January 22nd, 2020

January 22nd, 2020.

Still Your President.

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No he is not my president. He is the american president but not mine, burger

>when the house try to impeach the president on zero evidence of crimes and partisan vote despite their claims of needing to be ''overwhelming evidence'' and ''bipartisan'' and then ask the senate for more evidence after holding onto the articles for a month.

>tl:dr trump has already won 2020.

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he is leader of the free WORLD, that means he is YOUR president too, cucklord.

Sunday, January 19th, AD 2025
Still your President

"citizen" of a proxy state detected

>murrrr, h-he is the l-leader of the world!! murica is c-center of the world!!

Fucking burgers are all retarded blobs. Both Liberals and Republicans are equally retarded.

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Because lying straight to your face 24/7 is so edgy and cool.

commie detected

hell yeah, KAG2020


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Lol, silly house! You need evidence to impeach!

Wait what? They requested documents and witnesses but the whitehouse stopped the witnesses from testifying and refused to release the documents?

Lol, silly house! You don't need evidence to investigate! Just to impeach. Check - and - mate!

Wait what? Impeached for Obstruction?!? We call shenanigans! While yes, you need evidence to impeach, and yes we actively stopped you from getting any evidence or witnesses, we only did it because we wanted to obstruct your investigation! Because nothing screams innocence like silencing witnesses and witholding evidence!

>When the Whitehouse blocks all investigations into the president's conduct and I make up shit the democrats never said, it's the Dems fault they need to ask for more evidence!
Suck a dick constitution hating retard.

Only one half of the U.S. think any good of this... orange human thing, the rest of the (real) world just facepalms whenevver they see it.

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Not even half the US thinks well of him. His approval is below 50%, always has been, he wasn't even voted in by half of the voting public and if he had claiming half of America voted him in would be a fallacious statement since half of the voting public is not half of all eligible voters, nor half of the US as a whole.

Around 30% of America likes him, loudly.

I don’t why republicans protect him when he’s on record as saying this kind of shit in a people magazine interview in 1998.

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So you admit they Impeached without a having evidence?

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Hava nagila, dude!

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Only got 5 more years user, dont worry.

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They impeached with circumstantial evidence of the first and conclusive evidence of the second article. So no, they didn't impeach without evidence, they impeached with what should be an open and shut second article (because he absolutely did obstruct their investigation) and a strong case for further fact-finding on the basis that the president is being shady as fuck.

Idgaf about politics

As a realistic, logically thinking (liberal if you don't have any other words to use) middle european it is like watching little kids arguing, when Trump fans respond to any kind of critic.
Most likely the rest of the world sees it the same way...


Foil hat, bro. For your protection.

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That’s why I hate American retards

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He hasn't been impeached dipshit.


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I dare you to find a rich politician who isn’t guilty of something, libtard borger

Imagine openly admitting you support this man and are proud of it. Says a lot about your character

I'll say this much for him, he waited a whole 16 days after getting impeached to start his bullshit war with Iran. He let us get through Christmas and New Years before blowing up their top general and getting the next war started, that's a lot more restraint than I gave him credit for

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Your intolerance says a lot about you, fascist

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he's definitely your President too, cucklord. But you sure are angsty saying he's not.

Yes he has. Learn to Constitution dipshit.

Stay mad republicans.

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Just sayin...

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why, we're winning #trump2020


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He owns your ass

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Just so we’re all clear, he’s guilty as hell right?

Dems label everyone that doesn't agree with them. Fuck the dems.

I voted Hillary in ‘16. I have learned my lesson after watching the Democrats go full retard and Trump not so bad. 2020 is the year I vote Trump

YEP! The media says so. Why would the media lie? Trump clearly bad.

a true patriot

not all heroes wear capes

But that’s wrong

>I voted Hillary
>Trump not so bad.
Enjoy your LARP session.

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hahah fCUKEN owned! Oreng men won't receover

Yeah, he got a prosecutor fired to protect his son. Pure corruption.

>Literally defending Hilary
Copious cope

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Lemme know how that works out for you next week

I mean your right in the sense of louise the 17th was the king and leader of France before he had his head cut off in the french revolution.

He’s actually done all of those
1. Mexico stepped up their southern border security and security along the US border on their dollar
2. He got rid of the ACA tax fines
3. Middle class is doing pretty good. Economy is growing. Jobs are up
4. ISIS is defeated
5. Coal did come back (although not for long) and companies are building new factories in the USA
6. He’s avoided war with Iran and North Korea


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So many reasons those funds could have been withheld. Maybe some really shitty evidence is a better way to put it than zero evidence

OH SHIT other people break the law, SO I CAN TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!

amazing logic your fucking 4th grade shit fag.

still the enemy of this country and world's worst lying, criminal disgrace too.

so edgey

based and pilled.

Lmao what kinda faggot believes any of that shit. Fucking simp

Retard will have been in prison for 3 years on this day.

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stay mad you faggot.

The usual -- crime, lies, obstruction, high treason, the enemy of our country pretending to be its president as it cries and whines and bitches and moans every day about laws and the Constitution.

No reason to be mad at all. It’s amusing watching the Democrats fall apart trying to take down trump. Best part is when they say GOTCHA! and think they piss off Trumpers and Republicans

ITT: a bunch of bootlicking statist faggots fighting over who has the coercive state power and control over other people's money.

cancervatives and commies are just 2 sides of the same coin...yall just a bunch of retarded sheeps who were born to serve and lick boots

>Context is the devil.

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Holy SHIT this is old.


8 investigations
100s of millions of dollars wasted
0 indictments
0 convictions
0 prison sentences
11 hours testified
0 subpoenas blocked
Case status: CLOSED.


2 investigations
tens of millions of dollars spent, more than 50 million gained in seized assets.
76 indictments
55 convictions
15 prison sentences
0 hours testified
71 subpoenas blocked
Case Status: just getting started.

Why is Pelosi pretending to be president? She is off her rocker. Can she not sweep or do dishes until they get this figured out?

The fucking hilarious part is that the House is suppose to investigate and be ABSOLUTELY sure, beyond a reasonable doubt, that their claims are valid before pushing them through and what do they do? Push the articles through without sufficient evidence.

INB4: “tHeY hAvE aLl ThE eViDeNcE tHeY nEed!”

If they did, then they wouldn’t be asking for extra witnesses/testimony and suggesting that there needs to be further investigation. Sham trial is sham. Trump 2020. Get fucked faggots.

>Being retarded enough to claim this when the entire Intelligence Community agrees that he's a Russian asset

They underestimate him and time after time he cucks them so fucking hard. A single Trump tweet can tie up the media for days while he's out passing bills and making our county great again. The left is dead.

yes, but it's a question of whether the rule of law will be enforced. I'm of the opinion that we are witnessing a soft coup and will need use civil disobedience to enforce the rule of law.

Not sure if you saw schiff break things down, but there's some pretty blatant stuff there. Not invoking executive privilege when they could have, not allowing the witnesses that would have cleared him, allowing for CSPAN to be selectively turned off. Claiming to have been blocked from SCIF when they were part of it. Take politics out of it and ask yourself why things went they way they went? Why the claims of unfair play when the legal option was available but not taken?

hell take if from american RT entertainment news yourself.


It's not about being triggered, it's about looking for a canary in a coal mine.

This never happened.

Retard is running obfuscation tactics for the enemy web brigades.

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Defending Trump is literally tens of thousands of times worse. He's an actual fucking criminal.

Then there's this...

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Obvious bait is obvious. Also, checked

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There needs to be at least ONE adult in the room and it's defaulted to her.

We are ERADICATING him from our government and there is nothing you can do about it.


Top kek. YLYL I see. Very nice user.

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get a load of this desperate faggot shill

LOL top kek

How is user a shill? The other user was being a complete retard.

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> Believing the "free world" propaganda they tell amerifats kek

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There are 2 possible outcomes for the impeachment

1:Senate votes to acquit. Donald Trump wins the second term. Everyone blames the democrats for wasting time on a trial they had no chance of winning

2. Senate votes to acquit. Democrats win the election. Everyone calls Nancy Pelosi a hero. Impeachment becomes the new tool that is used by every single opposition party Congress to try and discredit the president wasting hundreds of millions of dollars and countless hours that could have been used solving actual problems.

Impeachment is a lose/lose proposition.

yeah, I'm too lazy to make a newer on myself

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Isn't she supposed to be impartial because this sounds alot like letting personel beef getting in the way of doing your job.

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fucking cracked me up

big money

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my boy if you can't connect a statement like that with avoiding due process during the impeachment process, I won't pity you when your media bubble fails to warn you of federal abuses of power.

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Imagine being so stupid that you actually believe the "warring political parties" narrative. Americans are so fucking gullible

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Even ultra liberal snopes disproves this hoax

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I'm a democrat and I hate this graphic. The only thing it shows was that the Clintons were able to avoid prosecution. They just surround themselves with better liars. Bill Clinton pardoned multiple people involved in Whitewater on his way out of office so that no one could ever be prosecuted. Hillary avoided prosecution in both instances, but the director of the FBI at the time said that a normal citizen would have been prosecuted for destroying evidence and there was clear evidence that laws had been broken.

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sure kid

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wow literally the same person. good post cunt hole

You leave those 2A guys alone. They'll never understand that it takes a strong republican leader to protect us from ourselves. only republican are strong enough to look past the constitution and pass gun restrictive legislation. Look at what regan did to California. look at what trump did to bump stocks. Hell he wanted to grab the guns outright but some "rule of law" bureaucrats stopped him.

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There we have it folks. It’s over. The same 2 discord dick herders are here to close out the thread with their prime examples of how the left can’t meme.

Every time.

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I voted republican in the last election because Hillary had been picking a fight with Russia over Syria. Why the fuck would we want to start a world war With Russia over Syria? So yes, a lot of smart people voted for Donald because of guns or something. And you know what, we haven't heard a word about fucking Syria in 4 years.

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Lmao the left hate their own country. They think they can remake it in their own interests. Kill yourself

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You are too retarded for words. Do not breed.

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Don't worry, faggot. We're all going to.

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If you think I came to that conclusion by watching entertainment news, I'd guess you watch entertainment news. I'll help you. If the pundit you're watching cites a data source, and doesn't come to the same conclusion as the researchers who gathered the data, you're watching propaganda.

My 401k got 24.5% intrest last year.
Stock market breaking record after record.

I am sure you will use some batshit insane bullshit logic to give Obama credit for Trump's economy.

Obama blamed Bush for 8 years, said 1% gdp is the new norm and we would never see more.

Then when Trump has over 3.8 gdp obama says he is responsible after being out of office 3 years.Obama was a fucking joke

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“I have reason to believe that you originally believed it was appropriate to charge Hillary Clinton with regard to violations of law — various laws with regard to the mishandling of classified information,” a lawmaker asked Baker, according to the transcript. “Is that accurate?”

“Yes,” Baker replied.

Internal FBI memos released in 2017 showed that language was softened between an early draft and the final copy of Comey’s July 2016 statement closing out the Clinton email case.

“And I understood that, that you had to be persuaded, and stated as a basis that ultimately you were persuaded there was a lack of evidence establishing knowledge or criminal intent, correct?” the lawmaker asked.

Again, Baker replied, “Yes.”

Pressed on when exactly he was changed his mind, Baker responded, “Sorry. Pretty late in the process, because we were arguing about it, I think, up until the end.”

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Bumping for 2020!

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Making fun of the special ed class is rude.

Damn, the trannys are pissed! Guess Trump off the hook, again... KEK!

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This, tbh. Trumps re-election is inevitable at this point. Since repubs are on course to take a record number of House seats & expand their Senate Majority, this will be Pelosi's last term as speaker due to her advanced age and it'll be at least a decade before democrats control the House again.

out of pure curiosity, do trump lovers realize that trump literally does not care about you at all you are only a means for him to accomplish his own personal goals. like i understand supporting a political candidate but man it’s like you guys really think he cares about you on a personal level.

What interests do you think the left have that gives leftist states a higher GDP? If you want to play the immigrant card, has trump deported as many illegals a obama yet?

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Yeah...it's the left trying to force their religious beliefs on everyone else...

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You first you fucking imbecile.

The Left are the ONLY ones who have the right to carry the title of defender of America. WE have the values and people of this country's interests a heart. We aren't just worthless criminal enemy grifters and leeches like the GOP.

Trump: the criminal we are ERASING from our government this year.

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Yeah, dems are pretty much fucked in the November election. Won't be back in power for a long time.

they think he loves them just like they love him.

The rest of us are smart enough to know he just figured out how to trick the stupidest among us he supports them.

There's a reason he ran as a republican

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triggered af

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>Still Your President.


Because I'm not American and not living in the USA.

And I don't even want to see this member of Epstein's Pedo Rape Club.

guess you missed the 2018 midterms, huh?

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Snitched over one big nothingburger


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don't mind me, just giving out (you)s to people who wrote a bunch of shit nobody read

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>repubs on course to take House seats


The GOP is shitting itself that there's going to be a BOARDWIPE of their seats. More people want to see Trump in prison than in our White House a second longer. Bombshell after bombshell about how he's betraying us and our allies. The deficit back at a trillion.

2017: Blue Wave
2018: Blue Riptide
2019: Blue Tsunami

"If Donald Trump is our candidate in 2016, out part is going to be destroyed and we'll have deserved it."

--Lindsey Graham

Exactly. Senate will be ending the circus trial in a week or two after humiliating Pelosi in the process, and everyone knows Trumps gonna be elected again with zero effort.

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You guys founded the KKK. /thread
...actually, that ones a plus

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damn right

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How homophobic of you. You aren't a hypocrite, are you?

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The only ones their strategies are humiliating are themselves.

>pretend they're not invited to investigation
>uphold blocking of subpoenas
>declare trump innocent before hearing a word of testimony
>continued obvious criminal activity by GOP to hide enemy Trump from justice

The Republicans have gone full Kompromat and full Retard at the same time and make no mistake: we are PUNISHING them for it.

guess you missed the overall trend on midterms, huh?

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I always imagine reatrds like this yelling at their monitor. Shortly after they need a tissue to wipe the tears. Then they run to twitter and tell them they OWNED 4CHIN

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Not an argument you pathetic subhuman.


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start here


next is a little history


better context of said history


Consider how money, power, and influence play into each other. If you're not voting for a politician who wants to repeal citizens united, you're not voting.

Oh, you mean the typical pattern of the opposition party gaining control of at l3ast one chamber of Congress during the mid-terms? A pattern that's occurred evety midterm since 1918? Kek!
Holy fuck you last remaining Far Left Extremist Democrats are retarded.

No, you did. You just called yourselves by the name we would later use to do it.

Cute try though.

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I support gay rights

I believe that people charged with drug
possession should be given rehab, not prison time

I support legalization of Marijuana for recreational use

I support unions and a fair minimum wage

I believe that any non US citizen charged with a felony should be deported

I do not believe that non-citizens should have a right to free healthcare or welfare

I do not believe that people with mental disabilities have a right to sleep on the street when cities are providing adequate shelter

I do not believe that college should be free for everyone because we don't need 100 million people in college so they can learn how to tapdance, rap or market their Youtube channel

I do believe that US citizens should have free healthcare if they need it

I support drone strikes on foreign terrorists

I think the impeachment is a waste of time of money

Who do I vote for? And Why?

trump is a disgusting zionist fuckwad. he helps the jews bleed white america, still importing infinity niggers, still war in the middle east. trumpfags can choke on a jewish neocon moyel's bris knife

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Perfect example of the type of leftists that'll be commiting mass suicide on election night as Repubs gain control of the House.

anyone you want, because your policy preferences have NOTHING to do with voting or policy.
have you been asleep for the past 4 years?


Attached: 1579485647116.jpg (960x548, 52K)

You're basically a card carrying Nazi.

Rank what you support

I been staying away from pop culture for awhile. what happened?

ok too much, no worries. try the 1st link and look up who supports citizens united.

Lmfao you believe snopes now?
All I’ve ever heard from trumptards is that snopes is a disinformation site. Kekkek which one is it u trumpanzees?

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That's easy as fuck. Democrats.

EVERYTHING you posted except the impeachment lines up with the right wing standard Democratic Party.

Why do you think the impeachment is a waste of time and money? Do you think Trump is innocent or are you just assuming the GOP crooks will stop it? There is an important distinction to be made.

Basically. Hope the local morgues in Democrat blue states are ready to handle the impending wave of mass suicides coming in November when Trump wins.

delusional retard or desperate web brigade shill?
We may never know.

out of curiosity, did your media sources accurately predict the 2018 house votes?

I have a VERY strong feeling we would be disarmed if Hillary won and that border would be wide open by now, letting in 10s of millions of illegals, I also believe that same plan is just waiting to start as soon as those commie fucks get power again.

>incel trying to kink shame consenting adults who have a sex life

top lel


Whatever excuse you gotta tell urself for Trumps impending 2020 landslide, pumpkin.

well you're fooling yourself in order to make excuses for trump

Nah, just common knowledge at this point that Democrats are fucked in November & Republicans will gain control of every branch of government.

I don't care about Trump, I just want to keep the left out. And if you don't think they will come straight for the guns if they gain power, just look at Virginia. Then, ask yourself why they want them so badly.

Ok. I ranked my list. I've never done this before and I wasn't sure who I would vote for. After seeing this, I actually think I'm going to vote for Trump. This was helpful.

I believe that any non US citizen charged with a felony should be deported

I support the right to bear arms

I do believe that US citizens should have free healthcare if they need it

I DO NOT believe that college should be free for everyone because we don't need 100 million people in college so they can learn how to tapdance, rap or market their Youtube channel

I support unions and a fair minimum wage

I support gay rights

I believe that we should be investing in alternative fuel sources to end our dependency on foreign oil

I do not believe that non-citizens should have a right to free healthcare or welfare
I believe that people charged with drug
possession should be given rehab, not prison time

I support legalization of Marijuana for recreational use

I do not believe that people with mental disabilities have a right to sleep on the street when cities are providing adequate shelter

I support drone strikes on foreign terrorists because I'd rather have drone strikes than full on invasions and occupations

I think the impeachment is a waste of time of money

And we are still laughing. Thanks for your service. X

so many triggered lefties in this thread

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You arrogant pice of shit you do realize that there's more to the world than the US of sucking Ass.
This guy's not my president, and it's a shame he got anyones president in the first place.

trump is the left and he isn't protecting you from gun control. he supports every foreign war, supports printing 100,000,000,000,000 x 999 new dollars a day, supports gay marriage and abortion, etc. etc.

you have to realize this stuff is a charade. we need a full-on confrontation with the left ASAP, because every year we get weaker and more outnumbered.

1. Trump has deported less than obama, why republican?

2. "Take the guns first, go through due process second" Bump stocks banned as a knee jerk reaction to the las vegas shooting


3. Bernie is the only choice

4. not sure, not bernie

5. Bernie

Chill mate, getting all get up about it won't change a thing. Just laugh at the idiots being idiots. Not much really evrr changes, so chill with it.

Because they are afraid that backsavage people like you won't understand that being humane does not mean being weak, or left. And are afraid that this minotiry of stupid people will riot against decent politics.

>refuse to take stand
>threaten witnesses
>block subpoenas
>block testimonies


Don't you wish all criminals had the right and ability to dictate their own investigations? Apparently Republicans do. And that's one of a thousand reasons why the GOP needs to be destroyed.

You have any evidence to support your assertion, or will you just admit you're a shill?

the GOP needs to be destroyed but you're a gay faggot to fall for congressional shenanigans. shit's all lies and you're taking it seriously. low iq take.


Attached: 1458885998268.jpg (480x459, 30K)

Obama is black
trump is orange
consider next president possibly green

he's a racist white supremacist!

Typical Trump supporter.. unable to discuss facts, politics or anything "adult".

Accuses me of crying ! Why don't you just write "nanner nanner".

And by the way, since you're only interested in my feelings, that means you're a snowflake.

Guys, ready to troll attack to North Korea ?
Dump web...

Yes, he is. However we are ending him because he's a giant criminal.

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Well then we're just kind of fucked if that's the case. I watch Gary too, I find him pretty blackpilled these days though. He's not wrong about 98% of what he talks about though.

>like me
I voted for Obama twice.

Trump is a pickle

From what I can see, the Democrats are doing everything by the book and they're handling themselves very professionally.

It's the Republicans and ONLY the Republicans who have gone full retard.

Thanks for tuning in.

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b-but both sides though!

In this thread
Goof ass yank think trump is cool

Trump disarmed me.
He’s an asshole.
Be funny if Iran decides to permanently disarm trump from above, maybe while he’s playing his fatass golf on murican tax dollars.

The absolute state of trumptards

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Cry more limey. Be thankful Boris is making your island great again. Thank God you rotten toothed tea swilling cunts didn't get a Labour government in this round.

You guys have completely checked out of reality.

Missing Nunez, but this is 100% accurate.


we're not fucked at all. arm yourself, protect your family, and believe that death is worse than slavery. when we hit the tipping point many will die but the nation will emerge purified and strong.

as i said, low iq take. most likely you're a paid shill. even retard cat ladies understand that congressional politics is for show.

There is a chance that Iran may go through another transformation back to a more western style government now that the terrorist leader of the army is gone after Trump dropped a missile on his head. How will you credit Obama with that?

"both sides" is Republican propaganda.

>all recessions the result of Republican policies
>Trickle Down fakeconomics
>97% of crimes and indictments
>more than 100% of deficit spending
>disdainful of education and colleges
>hyper religious and guilty of damaging the Separation of Church and State

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>many will die but the nation will emerge purified and strong

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Barack isnt the first lady anymore.

>mfw Cred Forums is triggered over this post

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these 2 need to fuck

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They are pretty stupid. Leftists are even dumber, though. Amirite?

Fun fact: TDS still isn't a thing and you still look retarded when you try to claim it is.



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based on demographics, the Democrats are far stupider than trump supporters.

but trumptards are still wrong about everything

100% correct.

No, they are much more intelligent and far more highly educated.

Have you not seen the Liberals?

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You're funny. dumber than a bag of blunted hammers, but funny.

cry more faggot republicans vote party lines no matter what so go whine about that instead. they do the same exact thing you're mad about

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Thank you sir

nothing funny about it. you can look at the survey results and voting patterns. the average DNC voter is in the 88-93 IQ range. Trump supporters in the 98-101 range.

I have. It's weak as fuck cherrypicking on your part and that's not how mental disorders are coined and codified.

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Only 5 years of crying left, kiddo.

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that the best you've got, retard?

I bet she felt disgusted

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Have fun with that. Keep Kleenex close by and you'll get through this.

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Has Trump EVER been seen with facial hair?? Does he shave every fucking morning, wear makeup or get his face lasered or what??

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Who the fuck told you that?
Nobody in the Congress is expected to be impartial. They are politicians.
The exception is the Senate at this moment during an articles of impeachment trial. The take a special oath for that.
And we know already McConnell has said he wont be.

Boring and wildly overused memes are just lazy

Still impeached too lmao


The Senate will acquit, rightly so.