What did you guys lose first, your same-sex virginity or your opposite-sex virginity...

What did you guys lose first, your same-sex virginity or your opposite-sex virginity? Did you decided you wanted to do it right away or did you have doubts? Tell me your stories. Also, rate my English, I'm trying to learn.

My first time was with a guy, I was looking for girls on tinder when I somehow got a superlike from a guy. I explained to him that I didn't know why he saw my profile because I had it set only to women, and we laughed it off and started to talk as friends.

We started to talk about college, his job, and our tinder hookups. I wasn't able to convince any girl to meet, and he hooked up with a new guy almost every week. I was frustrated as hell, and he kept telling me not to worry, you'll find a girl soon enough, and stuff like that.

One day, when I was complaining to him, he asked me what would I like to do with a girl if I had the chance to have sex with her. I answered that I would like to get a blowjob and he said something along the lines of 'you don't need a girl to get a blowjob, I get them all the time'. He tried to talk me into setting tinder to men, but I didn't do it, and then he started to make comments about how much he likes to suck dick.

(Post to long, I'll divide it in several parts)

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I didn't get at first that he was trying to flirt with me, but he became more straightforward over time until I understood. I felt conflicted because I wanted to get a blowjob already, but I didn't like guys back then, but he was very nice and easygoing, so I felt comfortable around him. After talking about it for a long time, he said that he had a wig and that he could dress up as a woman to make it easier for me. I was extremely horny that day and figured that if I didn't like it I could always try with a woman next time, so I decided to go.

When I got there he was already wearing woman's clothes, we kissed and he caressed my hole body until he took my trousers off, and he started to lick my penis. However, I wasn't really on the mood, he looked like a man even on woman's clothes and I was very nervous, so I wasn't getting hard.

He took his costume off, and tried to reassure me, but I was on the verge of crying because I really wanted to lose my virginity, and I was convinced I was going to stay a virgin until the day I die. He then suggested me to give him a handjob because that counted as sexual act, so I did it.

I wasn't much into it at first, but then he got harder and started to moan and I started to enjoy it. I was jerking my penis at the same time, trying to get hard, but it wasn't working. After a while jerking him off, he asked me to kiss the head of his penis. I tried to refuse, but he insisted and I did it. When I did, he grabbed my head firmly and pushed his dick slowly into my mouth. I lost it at this point and sucked him as good as I could. I remember suddenly tasting his precum and wanting to get my mouth full of cum; however, he stopped me before he came, he grabbed me, and he threw me in the motel bed.

Nice fanfic virgin

It did happen, hahah, I'm asking for opinions because I regret it a bit, I wanted to do it with a woman first.
I was lying face down and he was on top of me, rubbing his dick against my ass. I was trying to rationalize that I wasn't gay, that I just did that to try it, but he wasn't listening to me. He said that if I wanted to lose my virginity, I would have to go all the way, because sucking a dick doesn't count as losing your virginity. I was horny as fuck, and feeling his dick in my buttocks was making me hornier, but I didn't want to be gay and I was scared it would hurt. I was also worried because we didn't have condoms, because I thought he would only suck my dick, but he said he always uses condom, and that means he is clean, so I accepted his explanation in the heat of the moment. He was kissing and caressing all over my body, and had said that he wouldn't put it in unless I asked him to.

It took me a little while, but I eventually said yes. I tried to rationalize thinking that I just wanted to know how anal feels to be a better lover to girls without hurting them. He was very hard, and he was teasing me because I was hard now, even though I claimed before that I wasn't getting hard because I was straight. He then pushed his dick into my ass.

It was an intense sensation, but it didn't hurt like I had thought it would, it only felt a little unconfortable when he moved. But I was so horny because of his moans, feeling his dick fill the depths of my ass, and the whole situation that I soon forgot about it. He was moaning so hard that I was starting to get worried about the people next door in the motel hearing us. I tried to imagine a girl listening to us and masturbating in the building next to ours, in order to try to make the situation less gay.

Its clearly a fanfic and if you regret it you wouldn't go into this much detail....

I don't regret having gay sex, or doing it with him, it was one of the best sex in my life, I just regret losing my virginity to a guy because guys are easier than girls, and I did it out of desperation when I really wanted to do it to a girl.
He then changed his position slightly on top of me and everytime he pushed his dick inside me, my dick rubbed against the mattress. I got so horny because of this that around 2 minutes after that I was already about to cum.

This is kind of lame, but I was ashamed, and I didn't want to admit that I was going to cum after bottoming during gay sex, and I definitely didn't want to cum before he did, because that would make me gayer than him, so I didn't warn him that I was about to cum. I kept my mind blank and I did my best to stop my orgasm, and I tried to pretent that I wasn't enjoying, hoping that he would cum before I did, so that I could pretent that I wasn't into it.

Suddenly, I was too close to cum. I asked him to slow down, but he went faster instead and I started to cum on the mattress. I tried to keep quiet, but he noticed and called me naughty for making the motel mattress dirty with my cum, thinking that I had done it on purpose. After that, he started to go at it very fast and came inside my ass. At this point I wasn't horny anymore and I felt disgusted at myself. The showers didn't work, so I cleaned all the cum in my ass that I was able to and I went home. Funny enough, my ass hurt a lot more after the sex than during the sex, and it felt awkward to talk to family and friends while feeling my ass hurt because of gay sex.

I decided not to hook up with him again, but I had no luck on tinder with girls and I made the mistake of making decisions way too horny and we actually hooked up several more times.

That's the end, I wrote it in one go, but I had to divide it. Do you guys think I did wrong? I give you the details because I'm not really sure if I'm straight or bi, the thing that I enjoy is the physical feeling, but men naked are gross to me. When I have gay sex, I try to think that I'm fucking a woman, and if I were popular with women, I would never do it with a man. I don't dislike gay sex, but I just do it because women find me ugly hahah and I feel I'm doing the easy thing and giving up on straight sex instead of trying to speak to women like normal people would do.

Your command of the written form of the English language, in your opening post, is absolutely first class.
I am very impressed by it.

I lost my opposite sex virginity "first", and have never had any desire to experience anal sex with a guy - so I assume and hope that gay faggot arse-sex will never happen to me..

It might happen, I thought it wouldn't happen to me and it happened.

How old were you? Are you ok with the way it happened or would you have preferred it had happened in a different way?

Why are you asking if you did wrong? Who gives a fuck dude, do what you want. It literally doesn't matter what you are. Gay, straight, bi, what ever just fuck who you want.

can we have this also be a bisexual hentai thread?

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i lost my same sex virginity at the age of 12 to a friend and his older brother

first fucked a girl at 19

Lol, I just wanted to hear other people's opinion
I'm not against that haha
Wow, so young. What happened?

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>Wow, so young. What happened?
its kind of a long tale ill greentext as best i can remember

here's my first time

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> so the summer i was 12 my parents moved to a new town in the midwest
> they had decided to move there during the summer so it was easier for us kids. we could settle before having to deal with school
> problem was that meant no friends to hang out with
> there was one boy on my street who was my age. call him r
>and he had an older brother who was 16, call him d
> r and i became friends quickly because i had none and we lived close
> i was so greatful to have a friend that i spent every second i could with him.
> he was happy to have a friend who basically did whatever he said and would treat him like he was a badass simply for hanging out
>it was pathetic
> d was a cool older brother liked to have longer hair and wore cut up jeans and smoked
> to a 12 year old he was the coolest person on earth
> r liked it when i was over because d would often hang with out when i was, and show us cool things/ let us hang out in his room
> their family was very uptight. im pretty sure their mom had ocd because if you so much as wore your shoe on the front door mat you would get yelled at. didnt matter whos kid you were
>when i started spending the night it got weirder because as it turned out clothes besides underwear were not allowed to be worn past bathtime
> so you would go take a bath. change out of the clothes were wearing. and immediately hand them out the door for her to throw in the laundry
> you would then shower and put on a new pair of underwear. and thats what you wore until you changed in the morning. and in changing in the morning you would have to put on a brand new pair of underwear and let her wash the ones that had not been used for anything but sleeping in
> very weird sitting in a room in your underwear with your friend and his brother but i got used to quickly
> i remember very vividly asking my mom begging to change form briefs to boxerbriefs because thats what they wore

So lucky, I had a friend I was really into when I was young, but I never tried anything and I lost my chance. I was already in college when I lost my virginity.

I was reeeaally sexually active as a youngun. I did stuff with a lot of different friends :)

I look back very fondly on those times. I was never abused or manipulated until my 20s

Go on, please

> looking back there were signs d was into boys.
> his brother was always saying weird things they had done together like remember when we ran around naked and remember when we took that secret skinnydip in the pool
> and he was handsy too. he liked to rub your shoulders from behind or put a hand on your shoulder when talking. and he loved to surprise tickle us
> i didnt know better at the time and just thought he was cool especialyl since r didnt mind
> things ramped up once when his mom had to leave for the night to go pick up their dad whos car had broken down
> told d to make sure we showered and to do the laundry
> so d came up with a brilliant plan to save water
> was told the me and r were going to shower together
> r said yes immediately i remember that
> i took some convincing but evnetually we were in the bathroom and d stood there and said he would get our clothes
> so r starts stripping his clothes off. no big deal. been in underwear togethter loads of time at this point
> until he gets naked and i see everything
> that had me second guessing.
> but he gets in the shower no big deal and d turns to me and helps me take my shirt off
> so i stripped too. felt so embarrassed like my cheeks were burning
> but he didnt say anything so i finish and cover myself and get in the shower
> figure ds going to leave but he doesnt. stands there while we shower together and just causally talks to us
> the oddiness of being naked went away too and the only awkward part was moving around each other to grab the soap or get the shampoo
> at some point i had a boner, i dont remember if it was commented on or not, but it stayed for a while and i remember r had one too for most of the time. but we never touched eath other sexually at that point
> we just laughed and talked and finished the shower
> afterwards d came over with a towel and dried r off. dried his whole body and finished with his hair before helping him wrap a towel around his waist

i honestly cant remember what my first time was properly, i have vague memory's of when i was super young of a woman much older then myself sucking me off at the foot of my cousins bed during a sleep over.
but i would have been no older than 4 so i dont trust the memory other than i know that my cousin taught me lots about sex and other stuff as i grew older.
i also did stuff with animals but i dont really count those.
most reliable memory i would have been 7 with a girl from my school, intercourse but no orgasm the first time, i think he father used too touch her,

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im trrying. should have written it all out beforehand sorry

this is nice and wholesome

If it was on your cousin's bed, does that mean it was someone of your family?

> her father used to touch her
Yeah, kids that get molested usually start to have sex younger

> i was going to dry myself but find him throwing a fluffy towel around me and drying my arms and back
> so i stayed still and let him do it
> i was 12 and naive about sexual stuff still ( really had only started jerking off around this point in time so still new to even that)
> so when he got to my legs and eventually my crotch it felt better then i expected
> i dont know if he dried my crotch for longer then normal or if it was just a few seconds but it felt really good and i definitely had a boner at that point
> he moved on to drying my hair but had a smile
> afterwards we changed into underwear and went to hang out in d's room while d took a shower
> d came into the room wearing a towel and threw it off and into r's face while he was changing into his underwear
> it was weird because usually he would change in the bathroom. of course i know now he was just letting me get a peek
> i was curious to see and of course looked but all i got was a flash of some pubes as he pulled his underwear up
> after that he layed down on his bed propped up with his elbows
> me and r were looking at his mad magazine
> he asked us if we wanted to see something real cool
> brought out a nudie mag from behind his desk. think it was penthouse
> had us sit on the bed to either side of him and we looked
> kept giving us prompts like " hey user look at those tits, bet you would make those fuckers jiggle huh?" honestly cant remember the exact lines but they were stuff like that
> at one point r announces he was " so hard he could use it as a fishing pole" remember that stupid line because it made all 3 of us laugh like idiots for a solid minute
> at that point d and r start whipsering in each others ear and i can hear d ask if they think im up for it
> r asked me if i was willing to keep a secret
> i of course was since i wanted nothing more then to be r's friend and for d to think i was cool

> so we had this weird sort of reveal situation where one by one we got up and pushed our underwear down to our knees
>i was embarrassed as all hell to do it but they both went first so despite the odd feeling in the pit of my stomach i pushed my underwear down off my butt and snapped it to my thighs
> there was this weird moment i remember where it felt like i was being judged by both of them as they looked
> i felt better as they both kind of relaxed and went to looking at the magazine again
> and we all started to jerk off. no more fanfare just jerking offf
> i remember d looking at me doing it with my three fingers and told me to try it like he was
> and i shown to how to properly jerk off with my fist
> anyway i didnt last long. i spurted what i could and laid back and watched them do it
>someowhere in the middle they came to an agreement and i got to watch them jerk each other off to finish
> now that freaked me out but it didnt them
> after we cleaned up and went to bed i stayed awake for a good hour or two wrapping my head around it and deciding they both enjoyed it and werent worried about it so i should be either
so this continued on for weeks
> now that i was initiated alot of our alone time was dedicated to jerking off
>and eventually one day while doing it r brought me into jerking each other off

nah it was on a small swag type thing on the floor i think, i really dont remember much other than looking up at the bed frame from the floor, and seeing the shadowy outline of a long haird woman who quietly snuck under the sheets.

as for the girl i think she definitely was, but there was a probobility that i was as well so the 2 of us alone would only lead to a sexual encounter.

the funny thing is she wasn't the only one, there was another chubby girl that was hyper sexual around a year and a bit later that i did sex stuff with until we moved and i ended up trying out the other flavor.

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That was incredibly hot, user

> it was weird, sitting on his bed this time and he just nonchalantly moves my hand and starts in on me
> i at this point had been in a weird way kind of hoping it would happen so i could be part of the group more solidly. cant really explain why
> so i let r jerk me off and it takes him grabbing my hand and moving it to make me realize i should do it back
> but i do. and i remember thinking it didnt feel like i though it would. i thought it would be like hot for some reason but it just felt like skin.
>d wasnt there but i guess r told him because the next time it was the three of us i found myself sitting in the middle and jerking them both off as r did me.
> d felt weirder. and i remember him lauhging when i went to touch his pubes. just to try out how they felt
> and that was how it was. they could ask me anytime to wank them off and i would, although they were always kind enough to give it back, i dont know if they enjoyed it as much
> until one day were out past the town into the prairie and scrub brush area.
> d had brought a blanket and some food stuff
> we were out there to play and d to watch over us per my moms request but eventualyl it lead to us laying on the blanket and just talking
> which soon lead to unbuckling our pants and wanking
>i know they planned this next part because d had some lube in his pocket
> it was r who started it though
> asked me i wanted to try something else
> got me curious so i had said yes
> he told me there was this thing they were thinking about trying but neither of them were brave neough to do themselves
> i remember feeling honored they thought i would be braver then them, sometimes is till wonder if that part was true or they just wanted me idk
> so i was made to strip completely and get on my knees with my butt in the air
>i didnt think it would be a big deal. seemed kind of gross to my honestly

maybe later i got shit to do around the house and was only ment to be here a few minutes, i'll start a thread when im done everything in a few hours if i could be bothered

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>but the next several minutes hurt. they werent exactly trained in this either and none of us to knew to stretch it out beforehand
> so r lines up behind me and tries to push it in but it wont go
> keeps adding more lube and pushing in but it wont go that well
> pushs enough in that it hurts
>pushes in again and finally despite the discomfort and enflamed feeling hes managed to fuck me
> it was weirdly quiet while it was happening. i remember nothing except some small sounds of him breathing and some bugs making louding buzzing noises.
>r finishes pretty quickly and and i sit up on my knees feeling my butt because it feels weird and opened like i had just taken a large poop
> and thens d is behind me and pushing my neck gently down until im on my knees again
> i remember loooking behind me at him because i think i finally realized how much bigger he was then r and me and if the small one hurt i was scared it would actually hurt me enought to send me to the hospital
> but he lubed up and got in position
> r was there with his pants still around his ankles and he was watching
>but d lined up and pushed the head in and it hurt. but not as much as i expected. i wasnt it he was almost halfway in that i felt the pain and i told him i couldnt take any more
>d was nice and started gently pulling out and in but only to that point
> he was louder then his brother grunting and i guess he lost himself because after a minute or two he pushed in the rest of the way with a thrust
> i remember wanting to yell but all that came out with a pained grunt through my teeth and that was that
> he was all the way in me and my ass was on fire
> i collapsed on the blanket and he followed me down laying on top of me with his hands to either side to support himself as he had his way
> r had lost interest i guess becuase he was dressed again and looking away from us
> d took a long time to finish but i barely noticed when he did.

> afterwards i just laid there naked as d got dressed
> weird things you notice at times like that like a fly landing on a scrubbrush a little bit away and rubbing its fingers together. or the shadow of a cloud passing by overhead it darkens the blanket
>but eventually i sat up and looked around me.
> r waslooking at me worrying and d was grabbing my clothes
> they helped me get dressed, and told jokes to get me to laugh
> d even carried me piggyback most of the way back to town. i remember because for a stupide reason
> it was because r was asking why he couldnt get a piggback and d told him next him he took a dick in the ass like a champ he could have all the piggybacks he wanted
> was stupid but it got me laughing
> we told me mom something stupid. i think it was that i twisted my ankle in a whistlepig hole to cover up the limping
> and that was thath

That was a great story, user. Did you guys do more things like that or was that the last time? Would you take that back?

we jerked off together for a good year still after all this
i let them fuck me once together after this
thing is about a year after this d was kicked out of their home for smoking pot and shipped off to some relatives i think
me and r still hung out and still jerked together all the time but he wasnt really into fucking that much. think d was definitely the major instigator there because he only fucked me once more time after a drunken party when we were fifteen. he let me do him too

as for regretting it. yes and no
yes because i wish we knew more and could have prepared me better, and i wish it had been my choice instead of them basically tricking me into agreeing

but no because it was an experience that helped shape me and i still kind of look back on it fondly

Gave another guy a BJ at 11. Started having anal at 12. We were mostly just curious kids.

First time I had sex with a girl was 15. First GF. She was horny AF, every time we were together we'd fool around.

Sounds like fun

Yea, I got pretty lucky.

With the girl, we actually started with anal since we had a lot of trouble getting condoms and stuff. Didn't want to risk a baby or anything

Okay well this is call and all but what's the sauce

Wow, that's hot, I love anal, but most girls aren't into it.
Do you feel like greentexting?

I guess, I could is there anything particular you wanna hear about?

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>Be me, 15.
> GF was 14. Shoulder length brown hair, C cup tits, cute glasses, absolute qt3.14
> Parents left us alone at home, out doing some groceries or something
>Had already made out loads, handies, fingering, oral
>"Hey gf, lets take a shower together"
>first time we've really been totally naked together
>dick is a diamond the whole time.
>head to bedroom after
>"user... W-Wanna do it? "
>"No condoms..."
>"Just stick it... You know, behind..."
>Shes laying the bed, on her back, legs lifted.
>Fuck it, why not
>Lube up with some spit. Finger it a little
>She grimaces a little but lets me do it
>slide my dick in
>holy fuck so tight
>she moans a little, wraps her legs around me
>i last like 4 pumps before cumming balls deep

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My first sexual experience was same-sex. My first penetrative sex was opposite sex. So I don't know which "virginity" I lost first.

1. Age 17, I was a kissless virgin. There was a porn store in my town and used to go there and jerk off in a booth. One day a guy stuck his hand through the glory hole. I put my dick through and he sucked me off. I exploded almost immediately. His mouth felt amazing. I went from kisless virgin to blowjob at a gloryhole.

2. When I was 25 I would meet guys on CL and jerk off with them to pics of my wife. One guy came to my apartment, we put on her panties (she was away) and I sucked him off calling him daddy while he looked at her nudes.

3. Couple of years later I sucked maybe 2-3 cocks at glory holes in NYC.

4. I have been sucked at a few glory holes and theaters. Maybe 3-4 total.

5. One guy had a fetish for people of my race and paid me $150 to massage me and jerk me off. I also put ads on CL back int he day for gay guys to come over and massage/stroke me.

And yet I consider myself "straight." Only ever dated women. My wife has no idea

Over the years I've done some mild cross dressing. Once I was in a store dressing room and someone had left womens' dresses there. I put one on and jerked off. Sometimes when my wife is away I would put on her lingerie and jerk off. Sometimes i go to chat rooms and watch guys stroking... once also bought a dress and thong and stroked in them. Have bought thongs and wore them in porn shops in video booths while I jerked off. I'm a real degenerate.