Shouldn't share thread cont

Shouldn't share thread cont.

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Requesting more of this girl

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good butt

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He said she was real kinky. I wanna know just how degraded she got.

Looking for OP

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wife is away on a trip that includes a mud pit stop
would love to get pics like this from her

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made a vola room
it’s 15a8a2dkr



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It is!

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i love how it highlights her slit

Looking for more of this chick

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Last one

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Any of tits?


keep posting
shame she's not sucking anyone

Anyone else like my girl?

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i like a slut on the floor

Nope like i said last one

>shame she's not sucking anyone
say no more

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looks sweet and nice smile
proper pussy pics? standing full frontal?


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let it be known on this day user actually delivered

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sweet damn
more of this?
would love to get pics like this

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Appreciate it either way

Her name start with a K by chance?

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Like this?

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nice flasher


proper pussy pics? standing full frontal?

wtf is up with that mirror?
usually the words are just backwards, that shit is upside-down

She doesn't want her dace/full frontal...trying to find pussy pics

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any interest for my petite ex gf?

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>Teens Links list
> See the chan. Hope you'll find what you want...


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only way for this to get better is if she gets fucked in this series or cummed on

Show more, undressed

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more of this ass pls 10/10

my fwb sends me pics like these all the time if you're interested

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Molly from tunbridge in uk. Let me know if you know her (proof please!)

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Kik? Add bluefridge12


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no kik, sry

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Rate her body please

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why do white people like playing in mud so much?

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you can't properly tell but this is not all mud on her tits...

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crazy hips

blowing? fucking?

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Vola 15965uwzr

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fresh cp

you can see the results a little better in this one

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so damn hot
lets see that bald slit

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more of her ass pls

That girl is lucky to have those tits, lol.

Let's see 'em.

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slitty enough?

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Noce pussy, like my gf's

keep going

absolutely amazing
would love to see that in action

Please link the Vid OP or post more

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My aunt. Hacked her snap and took some for myself

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you're into sports?

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No shape to her ass at all wtf

very cute, very hot


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would love to play some sports with her
or at least be a spectator

Holy fuck that's hot. You got kik? Add bluefridge12

Half assed shave job/10

this ass is 100/10
please more

Sister. She got revenge porned a few years ago. I saved the pics.

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Bleh, failposter. These could belong to anyone. Pathetic faker.

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She actually has a huge bubble but, just a lil extra weight atm

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Have you ever spitroasted her with another dude yet?

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Be honest you fapped to these

Yea stand her up straight i bet it goes bye bye

Any of her in stockings?

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She looks so wet and tight!!

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Many times.

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let's see this chubby old girl in all her beauty

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did someone cum on the mirror?
fuck sake. clean that room, ya skank.

more of her, love her look

keep going

Stand her up n lets see her ass. Looks to just have wide hips no bubble butt tho.

would love to tie her up and tease that slit for a while

That is so fucking hot man

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You mean like this?

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reposting wife

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you know what's next.
did you get the vid?

Add bluefridge12 on kik

are you fucking on the kid's bed though??? dinosaur sheets? single bed?


Just ignore this child

Don't have kik.

Also don't expect much it was just casual no rough sex.

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got her in some slutty outfits?

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Dude she has no type of shape to her ass. It looks like its been a long ass day

let's open the labia up and see if we can't find a gape of the anus
does she fuck other men?

Better for ya?

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Any blowjob?

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love that pink blush after she cums.
nice job, poster. ya done fucked her well.

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nice. you gotta post full videos on vola or mega some day

got some pics too?

Surprisingly that was her bed lmaoo

You a homo or something? Just shut the fuck up already, JFC

any from her point of view?
if not, continue
hot as hell
would love to lick that slit while it's being used

Still looking for the bubble you speak of.

I’d love to see her get gangbanged in that outfit

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To each their own

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Great body imo



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cute lol

hi hun! we see you!

Yes! Kik jf0113


I'll look into it.

I just got another vid of her giving me ab bj

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she doesn't fuck other men, not yet anyway. we talk about it sometimes

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Me too lol

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my friend from college

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Post it

>any from her point of view?
she is not much of photographer. but sometimes she makes whatsapps.
After her pregnancy so the body is not as firm as it used to be but I still like it a lot.

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Teach me! Kik jf0113

great thanks

Please tell me you have videos too
You should dump it all in a mega folder
I fucking love her

got bikini?

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Here you go

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Nice. Thanks. Got more?

Looking for more of this girl.

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sadly no vids, but a ton of pics. I should do a mega folder!

milf, but she got to shave her twat. being french is no excuse


Please god do! I wanna cum for her

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That shower curtain kek
Also more

keep going please she is gorgeous


great ass

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kik kassienorth

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Damn your wife is hot. Would definitely go balls deep in

Posting the gf

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heres some OC of my wife completing the circle

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Got any others of her? She’s got a fat ass

cute. nudes tho?

Hot as fuck.

over 9000 btard points to you for sharpie in pooper :DDD


Tight asshole! Can she take your cock in there?

Sound would be awesome. Hearing you bang her.
Got mega for us please?

Go on

uploading right now. will share when done

Please keep going

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I need to break the video in parts because idk how to make a webm that's 3 mins long without the video looking like shit.

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trying to get to do it again, i did it with her once and fucked her really hard and she took it great but she just doesnt like it that much.

came inside too

You sir are the fucking man
I can’t imagine how you felt when you got these, I can only dream of seeing pictures like that of my sister
Good for you man : D

Spread pussy?

No one has more of this chick or maybe know her name?

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Post the full videos in a volafile room!

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That’s all I got her kik is Kassienorth If you want to try get more

post face pls

Nice!! Sounds like she’s a good little slut

>I need to break the video in parts because idk how to make a webm that's 3 mins long without the video looking like shit.
making such long webms is not possible. that's why the Saint of Pervs created mega and volafile to upload larger files and longer videos. No need to convert at all. And vola is as anonymous as Cred Forums

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Ex gf

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Hell yeah. The kik hers?

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love those panties. cannot yet say if I love her, not enough information ;^)


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post more


Let's see the rest of her user.

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Attached: 12F0DEF1-AD2A-4206-A43E-4F44A3C7FAE4.jpg (437x1024, 179K)


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hahah nice

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Where can I find this kind of curtains?

grope her firm body. Show more from the front -- let's see that cleavage

remember her from earlier thread. rocking body

great ass
keep going

Full dump at mega #F!1HgEnCqT

thanks. your gf is pretty hot too

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You gotta copy the key too or else we cannot access it

Thins is only the link
You need to post the full one with the key

She know or is she gonna freak when I message her right now kek

post it here

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Tech is not my forte


>Tech is not my forte

no worries, now you know and easy mistake to make and fix. works. thanks for sharing

Very nice bro! Thank you very much


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any pussy or ass? she's super fuckable

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nudes? standing full frontal so I can see how everything looks, how the titties flow, the slit, etc?

full frontal with face by the way. seconded, full frontal without face if you don't want to post face

Lovely see through

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damn, that looks like an interesting evening :D

here are her little tits in a schoolgirl outfit

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Anyone have any more of this girl?

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Perfection. Would love to cum on her tits. I don't have full frontal nudes of my girl

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Attached: index(2).jpg (192x256, 10K)

have had lots of them with her

Attached: IMG_9638.jpg (2081x2774, 740K)

toy in her ass? full frontals so I get to see what the rest of her looks like?

more please

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Attached: 20191231_152601.jpg (2576x1932, 1.45M)


Attached: DCE3A344-F148-4FC8-8DA5-1A8A3FE3B378.jpg (1029x542, 199K)

Attached: IMG_8195.jpg (3264x2448, 1.37M)


Attached: IMG_5301.png (94x167, 30K)

Attached: 20191231_152047.jpg (2576x1932, 1.33M)


Attached: 9DE8BE17-9481-4202-868F-CCBBABD9AC08.jpg (828x998, 476K)

and as close to full frontal as i got

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Sweet Lord of DP :D
keep going

she is very sexy
got her in public?

nice tight bod

here's another one of my girl's ass. she's got a tiny little asshole. she likes making me fuck her ass with my tongue

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amazing body. and that mountable dildo in the pic adds special flair

how bout a cock in her ass?

Attached: IMG_8191.jpg (3264x2448, 1.64M)

even better! riding too?

forgot pic

Attached: rWVGvh9.jpg (800x990, 143K)

some of my seed leaking out of her ass

Attached: IMG_8104.jpg (3264x2448, 1.53M)

tell me you got more outdoor?!

shes hot

fuck that's nice

Not yet lol I'd love you eat her out on her yoga swing in public tho

Attached: 0127181603j.jpg (3264x1836, 1.65M)

How could I not...

Attached: 07C1101A-E064-458F-90D3-52B1A2B43FAB.png (513x686, 615K)

Mind if I ask how big you are? Picturing her getting stretched out is hot. How often do you all do it?

>shes hot
ikr. hoping the other dude has more or is her op even
this one was new to me

not really on the riding pics

Attached: IMG_0015.jpg (3264x2448, 750K)

Just a few

Attached: 20190808_075041.jpg (2576x1932, 441K)

You got a kik? I want to see all of these. That’s so hot

too bad, but I will take what I can get :D

Attached: 20190808_075030.jpg (2576x1932, 325K)

Post files.

Shit I wouldn't mind having a turn with that ass

is this pic stretched enough?

Attached: IMG_9321.png (1334x750, 1.13M)

Attached: dbnmbui-ffce6e25-3a3d-4dbf-8a65-e9a8d5752321.jpg (680x988, 448K)

na im an old fag (she's 42 btw)

Dani2new @ kik for more of my ex

Holy shit that is hot, got any vids of some back shots?

Attached: received_587020115426417.jpg (647x960, 86K)


Attached: IMG_20191227_204542-01.jpg (3024x4032, 1.24M)

her age makes her body even more amazing. she kept well

more of her

Attached: IMG_3439 - Copy.jpg (3323x2491, 1.43M)

whats your kik?

It looks like it, you all ever get a third person involved?

yeah, had a kid when she was 19 too...
she keeps it tight

Attached: IMG_7449.jpg (664x1183, 224K)

I dont

Attached: Screenshot_2018-03-01-20-14-17.png (720x1280, 916K)


Attached: 082F0AA4-8D79-4C4D-985B-CFCE40DEDF0E.jpg (958x1109, 1.04M)

Attached: received_624045051755865.jpg (720x960, 79K)

damn I want to ride her. Show more cleavage

no she's definitely swung both ways in her day. Shes into girls, so im sure i could

kinky :D
love those bitemarks


Attached: IMG_8475 - Copy.jpg (3264x2448, 1.43M)

Attached: received_112581526790939.jpg (1080x720, 64K)

sure, seen her before, got more outdoor you haven't posted that often yet?

Attached: IMG_8476 - Copy.jpg (3264x2448, 1.52M)

mm fuck. give me those tits. want to fap

hot damn

Kik? Mina8912

That’s hot, does she have any hot friends?

passed out in a hotel after playing slutty cop

Attached: IMG_8240 - Copy.jpg (3264x2448, 1.04M)

Attached: received_514780479158377.jpg (1080x720, 72K)

Attached: index(3).jpg (140x256, 9K)

meh all her friends married w kids and shit


got her while playing? post in new thread please

Nice. Where have you seen her?
Got anything saved? Id love to know

have seen her on here
saved a couple, I am mad for outdoor stuff

Are you all trying for kids? And hot sisters? Lol

Send me what you got I got a few more outdoor and regular ones
Dannview @kik

no kik
I could drop in a vola or in the next thread?