Are Real Dolls alive in the Toy Story world?

Are Real Dolls alive in the Toy Story world?
And if so, how many unsolvable murders or crimes have happened because of them? At one point does it just turn into Detroit: Become Human when they try to integrate into Human Society and how bad does it get when the smaller toys are revealed to be 'alive'?

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thisll probably be the next movie

Don't give Pixar ideas. They're already too powerful.

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The toys will never be noticed by humans to be alive.

...would the child sex dolls have the mind of a child? Are those dolls I see in the doll threads only pretending to be inanimate as those fat, greasy neckbeards dress them up in anime witch costumes and masturbate onto their tiny angelic feet?

Why do you curse me with these thoughts, OP?

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they're real and they're not ok with it.

In the last movie, pieces of trash came to life do to a childs love. So unless a pre-pubescent child found it in their dad's closet, then no.
Case Closed, now drop it.

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Drop the Sasha pics

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which set?

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I don’t think I’ve seen this set

it's very small

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This one would also be nice

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I've posted that one a lot lately

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Post whatever I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss any. What about Pippi

So what you're saying is
1) Buy child Realdoll
2) Get small child to develop affection for it
3) Send child home
4) Enjoy the horrified helpless existence of a conscious child RealDoll, where help will never come for them, a victim for decades

i haven't posted the Pippi pics in a while

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forgot i posted this and clicked update
thank you for this, my mind is potentially at ease as long as never occurs

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Thanks some of those were new to me

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Did u just take this? Lighting is awesome

no it's old. thank you

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I've posted most of the Pippi stuff

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it's toy story canon that only andy's toys and the toys his toys interact with are alive

Stealth doll thread?

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Not only are the okay with it, but they actively love it. Toy Story explains that toys live to serve their created function.

any nudes?

not as Pippi

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Do you fuck her often?

never have

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just dressing her up?


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I would be tempted

So cute!! Do you have any more from this set?

not really

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i guess i should have taken more pics of her in this outfit

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Yes, it's very cute:)

i will try to remember to do more in the future

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I'll be honest, Sasha looks better clothed.

i like both

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Yes, naked looks very nice too, i love your photos, you have great taste.

thank you.

it's getting late so i better get to bed. goodnight

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I'm not found of the visible ribs or the shape of the tummy so I like her better with clothes on. I also have a clothes fetish though. My doll is never fully nude.

Sasha is still one of my favorites, I'm not saying I don't like her.

I still think that Sid grows up to be the Puppetmaster