Should autistic people be exterminated?

Should autistic people be exterminated?

I honestly think it's time to bring back eugenics; overpopulation is getting way out of hand. And autistic people should probably be the ones to go. Their lives are worthless; go to a special ed school until they're 21, then spend the rest of their lives living in a taxpayer-funded residential treatment center (or, as they're more commonly known as, "group homes").

Autistic people are a waste of taxpayer money, and they contribute nothing to society. It's time for them to go.

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There are different levels of autism retard. Most scientists are on the spectrum. Only the ones with severe autism should be killed.

I'm autistic and the leader of a cancer research facility. You're welcome retard, what makes you so special?

If by autistic you mean Cred Forums then yes. it's long past time

Bbbut muh morality

Prove it

hold on I'll post my i.d. and badge

I'm a functioning autist.
Went through the special education program up until high school, was terrible but necessary.
Currently work as a chemical engineer at a research centre. Still unlike others, i can tell that collegeaus judge me for my behaviour at times. But i 'fit in' and manage to contribute.

We aren't all that bad

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I know an autist who bought 500 dollar leather shoes with lightning bolts on them, plays EVE and insists vehemently that autism is a next step in human evolution.

Do it, downy

I have a higher functioning profile than you most likely.

Getting all defensive about it is stupid though. You got some insecurities, user? Just share.

What kind of behavior?

Aspie here.
Should I be exterminated also?

Only if you keep referring to yourself as "Aspie."

Anxiety for simple social interactions and I'm generally slower than the average person at everything (both physically and mentally).
Kinda am always 'that one guy' within groups. Sucks to be aware of it

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Sorry bud, all of that kind of office bullshit sucks for everyone. I am sure it's worse for you. Most people don't think twice about office weirdos unless you give off a shooter vibe.

Autistic and downs people are good if you can train them to work manual labor. Like a farm hand or something... retard strength is real.

Something I've noticed over time is that within groups i fail to function almost always. Yet 1 on 1 I usually do fine. People seem more patient when you're talking just to them.

Cool to know that everyone dislikes the office scenario. I wasn't aware of this

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only aslong as we get rid of the jews first.
just to make sure this isn't a jewish plot

As soon as you begin the killing to reach Utopia, the killing never stops, and you never find Utopia. Only your own bullet at the end of the revolt.

of all the mentally ill, not schizos, not trannies, not bipolar people. But autists. There must be a story of why you would want to exterminate them.