*licks lips*

*licks lips*

Excuse me Cred Forumsros I have something to say, can you guys please listen?

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Go on...

All ears

thanks for listening Cred Forumsros lets just wait a little longer for some more Cred Forumsros to come

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Do it

hey, bro I am listening

go on?

palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy


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We don't have all night, OP.

Are you coming out OP?

go on

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Give him a minute man, this is obviously very hard for him to do.

I swear to god OP, if you trolled I'll never forgive you!

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Spit it out before we chimp out you faggot

Hurry up OP.
You're losing them.

OP is a nigger.

I think OP is dead

OP is a dead nigger

Hi OP here, I can confirm I am a nigger

This fucking guy

OP is a dead niggerfaggot

Oke guys, OP here. My announcement:

It's official, I'm coming out as a faggot.

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imagine paying a Cred Forums pass
You are the nigger

Oooh !!!
Pretty green clover !!!!!

Old news faggot !!!

NEXT !!!!!!!!

>Cred Forums pass
Ok I believe this is OP

We already knew that. Give us something good

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Op is a true niggeR

OP here, just wanted to troll you all before my wife's son gets back with Jerome.

I'm sorry OP but i'm going to sleep, night night

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