I'm chubby and violently out of shape so as of today i'm doing 10 pushups, 20 squats...

i'm chubby and violently out of shape so as of today i'm doing 10 pushups, 20 squats, and 30 situps until i'm capable of more without being completely out of breath and drained. on top of this i'll cut soda and drink juice in smaller amounts until i can drink water without craving ungodly amounts of sugar. if anyone can offer more advice, i'd be grateful. i wanna get in shape, and hopefully lose a little weight

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Stop typing in lowercase

>10 pushups, 20 squats, and 30 situps
congrats you've just burned about 5 calories and fucked up your lower back

just walk for 30 minutes every day and eat one meal every other day

>eat one meal every other day

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a sugar addicted fat fuck is just gonna give up on 72s, he needs to start on 48s so he won't puke and get scared

Just join martial arts

Cut yourself down to 1500 calories a day if you're a male or 1200 if you're a female. Also you need to count your calories and be honest because if you bullshit on the calories you're only lying to yourself.

Plus they have a ton of calorie counting apps that are free. A good one is my fitness pal. You can just scan the barcode of the food in it.

Hey user, good for you.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
Make sure to add a bit [~5mins] of walking as well, feel free to make it longer the more comfortable you feel, and then feel free to throw in little bits [~1min] of jogging in there as well.
Good luck!

Just start walking at first and then move up to resistance training and start light with alot or reps. Do one day on resistance training and the next day walking and do that for five days and then take two days off. It'll take time but losing weight is a marathon not a sprint.

That works. Thanks for the effort.

This, also cardio is where weight is lost, not CalAesthetics. Sit ups/pushups n shit are good for building muscle. But diet is about 80-90% of what will change your weight for the better.
Start out slow, set goals (X amount of calories this week, X< calories next week), and walk/jog more can be a little at a time, long as you're doing SOMETHING.
I would focus on losing weight if you're obese before trying to weight train or bulk up. The heavier you are the harder cardio gets be it fat or muscle.

Tl:Dr stop pushups/situps, jog and count calories instead

I agree just do something and always keep yourself in a calorie deficit but not so low you go into a starvation mode.

Lost 40 pounds in two months by doing this
Dropping ALL sugar, mind you sugar is VERY addictive so its incredibly hard
Dropping HEAVILY fat, mostly living on olive oil'
Dropping EVERYTHING made out of flower, pasta, bread, everything
Eating in the morning, high fiber foods made me feel so full some days that i didnt eat for entire day

Dunno if this is best, but it worked for me, i felt wonderful after a while, more energetic, more happy, overall a very good experience

There are apps for your phone where you can input what you're eating and how much it weighs and they give you the amount of calories you're consuming (plus nutritional value... carbs and fats and all that). Look up an online calculator to get a daily intake you should stick to if you want to lose weight, monitor all the food you're eating, and stick to the limit.

Good luck OP! I believe in you

Exactly. It'll work every time if you stick to your numbers

>high fiber foods
Not OP but which would those be user? I'm lacking very much when it comes to fibre. I know cabbage and legumes have lots and bananas have a little but over all I'm at a loss.

Goodluck. You got this

Thats a shitty régimen to not loss any fat, yo have to do this:
- have alot of self control, no processed food, no carbonated drinks. eat just fucking tuna (its affordable and not ketogenic) and 2 lt of water a day.
- Walk, if you can get acces to Cred Forums you can get track of your daily walk with an app, 30 minutes a day is enough or 10,000 steps. but it has to be constant, no excuses do this everyday.
- don't do high or medium intensity exercise you will fuck up your spine hips and knees. just fucking walk.
- that's all, you want to do it in a light lazy way this is the way. eat healthy walk arround.

Now if you want to lose your shit and got to do it fast there are a lot of options:

- go to a MD and ask for "REDOTEX" considering you dont have any health risk, you can consume this pills one each day and lose from 500gr - 2 kg each week.
- do a Ketogenic diet, it will poison your liver and brain with ketones but you loss from 2kg-5kg each week. this is not for pussies.

This, don't let people shame you into hurting yourself

vegetable in general, but for me what made me most full were oat, i could legit eat few spoons of oat and be full,

Just slit your veinz open faggot, I bet fat will drain from them you dumb, anime face, emotional butthole

I dont know you, but you sound like you have a goal, which you wanna achieve. I believe in you!

Uh. I was going to encourage ops habit then realized I was doing the same shit for awhile and my lower back does indeed hurt.
Watch your diet and walk I guess.

Well, oats sounds fine, but it's got a metric fuckton of carbs in it too right? Like 60% carbs?

This. You got this, OP!

Spinach has alot of fiber in it

Finally something I can help with! It all comes down to calories in vs. out. I used to be 270lbs and lost 110lbs in 6 months. The overall plan is to limit calorie intake to 1500-1750cals/day.

>>Cut out soda and any drink that is over 50 calories per 8oz serving. Keep trying to switch to water.
>>Cut out fast food as much as possible.
>>Eat >Eat 500-700calories of whatever you want at lunch and dinner time. If you want to binge eat, save your calories for dinner time.

After 2.5 weeks of this your stomach will be done shrinking and the hunger pangs will cease. The weight will melt off and as soon as you've lost as much as you like, you can go back to a 2000cal/day diet.

I did not do an exercise regimen during my weight loss because dieting is hard enough by itself.

Hope you see this post! Remember, 2.5weeks of shitty hunger pangs is all it takes. Find distractions. Good luck OP.

Didn't you get loose skin going that fast?