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Sucking dick is pretty fun, personally I also love getting facefucked

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It is fun.

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you guys are fucking gay just letting you know

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You too, buddy

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Hey guys. I'm about to turn 33 and was thinking of getting my first real ass pounding. Tbh, I'm happily married and she'd probably be on board to help facilitate things. My question is, how do you attract less masculine tops? I know bears like me, but I'm not into beards or gruff hard masculinity. I've had a trap for a night before and loved it, but those were unique circumstances.

TL;DR:How does a masc. otter find and attract same or less masculine top for night of fuckery?

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I don't really have an answer to your question but I'm curious if you have already tried out pegging with your wife

Attached: EMkpe9iUUAA6a-c.jpg (2048x1792, 291K)

Yup. I enjoy it, but she's rarely in a dommey or masculine mood. That and I've both sucked and stroked dick before (group stuff, never finished the guys, girls always took things back first), I know it feels different and I want to feel that, especially the idea of warm throbbing. Dildos, even good ones, lack much.

Honestly, we live right near SJSU. I'd love to bottom for some fit little thing, or even another trap, so long as it had a good dick and knew how to be fuck to get me off.

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A dildo really is nothing compared to the real deal. It feels good but it can't replicate the lusty touch of a real person enjoying your ass

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I kinda wanna have my wife and our gf wing-man for me at a gaybar or something. I think I could swing that..

geeey bats

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Good luck with whatever you end up trying, user

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Spread your gay butt.

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i good

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And damn do I love a good boy in a skirt.

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Imagine thinking ill ever leave... LMAO thats on YOU

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Man I love waking up from a drunken super and drinking more vodka
Its like chad who wakes up from an afterglow of fucking all night to fuck some more in the morning

But im a loser so I just get another drink LMAO

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I wish this was ww2 so I never got into this shit and I could be a shultzstafen on the eastenfront and be cannonfodder and die to artillery or some shit.

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g/fur is the only gay porn i can think of beating it to

i would never sex a man

am i gay

You havent found a young man that is attractive to you
Do you imagine humping a guy or getting humped?

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late reply but no i am not attracted to any men and i have never imagined getting humped

i find myself staring at women's asses more than anything
i just happen to like g/fur

Why do you like gfur then? is it the perfect bodies???

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idk maybe its that they're animals i guess but i am definitely focused on more things than just the body when i masturbate

i like this picture more than others (pic related)

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hello fur friends

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