is her name?!

I like black women, but I've personally never seen a black trap that did a thing for me.

shame she never did hc

You guys are all faggots.

Nah, I like the less heavy makeup and less edgy look personally. Hot in both either way.


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last one i got

Attached: 1459641631571.jpg (962x1105, 668K)

bianca friere

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Thank you for sharing, user. My cock is now certified diamonds

Nicole doesn't have a particularly manly voice. It's the bullshit that spews out of "her" mouth that ruins it. Wannabe nigger. "She's" the tranny version of Dani Bregoli.

Cant find her

beni sisaki

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where can i find more princess alena? she deleted her best vids

yeah, you wont

Not just a dick, but an ugly dog dick.

I need a name user

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Maybe, but the ass is out of this world.

>dated one without knowing when I was 15-16~
I rarely see any

goals right there


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