I posted nudes of a girl on Cred Forums with her face in it. Have I ruined her life?

I posted nudes of a girl on Cred Forums with her face in it. Have I ruined her life?

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Yeah, good job you piece of shit.

pic related or no?


maybe, post them again here to make sure we can decide.

there's too many people in this world to care about a 6/10 at best

it was wrong of you to do so and you are a piece of shit. but it will most likely just get lost in the noise of the hundreds of thousands.

pic not related

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Give us her name and contact details and we will tell you

Only is you are unlucky enought to ha ve here people who knows her

how often do girls get doxxed around here?

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An 8 at worst come on

very rarely. nobody gives a shit.
you can post face and area code in a state thread and nobody cares.

Is this Savannah?

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Megan Fost is her fb

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No. At some point everyone will inevitably be naked on the internet. You just moved them ahead of the curve.

idk I've heard Cred Forums's weaponised autism can actually do some harm

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It can, it will, and it has before. The thing is, it almost never happens. YouTubers and news outlets like to hype it up but for the most part people are too lazy to do anything and mods are pretty good about cleaning up doxxing/raids

What about fags who repost and shit? And the whole hoopla about how once something is on th internet it never leaves?

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if shit never leaves the internet then where are all my old AIM chat logs

But they weren't publicly posted? Im just stressin cuz I've realized im a piece of a shit and I dont want the nudes resurfacing and ruining both of our lives.

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made your bed dickhead.

why do we care why you hate this girl? so what if a girl we dont know has nudes on Cred Forums? do you know how many people posted nudes on 4 chan?
I mean nudes are cool but we arent gonna do more than click em and wank

Who’s face is that ? Got any nudes?

Yeah, if they have her face in them then eventually facial recognition tech will connect her to her nudes.

Poor girl - you ruined her life, she's living on borrowed time. And so are you.

feel free to ruin her life

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I won't speak to the morality of it because I'm guilty myself of doing that.

Bottom line, don't stress it my guy. Nobody would post shit here if it was a big risk. Nobody gives a shit about what you posted. Nobody saved it, and even if they did there's an even lower chance they would repost. There's 7 billion people on this Earth and probably a couple thousand that have the same face as her.

Your guilt meter is unnecessarily high and you should not be worried.

The biggest risk is someone who knows her somehow stumbling onto it. It’s probably not that high though

You prolly didn't. I'd be very surprised if it actually came back to bite her

did you really set up a fake facebook in accordance with posting this image? why?
the shit you autists do amazes me

What if all archived posts of the pics are removed?

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this dude is lying to you OP


although, the tech could be used to wipe the images as well + notify if they are posted again anywhere

nah dude, think about all the random girls you've seen on Cred Forums your girl is just one of the millions. worst thing that could happen is the shittiest luck of being recognized but this isn't even exclusive to posting nudes.

Dw, majority of revenge porn cases involve some fucktard posting not only a nude but also a name and contact info. That's how the girls get doxxed and the retards get caught.

If you didn't do that you're probably good.

maybe he was doing an experiment in doxxing

is it possible to go through all Cred Forums archives have her pics removed?

100% lying, and by the time this tech would come out she would be forgotten in the mass of whores posted on this site

OP said above pic not related

have you seen your girls nudes continue to be reposted? if not, why are you complaining?

Adrianna ?

I appreciate everyone giving their views on this, helped me calm down a bit.

Do you guys come across old nudes? I havent posted in months, am I clear?

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What if some fag finds her nudes and obsesses over them?

OP said pic not related, probably some random chick

Mm more?

exactly, it's hypothetical. relax

mate i couldnt tell you because theres so many fucking naked chicks on this site i cant even remember if ive seen her