Hello Cred Forums, cia, fbi, nsa

Hello Cred Forums, cia, fbi, nsa, ...

I am a very dangerous terrorist, i am a straight, white man with very superior IQ, and a very diverse skill-set, including programming in various languages, electronic engineering/design/repairing, i can also fix computers, and possess various technological knowledge and experience.

I am here for at least 30 minutes, bring it on.

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Teach me how to make a pipe bomb faggot

>i am straight man
>on Cred Forums
back to your trap threads op, nobody's buying it

Umm, why would i? You already call me a faggot.

Well i can't prove it, i just happen to have 99% pics related.

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Fool just get back in the basement and STFU

thats a trap


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I know that women have a vagina, and they can give birth.

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can you explain how fucking magnets work?

Some smart guys defined magnets having so called magnetic domains that have a static magnetic field, arranged in random order so they cancel out each other, by applying a strong external field, the domains' magnetic field is arranged in the same direction, so their magnetic field adds up.
There are also some materials that can be magnetized when heated above certain temperature, and keeps its magnetic state below.
A magnet has 2 poles, a north and a south pole, they attract each other, and repel similar poles.

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Do you feel important? You shouldn't...

Will you do something today?

Wh are oy dnageros?

idk still seems like witchcraft to me

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Teach me how to make a pipe bomb faggot

You have no skill set once the power goes out. Mechanical things require a high iq as well. Ur probably just a dumb person who got good grades and your parents rewarded you for being a good boy.


I am not important currently, but i am valuable.

I am not over educated. And not a certified lemming. And i want to know how things work and why.

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This is the most retarded description I have ever seen. This is what homeschooled incels look like, folks.

He probably wants to blow up himself on a school bus, after sexualizing a goat.

>get a pipe
>get a bomb
>put bomb in pipe

Yea that description was actually from school, i did not go out and copy paste you some string theory. What is your problem with it?
I have a whole book about magnetism, it is not a 5 minute thing.

Look at the way he responds. This nigga done been programmed by alexa. Congratulations on being a faggot.

Its simple you combine a bomb with a pipe

>Only one book
>Pretends to know

Die bitch

I can teach you how to make a bomb with a stick of dynamite and roll of toilet paper

>programmed by alexa
lol, so, what is your goal user?

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Thats absolutely a valid description of magnetism, you fool. Project harder.

Collect enough Bernie Sanders farts in a cheap water bottle then squeeze them into a pipe. Cap with a cap that has a pre-drilled hole and stick fuse in said hole. Light. Boom.

I can see somebody is jealous already. I don't need to prove anything to you.

Yes, but only when going as far decided to then go do look more like.

I only they was sand niggers and vietniggers

He who says FOOL in his heart shall never enter the kingdom of heaven you stupid fucking bitch

Convenient, because you couldn't prove anything even if you wanted to.

At least I'll know how magnets work, nigger.

Times change friend, like the definition of "terrorist"

So what's the plan stan?

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I'm with the NSA's Wide Area Surveillance dept.
You're not "very dangerous terrorist".
You're David Punderson from Santa Monica, California. You live with your mother Ellen and you're 14 years old.

Please stop wasting our time. We need to investigate every one of these threats.

OP is a larping faggot confirmed.

We import millions of africans into eu, and make them murder natives, and interbreed, ofc.

Thank fucking god I can finally put all these fucking sticks of dynamite to usw they been cluttering up my living room forever....

Please, continue

Thanks for helping out, dude

>Claims to be NSA
>Posts USP information on Cred Forums
( X ) Doubt. Larping as hard as OP are we?

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Op, please commit an hero for liveleak

Oh man thanks for pointing that out, i totally thought that the NSA surveillance dragnet had detected this thread and that OP was doxxed by a bona fide fed. Isnt it so crazy that people can do that, just go on the internet and tell lies?

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Do (You) happen to know this person by accident?

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You're pretty fuckin stupid then.

Quiet David Punderson.

fuck off AI, get out of here datamining threads

Heyy, it is not nice to doxx another user



I modified DROPOUT JEEP and it's working on my tests. how long before the new code get found out when I go live at my uni?


i am chill officer

For the non gay:

Assuming as long as it does not verify your trojan, it is fine until the next "security update"

You say you're a terrorist, what's your cause? All terrorists are fighting for something. ETA for freedom for El PaĆ­s Vasco, The real IRA for various things including North Ireland, etc. What's yours? The fact you didn't mention one raises doubts about your story

Depends on what method you're using for fud obfuscation. If it's just fud from a crypter, then it depends on how often samples using that same stub get uploaded to sites like virustotal.

Pft, you think terrorists are real?

ETA and Real IRA certainly are/were

This dude knows something

would it help if I ran test through D.E.T.E.R? I HAVE access to 12 terminals and I know for a fact that the logs won't be checked for days until they realize it's not who they think is testing for academic research. ive hacked and spoofed a few lab computers that my TA has proven too lazy to monitor after 2 years of monitoring his work behavior and skillset. he's a faggot that's fucking the prof and wouldn't see it coming but everything else on campus is identifiable. ive been saving that node for something worthwhile. I think this is it.

What logs does your shit leave as it is? I don't know how your unis network is setup but the SOCs I've worked at check for infection by checking the dc for event logs, monitoring network traffic for weird obscure C2, detection alerts from av agents, and looking for new binaries. Some stations reboot clean every night anyway. You could turn one of those computers off, do a bit for bit clone, then fuck with it at home to see how the system reacts.

How do I avoid fingerprinting or identifying audio deep fakes using tacotron and tensorflow deepmind software that I have running and have successfully created of us politicians making false statements. etc. I know that if they were released they are considered illegal propaganda. im worried about how much of what is created online utilizing the servers because the good fakes ive found are impossible to create offline with my rig. is there a way to scrub the audio after it's created before its uploaded at a new IP address?

I am unfamiliar with your setup, but if you give more details we may help.