Whats it like to lick a girl's asshole?

Whats it like to lick a girl's asshole?

What must I do to convince a girl to let me lick hers?
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Literally post some tinder pics of yourself from good angles. Say some shit like ([tongue emoji] I eat pussy for my pleasure]) watch them roll in. Even if youre passed by 1000, 1 will slut it up enough to want free head. Just lick her asshole when youre down there.

It's fun, like licking pussy but it's smooth, and is an asshole, not a pussy. Doesn't taste bad if she's cleaned up down there. Shouldn't have a taste at all.

How to get a girl to let you? Bend her over and eat her out. Play with her ass cheeks and then you just kinda move from pussy to asshole, but grab her butt and make sure she can tell it's something you wanna do. If she pulls away just tell her it's okay, you're into it.
If she still refuses, jam four fingers in their then Sprint out of the room like a kenyan goin for a medal

accidentally ate a little ass when I was trying to eat my ex out from behind her
>she was laying down in the middle of my bed
it didn't have a bad taste but she wasn't into it

>Doesn't taste bad if she's cleaned up down there.
What if she just has this huge trail of shitsmear up her asscrack from all the turds she grinds in her ass right after she takes a shit but is too lazy to sit back down and finish?

You bunch of degenerate fucks. Lemme tell you what an asshole tastes like. Like fucking shit, that's what. Do you like eating shit? Do you? Have a taste some day when you're on the shitter laying cable or doing one of your famous paint ball impressions. It's fucking gross. A poop hole is for shitting out of. It's not a sexual organ. It's not meant to smell nice, look nice, or get your little peepee hard. Stay the hell away from it. No woman will ever respect you for shlopping out her corn hole. She'll just think you are a degenerate scumbag, which you are, and treat you accordingly. Do you think she'll want you kissing her children with that filthy mouth of yours? Really? Or introducing you to her friends, knowing all you think about is munching on their little sphincters?

Look at her asshole tho. How could you not at least want to stick your tongue in just a little?

>Lemme tell you what an asshole tastes like. Like fucking shit, that's what.
Has obviously never eaten ass b4

Serious question guys, How to bring up scat play? How long into a relationship?

Tell your wife to wash her ass.

You're a coombrain, kohai desu. Stop wanking for a month and you will realise your vision is clouded. There is nothing attractive or repulsive about her asshole. It's just a hole. Shit comes out of it on a daily basis. It is what it is.

Definitely not. Why would I want to eat someone's fecal matter? Do you lick your fingers if you pierce the paper when you wiped your ass?
>Fuck me, that tastes delicious! Moar!

>Shit comes out of it on a daily basis
Yeah but my tongue's going in on a daily basis if you catch my drift

Who said anything about eating? How about some fingerpainting in the shower?

>In Minecraft

You should practice first just follow these steps
Step 1. buy life saver gummies
Step 2. place 1 in mouth
Step 3. push tongue through center hole
step 5 profit

>Why would I want to eat someone's fecal matter?
Why would I want to eat someone's vaginal mucus?
Why would I want to eat someone's saliva?
Why would I want to eat someone's sweat?
>lol virgin

I dont think you would eat someones sweat or saliva

ya, for sure you don't have your tongue down their throat and your mouth all over their body lol

Get her bent over and squeeze her ass like your a crab. Place your thumbs on either side of her hole and squeeze the ass very firmly.Try to twist the ass flesh at the same time.

This will expose her holes and pull them open a little. Let them air out a bit while maintaining grip and twist tension. You can blow on them so she knows she is completely exposed and has no more secrets down there.

Repeat the squeezing and twisting. Grab handful of flesh and squeeze and twist at the same time and hold the tension for like 10 or 15 seconds and release.

Then make like your going to give her head from behind. Give her little kisses on the inside of the thighs and such. Whatever gets them going down there. Just work towards the ass slowly getting closer and closer until your there. Take your time and don't be an animal who loses control.

Sometimes you need to give her some bog standard head for a while beforehand. Then the rimming is like a desert. Make it something she shares with you in the heat of the moment, and not something either of you crave like dogs.

Once she gets rimmed she will want it all the time so be warned.

If you knew how much pussy I have had, you'd wash your mouth out with bleach, kneel before me and apologize profusely, begging me to initiate you. But you don't. It's a shame. Your loss, tho.

it's nice tbh. idk why i like doing it so much, but i do. it's even better if she likes eating your ass too.

get her to take a shower beforehand and then eat it. you'll have a much better experience then: no sweat to worry about. i've been pretty lucky and haven't dated any girls with hairy buttholes, but i'm sure they're out there

>If you knew how much pussy I have had
>had pussy
>uses Cred Forums

Pick one

I can pick all three. Just like I can bang your mother, your pretend girlfriend and your sister. On a rainy Wednesday. Before lunch.

k, assuming you're getting some? How would you bring up to your gf that you want to play with her poop?

None of those things are the same as eating toxic rotting stinking waste retard

I don't want to play with her poop. And I sincerely doubt she would want me to play with poop. In fact, if she did, she would not be a girlfriend. I would consider such a person mentally retarded. But each to their own, I guess. People used to eat horse shit during the war. Is not that bad apparently. And nutritious as well. Start with that and work your way up.

Start with ww2 movies? There must be a better way.

Seconded. However the fact remains that primates play with poo and stick it in their mouths and we are primates.

Imagine the smell

Show her what da Vinci and Michelangelo could make out of clay and then say you're an artist, but a modern one, hence the materials need to be something more modern, more degenerate perhaps.

Primates who read Moliere in French and discuss the philosophical implications of quantum mechanics.

We also play with poo and butt stuff


Sup user I remember you from the first thread about this you made.

That wasnt me. This is the first time im posting this

Virgin boi

Athousand apologies sir.