Is it over for currycels?

Is there a worse race to be than a Pajeet?

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Not really. I actually find south asians to be the most attractive.

>Not really. I actually find south asians to be the most attractive.
kinda same, I even got a Bengali bf now

Nah, they just need to be in the right place.

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>Not having the prestige of being as big as blacks
>not having the prestige of being as smarts as asians
This race is like the worse aspects of asians and niggers

your opinion does not matter if youre brown

I am white.

No. Pajeets are literally the bottom of the totem pole.

South asian women are generally attractive but the men tend to be incel tier

Probably not but pajeets always have options for the most part, like arranged marriages. I am a pajeet and I wish I could get an arranged marriage but my family have never done that sort of thing. I live in the uk and the women in church (Raised catholic) are usually white or black. I have accepted that I will probably never find anyone

What's with the fucking normies astroturfing their fake, shit ass opinions?

Do you have literally NO family back in India who could set something up for you? Not even extended family? They dont need to find you a bride btw, all they need to do is hire a local marriage agency who will do it for them. I'm sure that there are plenty of poor as fuck families over there who'd love a chance to get a better life for their daughter.

Says who exactly? Oh right, some delutional cumskin whos race produce pasty white school shooters cause they can't get any pussy. Yeah, I bet your opinion holds a lot of value lol

>meet a white girl who is insanely cute, has a tight body, speaks 2 languages, is extremely traditional and has only had 1 sexual partner in her life
>the 1 partner was her ex husband who was some bangladeshi manlet
>fries my brain every time i think about how this guy managed to get with her, meanwhile tall good looking chads in our workplace always got shot down by her (she got hit on ALL the time)

Managed to take her out on a few dates, made out, groped her a bit and cuddled a lot, but never fucked. First week into dating she explained to me that she believed sex was only for procreational purposes and if I can't accept that then she's not right for me. So we stopped dating but she really liked me and would still come over the hang out and we'd kiss and cuddle and shit but never took things further. And I didn't want to be the kind of piece of shit who pretends like he's okay with 'no sex' and then guilts her into it after she eventually develops feelings for me.

This girl was r9k's dreamboat. I'm not even exaggerating her cuteness either...This girl was stunning and slender and had a beautiful ass. And some currycel got to it before anyone else.

calm down pajeet youll get a wife soon

>inb4 pajeets start shilling CURRY'd as a meme like asian incels
I'm not ready for it bros

any race can be attractive and looks aren't everything

>t. probably dates white guys only

Not her but I do. I'm white myself though contentional.

Semen is a source of life. Poop is nothing but waste to be discarded. I noticed everything in India revolves around poop. Why is this? Germans got it from the Jews but why do Indians have such a fecal fascination? From the cattle dung flinging festival where they smear shit on crying infants to the magic river of poop and decaying corpses Indians are obsessed with it.
I would rather be a cumskin than a turdskin, anything is better than life as a currycel turdskin.

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*so it's hardly contentional
am retarded

Post proof that you're even women, or fuck off

>Raised Catholic
I feel your pain.

No. I'm Catholic, and the upbringing and family stricter is fairly westernized, and often more religious and churchgoimlng than most normal white people.

Yet I still get Hindu/Muslim insults and ignored for my skin color. At this point I wouldn't even mind having been born as some retard who believes in a thousand gods.

Looks aren't everything, but stereotypes are. Esp if you're into games, tons of "gamer girls" are judgemental fucks while being fat lazy slobs themselves.

to be fair indians message like 50 girls for every girl white men message so if you don't break response rate down on a per contact basis they will mog all of us.

Also I forgot to mention - if you're raised westernized, why would you want to date some dumb, poor woman, who's habits are completely different to yours? I also find the accent off putting.

your religion won't change your race, dumbass.

Cus she's hot and totally dependent on you.

>Your religion won't change your race dumbass
You mean that dumb uneducated motherfuckers will still be racist? Gotcha.

Who cares? I want someone I can identify with. You have no idea how screechy and stupid some foreign uneducated indian women are. Plus I'm not interested in their silly Ganesh celebrations and whatnot. I'd rather be single than go through that shit.

Got no family in India. I think they all left over three generations ago. This guy sums it up well . Indian catholics are westernised so things like marrying a poor girl and bringing her over here is unheard of. I would not know how to even connect with someone like that. Indian women like that are too submissive. Might as well be slaves

Post her dude

Nah. I've never dated a white guy.

Damn, me and you are the exact same.

I'm also Indian(but raised in the US). I don't know how it in the UK, but there are plenty of very attractive Indian westernized girls at my college who do date their own race.

You're fucked if you're attracted to only crackers though.

Does curry pussy taste and smell like curry? Not that most pajeets would know. Indian girls honestly sound like terrible people

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Not him but are they catholic or Christian? That is important. They can be as westernised as they like but if they are Hindu, it is a deal breaker.

Some are Christian, somehow most tend to be zoomer-atheist, and the few who are Hindu tend to hold it in contempt, because they were forced into it from a young age while also being raised in a different society.

Meant to say "family *structure* is fairly westernized"
Yeah, marrying a poor girl just for pussy would be looked down on. My family has no issues with most races, and wouldn't simply fawn over a girl because she's white. They'd rather I find someone respectable who I can be happy with.
I'm not the UK user, I'm in Canada. There are Indian girls here who are into guys, I was just too socially retarded and when this cute Catholic brown girl was into me, I didn't act on it. She was into metal too.
Also like the other user said, is prefer to not date Hindu and would never go near a Muslim.
Nonreligious Hindu might be ok, but never Muslim.
Zoomer atheist sounds good, but how do you even find these women?

My father is. My mother is Anglo Indian (English father, goan mother).

To add to this , what you said about your family not fawning over whites is so true. That is just a Hindu thing and their obsession with skin colour:

wait I'm confused, so is your dad white or Goan?

>men are more likely to be contacted than women
Is this backwards? it's usually the opposite dynamic in online dating apps like tinder

My father is Goan. My mother is Anglo Indian and her father is English and her mother is goan. I got my mothers family name so my name is not a Portuguese surname like most goan people which leads to some confusion.

Oh cool. Use the little white you have in you to score.
Most of the lighter skinned brown guys I knew back in the the country I came from got with some cute white girls easy when they moved to Canada and the UK

That might be my only option. I would rather have been with a nice Goan girl. What you said here is true . Sometimes I think it might have just been easier to have been born as a retard, in India, swimming in a holy shit river

Says it all. Just pure suifuel.

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>thick hair, eyebrows, and facial hair

still better off than whitecels

>small dicks, horrible body odor, framelets, manlets, terrible accents, cringe social media habits


Yeah man I really regret blowing it with the metalhead Goan girl I mentioned in my other post. Used to be into white women but honestly, most are fucked in one way or another. Way too sexual (so much so that they'd cheat if bored) way too picky, or way too unstable/have bad values.
And I lol'd at the shit river. It amazes me how much filth surrounds the Taj Mahal

Not all have facial hair, I can't grow hair in the middle of my mustache, at least not yet. So I have to shave it off and be ID'd at liquor stores.

Why? Do you really think you're worse off than brown guys? I'd say either same level or SEAs are a bit better off.

The odor is not an issue if they just deal with Indian women as well

>most white women are fucked in one way or another
True but that is the case for most women. With black women, it is their attitude. Indian women? You have to deal with their families. There is always something. What hobbies do you have? I am really trying to put myself out there through the things I enjoy doing. Been getting more attention in the last year from women but I still have faith that I will find the one if I keep looking. If you like metal, maybe try some concerts or pick up an instrument? I really like old timey country and western and bluegrass which is an issue because people in the uk generally hate that kind of thing

Good point. My ex was black, her attitude was ok, but her family's wasnt. I feel bad for her as my family wouldn't have her around due to her race, but her family was dumb as hell - they ruined her credit and claimed she shouldn't have to worry about things that an adult should worry about.

And I play guitar, but no women are into rock now. Plus I work at a bank so I can't go crazy with my haircut or something. Other than that, mostly just boring shit like building computers and videogames a bit.
Hiking trails is pretty fun though.

>Indian women? You have to deal with their families.
I wouldn't mind dealing with an Anglo Indian/Goan family, but I really don't have the interest in getting involved in any Hindu shit. It just seems way too tiring tbqh, and Indian parents tend to be very nosy in general.

>t.south Asian

I had a basic 9-5 office job for a few years but I quit that in December which is a whole other story and now I am living off my savings. I just could not stand doing something I hated everyday, even if the money was decent. I see it everywhere that there is a good chance you will meet someone you like at your job (obvious) but what happens if you hate your job? I hated the people I worked with and I hated being stuck in an office. Not sure what your financial position is but if things are not going so well now, maybe a drastic life change like a change of careers might help? Do you find any of the women at your work mentally attractive? The women at my office job were annoying. Any other outdoorsy social stuff you like that you could turn into a job? Currently doing some equestrian courses so I can work in the equestrian industry. Been riding for a long time but never done anything official so better do it now. Hoping this will be the thing that does it for me
>Anglo Indian/Goan family
Yh they are the exception. More than happy to deal with them but finding them is hard, especially Anglo Indians.

> Not sure what your financial position is but if things are not going so well now, maybe a drastic life change like a change of careers might help?
Currently work at a call center for a bank, a bit above entry level. The pay is good imo. There's a one woman I find mentally attractive, but most nope. She's Hindu I believe, but highly educated and doesn't seem like a slut - yet also somehow seems fairly open. Most of the white girls seem kinda loose, and the younger crowed (early 20s) I simply can't get along with. They all try and act way too black and I can't really communicate well with them. I'm almost 27 for reference. Hopefully when I move up and out of this place I'll be around some better quality people.

>Currently doing some equestrian courses so I can work in the equestrian industry
Now that's something women would probably be into. There's quite a few white girls in Canada that are into that sort of thing. Good luck.

I am 22 and I cannot communicate with them either. I wish I took more of an interest in what company I kept when I was younger. Goes without saying that your social circle is a big factor in the whole dating scene. You still have some time though. Better late than never. Will keep an eye on this thread if it is still up but if it gets 404d, good luck user. Enjoyed this

Abos are worse I guess

Do girls outside Cred Forums know about pajeet and pooinloo/open bobs meme? The only image of poo guys here in my country is the rapist stereotype though.

This doesn't say anything though.
It could mean that women that go for Indian guys tend to have a fetish for Indians whereas women that go for black guys and white guys do so because it's so mainstream and the racial barrier has long been broken.

>Do girls outside Cred Forums know about pajeet and pooinloo/open bobs meme? The only image of poo guys here in my country is the rapist stereotype though
Where do you live?

i'm from south korea. i think hostility and ridicule against Cred Forums's india and indians is too much. because i don't think indians are so hated outside of Cred Forums.

Most pajeets can't even grow proper facial hair. The ones that can probably have arab admixture.

Yes. Mexican.

>Germans got it from the Jews
Actually both Indians and Aryans got their healthy appreciation of the human body and its functions from their Heroic (Aryan) ancestry.

You mean turko-mongol (later mughal) or Persian. The arabs only went as far as the province/kingdom of Sindh. And the Aryans can actually grow quite a bit of facial hair, it's the Dravidians who mostly go with a mustache or clean shaven.

>i'm from south korea. i think hostility and ridicule against Cred Forums's india and indians is too much. because i don't think indians are so hated outside of Cred Forums.
Pajeets and Chinks are the two biggest subhuman races in Asia. Only Asians from SK and Japan are civilized. The rest of the Asian shitholes, we don't care.

I hate poojeets as well.

Go back to Cred Forums, You fucking crackhead.

>Pajeets and Chinks are the two biggest subhuman races in Asia. Only Asians from SK and Japan are civilized. The rest of the Asian shitholes, we don't care.
basically this

t. rajeesh

Chink incel here

You can all go fuck yourselves, you bastards.

> grow up in Scarbrough ( Canada)
> only 25 percent white
> reputation for being a ghetto
> 80 percent of my high school population was muslim pajeet or asian
> all the girls were intrested in white and black guys
> sports teams were all white and black guys
> athlete of the year was always between a white or a black guy
> the only guys who had prom dates were white or black guys ( and some arabs)

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Brazilians maybe

Do you ate your dog today?

I honestly think I know which school you went too

All the white girls in Scarborough and Brampton avoid ethnics like the plague despite how common they are.

Actually I wouldn't say that. White girls here date outside their race a fair bit but 95 percent of the time the guy is black

We have way more south Asians, Chinese, flipinos and afghans yet I never see white women with these races

Only white or black guys

No, there are no wild dogs here, you little cretin.

dude just needs a shave and a wash : )

>a fair bit
How much is that?

It's not uncommon to see interracial couples but most are same race

There are only two benefits of being a currycel
>no one wants our women (unlike asians)
>arraigned marriage (medically confirmed virgin females)
other than that, it is a living hell on earth

I know it's not much but I've dated two Indian guys, I don't have anything against them.

i rather be pajeet than asian desu ngl

Im always skeptical of surveys. doubt many ppl tell the truth for fear of being labelled racist.

Well according to the media and current pop-culture 'white' also bonus of 'white male'

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Indians are waaaaay better looking than aborigines. Pic related.

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Kek did you go to Agincourt ? This sounds like them

> T. Went to agincourt

You're telling me this pic doesn't make you erect user?

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Senor Gonzalez would like to know your location.

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is this an albino black guy

what race are you? why indians?

I'm white. They were just the guys I got on best with and were interested in me.


No it isn't agincourt

>not being as smart as Asians
Nah. South Asian and East Asians both have bright Asian American children in the US

asian men in general whether a gook or a pajeet are the least attractive men to women. Reminder that a literal nigger has a better chance at fucking a woman then them

There's 1.3 billion indians. Clearly they aren't struggling

Eh, I have had little problem as a South Asian American, but Im also not a currycel. I think there is something to be said for stereotypes, but theyre not super hard to break by general hygiene and upkeep.
I met my long term Korean gf through my engineering friends. AMA fellow South Asians.

>people are disagreeing with me...they must be buzzwording!
Seethe more.

No. There isn't.

I swear to god this makes me want to fucking scream
Oh well
Maybe I don't get to hold girls body's very often but at least I can watch what I want when I want.
Small fucking consolation but still one nevertheless

There is a world of difference between being South Asian American and being pajeet. Ive found that Canadian brown guys think drake is a personality trait and UK brown guys or hit or miss, but American born brown guys are like any other fairly well off group of guys. I am happy to see there are a good amount of South Asian and East Asian pairings, mainly since theres a lot of shared child immigrants culture there

This is some of the most autistic shit i've ever listened to

Only black bulls are popular in Canada, along with whites.

This isnt really true. Why do you keep pedaling this? Even the most western side prominent cities like Toronto and Vancouver are not like this, much less Montreal lmao. I had an extended visit once with a family member in Newfoundland, and it wasnt the case there either

White canadian girls are sluts for nigger BVLLs. Indian canadian girls will kill their entire family to get pumped and dumped by any blonde guy.

Pajeet, Achmed and all other south asian/middle eastern men just get shit on.

Literally like 80-90 percent of Interacial couples here are white guys with asian girls or black guys with white girls.

Although there is almost two white guy asian girl for every black man white female couples given that there are almost twice as many asians. There are literally parts of North York where WMAF is even more common then WMWF. It's also now common to see indian/paki girl zoomers with white hockey player chads nowadays.

Also a lot of mioroty mixing as well pajeets and black guys with asian girls and black guys with pajeetas

At least that is my experience
> t.toronto

People tend to exaggerate. Apart from Pajeet memes, in my opinion, I don't think that if you are an Indian dude who is not overly darkie, educated in the West and has a Western mindset, you can't make a girlfriend at least here in South Korea or Japan. Even though, I have seen a good looking Indian dudes before. Well, Majority of the white and asian girls who are interested in me are autistic Koreaboos.. And This gives me discomfort, not joy. And I think many guys overlook the fact that a lot of girls value man's personality more than man's looks. This coming from a South Korean geek.

at least they make great target pratice

>autistic koreaboos
you mean obese white girls, right

At least they have arranged marriages.

East Asian males have it the worst. They have the double whammy of being unattractive but their women being seen are the most desireable, even when they are average looking.

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>Just wait until we get to the Moon and establish pajeeta 2.0 then all you whites will be sorry and beg to come to our pajeeta in the cool spaceshits my uncle Manish built

Why is this post here instead of /trash/?