Post chicks and rate them

Post chicks and rate them.

Friend, randoms, dont matter

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Anyone actually planning on rating?

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rate tits

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Left- 7/10
Right - 8/10

Body seems 8/10. Face though,,, 6/10






Look nice? 7

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Hard to tell? 7-8 probably?

7 out of 10 vegan points

7.5, but I like her body more than her face.

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Valid. Forgot shes vegan

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7/10, love her curves and big ass... face looks cute, too

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oh man! 9/10

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Yep. Id agree

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7/10 and same but has a nerdy appeal to it



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her blowjob face makes me change my mind to 8 out 10 vegan points

Does the ass help much? or her tits ()

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well i am more of an ass guy personally. Her tits looks very nice for sure, but her ass looks more interesting to me than her tits to be fair.

But she definitely is a babe.

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this is tough, she's really cute, but the moles on her forehead and nose are distracting as fuck.

I'm gonna give her a 7.5 with a potential of 8.5 if she got those removed.

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7/10 Cute, need more

9/10 face


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8/10 based on Ass alone

Valid. I prefer ass.

But tit wise, id prefer smaller,perkier ones

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more of the cutie

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8.5. More.


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I don't like big tits, but she seems to be medium size so its totally fine.
She does have a really big ass, perfect for anal.

sexy body 10/10

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Id agree there, but tits seem a little smaller than medium imo.

I mean, IIRC, shes only like 4'11 anyways

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Any body shots?

Looks like she doesn't brush her teeth.

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Better? Do tits distract from the moles?

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much better! all this being said, I'd fuck the shit out of her.

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Yep. Looks cute. Probably a freak


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10/10 ass

she's like a dollar store Emma Stone. I'll give her a 7.5/10.

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9/10. Would own and keep as a pet.

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She’s been knocked up 4 times

Anal virgin though

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oh wow. Is her body wrecked? Any body pics?

8/10, let's see her ass

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Fit body all around

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rate pls

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yeah on that pic they dont seem that big, they look nice.
she has the same look ( imo ) as one of my favorite porn actress . "Kawaii Girl"

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Pics of face?

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Gfs hairy cunt before/after being fucked

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Good choice

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decent pussy, but we can't rate without a real pic of her.

face isn't great in that one, but the body's not bad.

Checked and and you have good taste


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why a freak?

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Gay filter 2/10

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Still, shes a fun size. She reminds me alot of a girl I know actually. Kinda a tiny latina in the same order

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Outwardly innocent looking girls tend to be freaks in bed

Seen the tits on her though?

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8/10 Tits but that’s about it more of those tits?

tits are pretty great. hopefully her pussy is too


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thats a bingo

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Yep. Hot little asian.

Just like most of them are

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Thanks mate. Glad you like.

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9/10 frame, anything from the full back end?


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She uses the name Deer Tears on twitter

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you got any ass pic without underwear?

How do you know her?

that is a 6 unless you are into cattle

One without.

And nah, just an egirl that looks alot like a girl I know

Damn. Thats low. Even with the others of her?

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3/10 kinda looks a bit autistic

What is this "vegan points" thing? are you guys into retards?

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This whole thread is autistic

Would love to pin her down

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Oh wow. Moar!

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It honestly looks like they are inflating the scores of ugly girls and giving the hot girls bad scores as some kind of sjw propaganda scheme or something.


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damn she's hot, whats her insta/vsco?

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damn whats her insta/vsco?

got a kik id love to trade with you

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That's nice and thick.

Anyone care to rate?

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Any rate?



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It'd be nice if anyone rated another girl ...

Stop posting new ones until you rate the old ones.

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Rate? Wwyd?

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Wow. Please just keep going.

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your standards are so low its pathetic. Not a single girl here is above a 6.

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its legit a tumblr raid of girls posting themselves. NOBODY here is actually Cred Forums besides the fags like us posting how sus this thread is. None of these hambeasts are above a 5, it's PATHETIC LMAO.

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wetback 1/10 at best

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That's looks like a spic to you?


She is nice. Face: 7/10, body 9/10 I would say

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Honestly.. I would go down to around 6 maybe 7/10 overall.

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girl 10/10, dick also

wrong numbers

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post more


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