Fresh shotalicious brot

Fresh shotalicious brot

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Thanks Shobro
Shota Brot - best Brot

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>Be 11-12
>Horny as fuck and kinda gay because of porn
>Want to fuck but no kid in my school would accept that.
>Winter came
>Living in a shitty forest road cuckada with a few houses here and there, I had to use the snowblower every now and then because my father's leg were wounded and he couldn't do it.
>Snowblower gets stuck AF in some icy area
>A guy passes by, he looks nice and attractive ,it makes my gay ass horny
>He notices I'm stuggling with the snowblower but doesn't really dare to stop by
>I tell him to wait because I need help with that damn piece of crap
>He turns around and smiles and unstucks the snowblower. It wasn't even really stuck but whatever.
>I thank him, his eyes are beautiful and it confuses me even more. I need that dick.
>I ask him if he's busy, he tells me that he isn't. We speak for a couple of minutes, basically he's a pretty lonely guy with nothing to do on weekends.
>He's getting a bit uncomfortable, he probably figured that a total stranger speaking to a boy didn't look good, especially with their parents that might be watching. I tell him he can come back tommorow because I want to make an epic snowman and I'll need help.
>He laughs and tell me he'll think about it.

Interested in knowing what happens next?

Sorry about the typos by the way, I'm horny as fuck and can't type properly.


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It’s amazing

continue user
dont make me take my free hand off my dick to tell you again

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for sure
moar if you have please

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I am not sorry. it's so exciting

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What's the name of this comic

Nothing interesting happened because this story is completely made up and you are a cop

No idea, but that's all there is i think

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no need to be sorry.
post moar plZ

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alright then

>Dick hard as fuck after encounter. Wait until I get soft and go back inside. Dad sitting on the sofa watching the news.

>Hey dad I had some trouble with the snowblower and a guy passing by helped me. Is it ok if he comes back tommorow to help me build a snowman?

>Dad squints and looks worried... Turns out he was just holding a mean fart. He tells me it's ok, and asks me how hold he was.

>I didn't ask him but I'd say he was in his early 20's.

>Idiot me tells him he's 20

>Could have been real bad but he didn't seem to care at all.

>Best day of my life. Go in my room and fap furiously. I felt like he would really come back to help me with the snowman.

>Be tommorow. Dumb me forgot to tell him when to come back. I sit by the window and wait for him.

>HOLY SHIT. He's actually came, around the same time as yesterday.

>I open the door and tells him I'm coming.

>He smiles at me with, his eyes are really beautiful, like christmas lights.

>He tells me he decided to help me but doesn't have much time, still looks uncomfortable.

>Snow is sticky, building the snowman is easy. We talk about various subjects and ask him for his age. He tells me he's 27.

>WTF. He looks way younger. I don't mind a single bit.

>It was cold as fuck outside, we're both freezing after we're done. The snowman looks really nice too, like one you'd see in a movie.

>Peak hornyness. I want him to come inside, I'm so horny I ask him outright.

>Thanks for helping me user that was fun. Want to come inside for some hot chocolate?

>He looks embarassed as fuck and tells me he should be going.

>I grab him by the arm before he turns and tell him that it's ok, that my father know about him and that he would be glad to have him.

>From now we'll call this guy Mike

>Eventually convince him to come inside. He looks a bit more relaxed, my father looks at him when he enters and greets him.

and next...?

>Cops spend their days writing shota fanfic on Cred Forums

sounds legit.

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yo whats up with the top boys balls?

I mean, obviously we want next. Do you really think they got this far in this greentext about shotafucking in a shota thread and are going to say, “you know what? I’m good. That snowman building was enough for my disgusting sex pervert sensibilities, I think i’ll go read the news”. Why the need for the song and dance?

Okay, officer


We need more like you.

i mean were grateful and shit, just please dont make us beg, we just wanna fap man. also i hope daddy joins in

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More of this boy?

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Alright I'm typing the next part give me a few minutes.

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Shota sandals!

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SAUCE for the love of God

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reverse image search idiot, click the triangle on top

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youre awesome, thanks mate

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I'm too lazy for that faggot

>Mike looks confused and way more relax now. I tell him I'm gonna make some hot chocolate and tell him to sit down. He starts talking with my dad while I start a brainstorming session to find out techniques to get him to fuck me.

> "If he came back just to help me he must like me somehow..." I can do this.

>Tell him the hot chocolate is ready and bring him thecup while he comes towards me. Tell him I have some vidya in my room, asks him if he likes tekken.

>Turns out he likes video games. We go in my room and start playing. We're getting warmer thanks to the hot chocolate. I'm pretty good with howarang (my gay vidya crush), kick his ass many times. He laughs and he's having fun even though he keeps losing.

>Alright time to try something.

>Incrementally get closer to him every now and then, until my body is slightly pressing against his. He seems to like it, he does not move away from me.

>Play a bit more, sexual tension is on the rise.

>Alright, let's play something else.

>Look at him in the eyes, he gets what I mean.

>Can't hold it anymore.

>Grabs him by the shoulder and kiss him on the lips. He doesn't resist.

>The kiss lasts for 5 secs

>Looks at me in the eye, a bit confused but then stops pretending he doesn't like it.

>We start kissing on the bed, I feel like I'm on fire. This is the best feeling ever.

>Both horny as fuck, the kissing goes from tender to wet and sloppy.

>He puts his hands under my shirt and starts rubbing my body with his warm hands while still kissing me.

>I also put my hands under his shirt and start stroking his back

>This can't be real, feels so good

>No dick stuff yet but I can feel like it's coming

>Hear the floor squeaking, dad is not far


>Both stop doing it in case dad comes in and play video games again for a few minutes.

>Dad knocks on the door and tells us he's going for a nap in his room, and to be careful not to make too much noise.

>His room is pretty far away.

And finally...

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i have seen an irl video of something similar. That dude stuffed 7 in of dick into that kid

>irl video
Excuse me what?

Todcon would be hot if it was drawn competently and didn't look like a sketch made by John Wayne Gacy

>have seen an irl video of something similar. That dude stuffed 7 in of dick into that kid
IRL ? Plz

Hell yeah he did, balls deep pounding
shit was fucking hot

Relax boys, it was from a darknet site.
And like most of them, the site has been shut down

>I tell mike I'll go take a look to make sure dad is sleeping

>Dad is snorting, sleeping as hard as a stone

>Horny again

>Gets back inside the room and smiles at Mike

>We start kissing again but this time we start removing our clothes

>He has a twinkish/slightly muscular body. We both remove our underwear too.

>He looks really turned on by my smooth shota body

>His dick is huge, like in porn movies I watched.

>We get on top of each other on the bed and start frotting. It feels AMAZING, especially when his balls are rubbing against my dick

>We're holding each other's hands while doing it, it's sensual as fuck.

>I grab his dick and starts jerking him off. He cums in barely to seconds.

>My belly is covered in cum. I already knew what that was thanks to days-worth of watching porn.

>Can't do shit when covered in cum, he tells me to wait and asks me where the bathroom is.

>Right next to my room

>Eavesdrop near the door to make sure dad is still sleeping

>Brings back some toilet paper from the bathroom and cleans me up.

>We both relax on the bed while hugging

>He decides it's time to go, I tell him to pass by during weekends if he wants to do it again.

>We repeatedly have sex for 2 years until he moves out. Dad never suspected a thing, or more like he never really cared

>MFW libtards and cuckservatives would say I've been abused and I should be traumatized

>They're just jealous they've never had such good sex

Now I'm 21, I have a GF and a normal life. I became less gay around 16-17, still crave for some cocks sometimes but it's never going to be as good as back then so why bother.

Anyone have 2 older guys cumming on a shota

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Ok shut

lol yea but that poor baby probably needed medical attention after

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Okay officer

nice 1

What other stuff did you do? Did he penetrate you?

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Yes we did all kinds of stuff but nothing gross or too hardcore. He really loved me and wanted to make sure I enjoyed all of it.

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Unironically hope you get v&.

Would you be so kind as to describe the next encounter that includes oral?
Im assuming its the first one you succed

>What other stuff did you do?

Forgot to answer to this. Blowjobs, he fingered me, licked my butthole, he had a foot fetish so he often licked my feet/sucked my toes. Nothing out of the ordinary and less degrading than many of the normal straight porn you can find on the internet.

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Ok, this is getting weird, even for a shota thread... I know I'm a pedo, but that's just disgusting

We didn't do any blowjob stuff during the first encounter, it was our first time together and I guess we didn't feel comfortable enough yet to go too far.

The second encounter is where the BJ stuff started. We already knew each other so nothing was really off limits. He was horny as fuck too. I don't remember much precise details beyond the second encounter because we fucked so much for 2 years but something he really enjoyed was to just suck my toes and rub my feet on his dick. He REALLY liked my feet, especially when I was wearing typical colorful kid socks.

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You know toddlercon is gross even when pedo degenerates say it's gross.

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You want more? Say no more fam

I'd rather toddler than that horrendous CG shit.

That visceral reaction you just had is the same feeling 99% of the world has about shota in general

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Very young shotas are better. Toddlers are just moving sacks of crap.

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cgfags are mentally ill reddit spacing child molesters


I know, but I have arguments towards hebephilia, like the next Cred Forums nerd. Toddlercon is mostly portrayed as physical abuse, which is far more extreme than some teens having sex with each other; my viceral reaction is well cemented and with little to no argument against

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i am diamonds now

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> Toddlercon is mostly portrayed as physical abuse
No it's not

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Pedos are so keen on calling each others mentally ill.

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Hop finally wins at something

He just admitted to have watched/sought and enjoyed child porn; he doesn't deserve a ban, he deserves prosecution.

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More of that ??

fucking top kek

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from a guy in a shota thread
lol fuck off

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Crabs in a bucket. Everyone wants to be one of the moral/good ones.

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Is there more Hugo and Lukas Stuff?

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If you like CG you are legitimately mentally ill though. It's like wanting to eat poop.

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Posts above are, and yours is gross, but at least not revolting. Still, there are biological arguments in favor of hebephilia and psychological arguments explaining pedophilia, no argument supports infantophilia, because those who like it are actually looking for domination to boost their ego, something common with rapists.

alright im out guys, have fun

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>MFW libtards and cuckservatives would say I've been abused and I should be traumatized

>They're just jealous they've never had such good sex

so often overlooked. don't forget you're also supposed to have a "warped sense of what a healthy relationship is" in addition to your trauma.

anyway, good for you user, wish I'd had such an experience while a shota.

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I said v&, as in vanned

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no one on Cred Forums knows what that means anymore

this new generation of retards have no frame of reference.

Except, hebephilia has an argument that could be used as a moral ground, although unconventional and frown upon; toddlercon exemplifies the worst argument against pedophilia and hebephilia, the seeking of individuals as defenseless as possible to get it off; that's it, that's what toddlecon/infantophilia is.

Yeah but I think this is just the parental instinct kicking in. The west thinks sex is bad because of christiannity residuals. Japan didn't have any problems with any of this until the west started brainwashing them.

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Attached: ariaa - Anal and Oral rape machine.jpg (641x638, 36K)

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Attached: ariaa - OooOoooOOOoh please.jpg (704x581, 42K)

Shut the fuck up pseud.

Lucas is a cutie, wish there was shota of him

Attached: SOURCE%3Fhello-turtless%3FLucas%3F1.jpg (1000x1286, 111K)

>Foot facing the wrong direction

I wish some artists would stop being lazy fucks and learn the basics of anatomy.

Let me guess, everyone you don't like is a pseud?

People who worked on this game must be massive shota fans. Hugo and Lucas are two of the cutest video game shotas ever.

They look like toads.

u look liek a toad

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Attached: ffb2b3232c767af3f1178d28bba991316df0bd5b.png (483x412, 69K)

oooof that's just sloppy. that kind of mistake doesn't match the level of the rest of the drawing, how odd.

>EEEEW they look like humans instead of anime aliens with huge eyes

Attached: 1570302636606.gif (900x1200, 802K)

Why don't you preach with an example? Show us your art user

More of this shota?!

Attached: 1576683588571.jpg (1100x619, 589K)

>wojack poster defending shitty CG monsters

Don't need to be an artist to judge art just like you don't need to be a chief to say that some food sucks.

Why are shota threads so toxic these days


You can criticize, but not demand, that's when you have to set an example, or you just looks like the lazy, whinny waste of air you are

I don't think saying feet shouldn't be on backwards isn't that big of an ask.

Attached: 66671644_p0.png (711x787, 427K)

That was a response to this you retard, but nice try

It makes perfect sense people who spam ugly ass uncanny valley CG are wojack posting newfags.

Attached: 1579531955194m.jpg (1024x596, 46K)

you might think the weeb boys look like aliens, but they are aesthetically more pleasing than 90% of 3D shit.

>humanoid objects which imperfectly resemble actual human beings provoke uncanny or strangely familiar feelings of eeriness and revulsion in observers

>If an entity looks sufficiently nonhuman, its human characteristics are noticeable, generating empathy. However, if the entity looks almost human, it elicits our model of a human other and its detailed normative expectations. The nonhuman characteristics are noticeable, giving the human viewer a sense of strangeness.

I would take idealized "sufficiently nonhuman" anime boys over horrific and creepy 3D models any day. The stares of those 3D models cut deep, eesh. the dude rimming looks like a fucking Lovecraftian antihuman succubus.

Attached: 280D3zsgbhUYAA9ksj.jpg (850x1200, 137K)

Ok boomer

Attached: 1579296440767.jpg (800x1200, 491K)

>wojack poster also uses facebook memes
Not even surprised

Attached: 1564009644068.jpg (889x1200, 357K)


I know about the uncanny valley shit. I don't care, 3dcg is hot.

Attached: 1579365171265.jpg (1013x1670, 1.65M)


Attached: 1576805979383.jpg (1920x1168, 762K)

meh, they're always toxic to some degree. pointless arguing, label debates, morality and ethics posturing, /ss/ invaders, western vs anime, the list goes on. Lately though it really seems like the 3D shit is the big point of contention.

I do wish there was more camaraderie and good emotionally poignant greentexting like there once was. We all just have to do our part to keep the vibe positive I guess.

Attached: 1579242176338.png (1463x1476, 503K)

We passed that shit over a decade ago in CG, the uncanny valley was a thing when Beowulf premiered lol.

All I want is to eat some shota ass before I die. Why is this a problem

those fucking nightmare teeth, eeeesh.

I remember when everybody got along 10 years ago. Lolifags and Shotafags both rallied against moralfags. Now everybody hates each other.

Attached: 1576712674589.jpg (1815x1372, 872K)

You want more? Say no more

Attached: Liam and Ricky_Stress Relief 01_s.jpg (3840x2160, 1.26M)

>>We passed that shit over a decade ago in CG
You mean professional CG maybe. Some Argentinean nigger trying to replicate CP isn't the same thing.

CGfags only like it because in their autistic brains they think it's closer to real CP.

Not saying it isn't possible to overcome it with today's technology. Just saying most of the 3D shit posted here doesn't measure up to par.

Please more 3dcg

Attached: 1579199085643.jpg (1200x1942, 996K)


Attached: D44nF7PW0AEiPOO.jpg (675x1200, 119K)

samefag detected

The problem is that if it looks too realistic it might become entirely illegal. You don't wanna get busted because the 3d stuff looked too photorealistic.

Attached: 1576808271903.jpg (500x650, 31K)

We really aren't. We just admit that we prefer our shotas to look like humans. Nobody is preventing you from posting 2d stuff.

If cgfag only wants to see cg and hates anime why doesn't he make his own cg only thread?

Attached: 1b97f86e39ba450bdac50f245d10481e.jpg (768x1024, 242K)

>look like humans
They look like humans in some silent hill style nightmare world maybe

A render is a render, and the gap between what is possible for an argentinian nigger is narrow these day, specially when it comes to assets and utilities.
If any, "idealized" 3D shota like pic on the left looks more off, because it tries to stand between weeb shit and a photorealistic model

Attached: 1558743246007.jpg (774x1032, 77K)

ooh now there's an idea

just like we kindly ask /ss/ people to make their own, which they typically do if you ask nicely and are a decent human being. "Shota thread" always defaults to gay animu boys.

I just said I don't only want to see that. I want both to be posted to please everyone.

The real reason is because they're newniggers and would rather try and force their newfag opinions down everyone's throat. Also because it's 1 guy who couldn't keep his thread bumped.

Attached: 1578460238384.jpg (1024x1003, 94K)

Have you ever considered that it is a matter of taste? You can post as many weeb shits as you want, idc, why be an asshole and talk 3D down?

Attached: 1579542718054.jpg (1600x900, 232K)

>Have you ever considered that it is a matter of taste?
Considered and then discarded. You're mentally ill if you think CG looks like a real human.

>why be an asshole and talk 3D down?
Because it's disgusting and belongs in it's own thread just like /ss/, guro and scat.

Attached: 8797f3701e4eceb963f62259d4a0dbea.jpg (651x730, 121K)

>I'm a pedophile calling others mentally ill
You're also mentally challenged.
inb4 "I don't like children, I just like idealized representations of children with alien eyes; I'm not a pedo in denial!"

Attached: 6.webm (600x340, 1.9M)

So you're saying you are mentally ill?

God I want to be DP’d by shotas so bad

hes right though
guess what? people jerking off over cartoon women are still straight
just because your jerking over drawings of children doesnt mean your not jacking over over children
the only difference is your a pedo weeb
deny it all you want but you cant change facts

my god people, chill tf out

Attached: 1579055693006.png (850x1200, 804K)

This has nothing to do with the fact that CG is disgusting and belongs in it's own thread.

I'm saying everyone who likes shotas is, doesn't change anything for me.
Unlike most weeb faggots, I'm not going to pretend I only like cartoons

Personally I enjoy the art and the cg, it’s just the females and toddlercon stuff I’m not into. Like as long as it’s males in that age range and isn’t the usual bad stuff like guro and scat i either don’t care and scroll past it or will enjoy it, just a different medium to me. Like the difference between digital art on a tablet or one done on paper.

You heard him lads, pack it up and leave... Oh right, he can't make you leave :v
Also I'm OP, so I say post w/e tf you want.

Attached: MtFVuvb.png (610x443, 558K)

People who come to Cred Forums and complain about "weebs" will always be the saddest saltiest people on earth.

I said I'm into cartoons too, if you were a bit perceptive, just a tiny bit, you'd realize that I'm not complaining about weebs, since I am one.
But yeah, you have the demands of a toddler, maybe you should hang out with the toddlecon fags up there.

if you come to a shota thread on Cred Forums and are upset, surprised, shocked or dislike that people don't like CGshit then you missed the lurk before posting rule

reppin 4 CG some tit just can't deal

might as well get some watersports shota in here since this thread has turned into a giant pissing contest

might as well get some scat in here since every thread with cgfag turns to shit

nezzy approves these jokes

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Are you new? This is the first and only post I've seen where someone complains about CG like this, it's only you pal. Don't believe me?*/type/op/

Here, take a look at all the threads me and others have been posting CGI shota on, and no one bats an eye. So for all everyone can tell, you're just being a whinny little cunt

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>newfag says he's been here all summer

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It’s probably just some troll, I know that years ago people complained about CG shota but that was back when all of it looked terrible and the models weren’t as good. Recently hardly anyone ever says anything.

He can whine all he wants, nobody is going to stop anyways :v

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Finally, some new stuff with

This model

I hope there's more

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anyone know any good doujin where shotas top the guy?

what the fuck


You never swapped spit with your buds while playing star wars?
What are you? A fag

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>that hair
Looks like nigger stubble.

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Holy shit moar. Especially with feet?

Yes please let me taste them!

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I came hard

Mmm, those little wispy pubes... A boy in his prime

>tfw you'll never get to taste shota balls

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One on the bottom is smart cumslut.

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>No sweaty shota balls to lick and sniff
>No sweaty shota butthole and buttcheeks to lick and sniff
A cursed feel.

This is incredibly satisfying. He was the only difficult trainer, beat Hop so bad he got depressed, and became faggier as the game went on.

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󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 off to bed with my favorite cuddly humping toy and cum towel

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Cum towel? You mean dog/little brother?

Gou is such a little slut. But he's so adorable I want to take him in and give him a place to sleep. He looks like that little homeless kid that hides in the alley behind me.

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>Tfw not a cum towel for a studly, sexy, big bro

> yo, fag. Just got done with soccer practice and I’m beat. Maybe if you massage my feet good enough, I’ll let you sniff my shin pads while I fuck you. And I bet you’d beg for it, homo.

I wonder how many people want to be the shota and how many want to be the man

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shota doesn't seem to be having fun

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How do you guys feel about our new leader and fellow shotacon?

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Neither. I just like some teen on teen action.

you guys have any shota abuse?

Literally who?

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That’s all part of the aesthetic, it makes the man cum harder when he pretends to be uncomfortable, is how I make fantasize to be in the situation anyway.

Mmm, that’s the kind of bully I need.

You sound damaged

>not recognizing the guy that licks irl boys feet on youtube

Not even once

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fuckin wat

What's his name? Link to his youtube channel?

I want to be the man.

Link to his youtube account or it didn't happen

Why would I ever look at a foot video?

Not really

Usually the shota, sometimes the man. But even as the man it usually is with the shota being the dominant one.

Quick picture search, guy is from a channel called FV Family, picture comes from this video hBKct_floRM
Don't see any foot licking on his channel so far, and a I doubt YouTube would let that happen publicly, so I'm calling BS

Also, his videos are audiovisual cancer

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There's nothing illegal about stories, but it probably is fake. These multi-part stories where the writer is constantly asking if they should continue usually are. I imagine they make it up as they go along, which is why they keep stopping to ask if they should keep going.

Want my face on those undies

Yeah, that's BS. There's no foot licking at all on his channel.

I am the one who wrote this story and I assure you it is true.

>which is why they keep stopping to ask if they should keep going.

The reason I did this is because there is a character limit and I don't want to waste time writing something nobody will be reading. Shota threads have been dead as of late.

If you wouldn't lick the fudge off a shota's butthole you're gay and homosexual.

Actual chocolate fudge, yeah. Not if you meant the other thing.

It tastes the same.

You can have multiple threads open at once. I mean, I like cubs but I don't go posting them in this thread, because I know a lot of people here don't like furry shit.

In some perfect fantasy land where their butt makes actual fudge and they pee lemonade or something, I don’t see why not.

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eh, I've dipped into cubs occasionally, the thread doesn't seem to mind

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A lot more people whine about furry and /ss/ than CG, the crybaby that was here earlier is the first one I see actually, and I've been spamming 3D content in these threads.
CG shota is still gay shota, the change is not as big as introducing animals or a different gender, but somehow some people manage to whine about it

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The shota on the left is god tier. Where is he from?

CG is ugly as fuck.

Nice western shota you got there

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here, watch

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Oh look, I found our little whinny cunt, I thought you had left :3

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seethe harder

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Why are CGfags always ESL?

Anyone got shota like this?

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only decent CGI ive seen

Where's the dick? That's gay af

I'm pretty sure it's more than just one person. 3DCG just looks weird.

Shieet, is that allowed?

Ok, 2 people

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I like trap shotas where they have a pussy instead of a dick.

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Don't think it's from a specific place, you can customize and generate shotas in most software these guys use

>the guy goes around the internet spreading lies just to get people to watch his videos
I mean, it's working.

We don't tolerate such faggotry here

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Got any more niggers porn then?

This is canon

Best smelling things in the world. Boy feet

The year just started, and there's already some great new shotas.

Charlie Shotwell is my actual favourite shota. Watch Eli and Troop Zero.

fake and gay

Well, that was a nice wrap up, good thread everyone, even with the discussions