I'm going to kill myself on live chat

I'm going to kill myself on live chat
I'm 18
I've been on meth for 3 weeks straight
Join my discord server to see it go down


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Can you make a will first and leave everything to me?

You look cute

They're not asking us to raid or attack someone you fucking mong. Learn what shit is used for before using it.

Can u venmo me all your $? Since u wont need it OP

>Join my discord
Click bate to raise numbers
Here you go faggot
Don't you feel stupid

Are you a goddamn bot or retarded?

Dead server fag

Unironically donate all your money to a mental health charity before you 40% yourself

still doesn't mean nypa, it's just bait


>Cred Forums come save me
I'll save you! Come on Cred Forums let's go save this faggot!
Yea doesn't sound like any type of raid I've heard of....

I don't feel stupid, funnily enough. People will decide for themselves what they want to do, they don't need you to dictate for them. OP is offering something in return, which negates the whole NYPA thing anyways.

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Please don't do it OP, confront your demons head on and conquer them, you have a lot to live for, start a fresh but change all the negative thoughts, emotions and people, replace them with all your needs, desires and make life better for yourself, I know your angry with the world but it all gets better in the end, you may think I'm talking absolute bullshit but I'm there for you we all are, stay strong and live long OP x

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Anyone that claims nypa is a newfag. It's fucking law at this point.

Go give your mum a hug Rachel, I mean a long one

yeah i'm sure the mentally ill meth addict underage zoomer tranny communist is just rolling in cash.
"Hello Mental Health Organization, I'd like to make a donation of 8 dollars in the name of tranny mental health."

Unironically kill yourself
I need fresh OC

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this is actually a really good way to advertise your cancerous discord server

which is all OP is doing btw

if it was actually you, i'd join it.