Ask the 8 ball thread

ask the 8 ball thread

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will we ever get back together

does she still love me?

tell me the truth grand 8 ball.


will OP die next weekend....

nigga u full of shit then

how about now....kek

will i fuck m?

again asking

will I kill myself ?



Will I win the lottery jackpot?

Will I win the arbitration?

>Will I win the arbitration?

will i have any free sex this year?

asking again

Is she gonna come back to me?

question here

Is this the year I kms?

Will I sort out this financial crisis?


Does op suck dick?

The magic 8 ball has spoken!!

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Will HDLPC and I have sex?

Does Hilary loves me?

Will I fuck this week?

>Does Hilary loves me?

will i get together with viv

feels bad man

Will Episode X be good?

Does she love me enough to marry me?


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Will I bang the girl I'm thinking about this year?

will she reply?

ask again

Will I get a gf

Steady job soon?

Will my uncle die whitin this week?

Am I gay

I said, am I gay?

I will ask one more time. Am I gay?

Is this a joke?

Will my brother always be the piece of shit he is right now?


Will my brother ever grow up?


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