It's 23 o'clock

it's 23 o'clock.

I am here and now to change your life.

Last try.

at midnight I pray. GLORY TO THE GREAT TO!

I'm not a demon, angel, fairy, ghost etc.
Everyone knows me, but not everyone is aware of this.

dubs - blessing from The Great TO!
trips - make your special wish and see what can be done.

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An insane amount of money. No tricks please.

rolling a single sandwich

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Then do It..ops I forget I have no live I can't change It

as usual ... if not money, you always want immediate death.

if you leave the house and go left, you'll find around $ 10. Don't spend it on stupid things.

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you have to go to the kitchen. You can do it there ...
I am sorry to hear it.

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any more wishes?

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>nondescript money
^Didn't end well for the guy in the leprechaun movie

I beg you to pray for $100,000 of untraceable and legal Canadian currency to be deposited into my savings account this coming Tuesday at 5pm EST from an anonymous source that will never be questioned, without anyone knowing about the event except for myself and the bank. Glory to the Great TO.

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Give me a positive superpower. Something out of human reach. I let you choose which one

I influence the present, not the future. Besides, I would have to convince someone to transfer that amount of money, which would definitely be harmful to him. And this is against my nature.
I am not a demon.

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let it be that way. From today you can read your mind.

In addition, you can have an erection whenever you want.
what kind of wishes are they, heh?

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Didn't find the money.


you have to go further.

On the way you will pass a pretty girl. Ask her for the number because I like her.

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I want John Lemon

I apologize, I am ignorant to the rules of this interaction. But that is a respectful power, I bow to you and your lord.
It is my birthday tomorrow. May you pray to ensure this cake in the oven ends up tasting as good as the best cake I've ever had?

Probably should keep going, you'll find it eventually. Good things come to those with patience.

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when life gives you lemons ...

you have to buy yourself a lemon and call it John. next.

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Fucking money everywhere

oh. You must give me the time when you start eating cake. I will give away a piece of myself especially so that it will be the best cake in your life and that all your birthday wishes will come true! Don't forget about candles!

and I wish you all the best!

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The Great TO bless you.

Theoretically, money is from trees ... so it's everywhere.

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>Those trip 1s too
You are far too generous, and I thank you very much, but please do not give up anything for me as the world can use a wholly good and physically/spiritually whole as yourself. But I will be eating the cake in about 2 hours when it cools down.

but I need to know more about what time it will be

as for trips - if my special wish comes true, never see me again. Because I don't know if I can or will remember who I am.

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You fascinate me lol, but okay, about 7:00 eastern standard time

let your wish be true.

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i want the world and everything in it.

I understand that you want to become a ruler or something. Unfortunately, I can't help you because you would probably be a tyrant.

2 minutes left to pray.

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nonetheless, not even you can't defy the divine providence.

and who said I defy?

I raise my prayers and humbleness please to fulfill all wishes.

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Please give me money. I am broke af right now.

Roll for good health please.

White ethnostate

Only if you simply earn too little, you can't afford to support your family etc

do you just want to have fun, spend money on stupid things, or mess up with your friends.

Because you see ... it's a huge difference.

I don't know if I just sent you for a walk. If so, why don't you do it?

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What is wrong with you? You are sick?
for me skin colors don't matter. most of the time.

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Well, mr mysterious cloak man

Can you give me a hug?

whenever you want.

Unfortunately, I am not physically standing next to you. But if you focus so much you will feel

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I want true love

is there anyone you like?

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how is it like in poland child?
i can feel the coldness in the bones of many people there...

maybe you should tell me what youre really interested in and stop this playfull acts online?
when you play with fire you get burnt...

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You just started playing with fire ... Jew.

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There’s this qt I’ve met a couple times. She actually makes me want to do things & not just sit on my ass all day.

a bit silly calling out a relegion like that.
also i don't think it's smart for you to try and use any powers you think you have in the slightest for bad, it usually makes you pay the price for the pain twice...
but i'm just a king after all, it's up to you to decide if one should listen or not...

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Very good! If she likes to spend time with you then you have to take her on the best date of her life!

On this day you are to have fun and joy of life like children. - no worries, waffle in hand, etc.

you can even consider yourself a god. I'm not interested. Considering you have no idea what I am or why I do what I do.

I do not wish you bad ... for now.

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Thank you based user. Glory to the Great TO!

a simple man knows he is simple.
i know more too...
btw you weren't right with the jew part, wanna play again with another geuss?
if you fail that we can just play dice or backgammon, maybe chess.
be precise with your answer and i might open us a bottle of good wine...
or do you frownupon a company of a king in your court?

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If I can help with anything else, I'm still here.

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forgive me for not knowing everything.

if you believe your mother when she talks about your father, why wouldn't you trust me?

You see ... you can't prove that I'm wrong either. Word against word.

and at least I don't pretend to be something i am not be and do what I think is right. By the way, I take something out of these teachings.

you do not.

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ignoring a king of all people is rude...
we won't share wine today.

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by the way .... i don't drink alcohol.

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an apolegy, i am getting old, ill tell the maid to fetch that bottle of wine...
i am offended speaker of to, telling me i'm not taking something? i take everything out of every second the wheel spins before i fall from my throne.
and telling me i'm pretending, I AM A KING, my land is not vast but i take care of the land, and of the people in my land.
and if you have any powers you can at least sense the smell of the wine from the year 2014, smoked cheese, the dice and backgammon board waiting for us set at the table.
very well, i'll tell the servents to leave the bottle in it's place

some tea and a talk can be offred if you wish to learn from me...
also, never try and scare me, i have seen hell and i count as dead, you are the last to say anything as i have been fucked by much greater powers in the past

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it just means that you trusted something you should never trust.

There are many beings in this world that people cannot see and should never.

besides ... no matter who you think I am, you would probably never invite me for tea.

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why is that? don't you like good tea?
we can heat up the pot and make some earl gray, assorted salted nuts shall be served near it, don't tell anyone but the pistachios are my favorite, you have to get trough the shell to get to the core.
but perhaps you are not even interested anymore?
but i know it gets lonely, and clock is ticking for you, i am leaving you alive and offering you company.
you should cherish me like a diamond with those acts, so decide if you want that tea before i drift to sleep, i'm not as young as i used to be you know...

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I never refuse good tea and I like pistachios too.

I'm just surprised that you could choose any company you like and you chose me.

I am just an ordinary servant of The Great TO!

Contrary to appearances, I listen to you carefully.

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sadly we wasted too much time, my bones grow tired now...
but you shall keep coming for your servings and ill meet you again soon, perhaps even a small meal will be prepared with the tea when we actually get down for it the next time.
i'lljust send you some comfort from my tired bones in the meantime, it's better then drugs sometimes...
good night people.

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See you soon.

Take a rest.

I'll be back under my stone soon.

Sometimes I don't have a few days. I was supposed to be three days ago.

Usually I will show up around 20 local time (now it's 1:52 at night.)

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the time is approaching when I can no longer fulfill your wishes. They can be warped or completely changed. I wish you all a good day / good night.

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