Are there any white anons here that actually don't find white women that attractive in general?

Are there any white anons here that actually don't find white women that attractive in general?

Just curious.

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>in general
but I don't find women attractive in general
with specific cases I find many women attractive and a large portion of them are white

I want someone like her..

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Over a white woman?

Nope, not me. I'm crazy for white women. Every time I see a dark skinned woman, I think...

1. She's ugly, and if she's not..
2. She stinks, and if she doesn't..
3. She's definitely got an attitude.

I've yet to meet a woman of color who isn't at least one of those. Wherein I've met 100's of decent white women who are none of the above. Wives and girlfriends of my brothers or sons, or my friends, or coworkers, who are all pretty, clean, and respectful.

Fuck brown animals. Nothing but heartache and disappointment there.

I don't think I've ever been attracted to a white woman ever.

what race of women do you tend to prefer?

I have never met a white woman that didn't have a mental illness.

What race of women do you prefer?

Asian almost exclusively but basically any girl with black hair is what I like, all these 3 are very acceptable.

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I'm more commonly attracted to ethnic women with facial features slightly closer to those of white women.

Not about to get down with some bumper-lips and nose-hoops, but olive, mocha, or almond skin drives me wild.

The future is mixed. I only find some variety of mixed chick hot


What is it about white women that you find unattractive?

you know I was pretty disappointed JLaw didn't show off her ass more in her leaked nudes but then she fixed that by going full bare in Red Sparrow which was gr8

It's not that I don't find white women attractive, but that I don't like the shit that comes with them.

Yes! Many but they usually go around making BBC threads because they’re faggots.

Look at her

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sick fuck

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What race of women do you prefer?

Guy who listed skin colors here.

I dont find white women necessarily unattractive. Saoirse Ronan in the recent "Little Women" got me pretty bothered. I just prefer darker features, which are more common in ethnic women.

A skinny, nerdy, short blonde girl can catch my attention for a little while.

Brunette/Raven haired are fine, blondes however were never really attractive to me

Why is that?

I don't know it's weird all the way back to 2nd grade it was always the Asian girls that had a crush on me but I think it's white (western) women's personalities more than anything that are a major turn off always so entitled and for me anyway their personalities are not feminine (at lest were I'm from) and not in any way sophisticated so I have never tried to pursue a relationship with any of them.

Dont know blondes are somewhat generic to me, no Interresting features whatsoever

Yea, Asian girls are better looking and have better personalities.

More pussy for me..have fun kissin your sister

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>Asians are better looking and have better personalities

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There's not one white woman in this trailer park that I would fuck.

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Delete this

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Nothing of value was lost

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My answer may not be what you are looking for, but allow me to explain my perspective. I find plenty of White/Euro women attractive, but I can't honestly say that I find most of them attractive. On average, I think I find Whites less attractive than fellow White men typically do. Ever since I was a teenager, I have found East Asians to be very attractive, too. Obviously, I don't find every women of any particular race attractive, but I tend to think that I might have an easier time finding East Asians more attractive than Europeans. That is based around how I might feel about these types, on average. I find certain types of good-looking examples of various European ethnic groups, ranging from English to Russian, or from Swedish to Greek, to be attractive. I am probably attracted to around only 5-10% of the women of any of these countries, with me finding East Asians slightly preferable. I also like some North African, Middle Eastern, Indian, and Southeast Asian women, too. There are also a few Africans and especially Mestizas and Native Americans I have found beautiful, as well. I think different than normal preferences with regards to race and ethnicity are OK to have.

I find asains 1000x more attractive. I have 6 sisters and they have a look too similar in many ways to many white women and white women in Horrible tits, bad hair, horrible smell and worst floor bar a few shades.
You are also a nigger?

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This. I'm white and not really attracted to white women much anymore. I prefer Asian girls and some Latina girls.

yes all those virgin losers who watch anime and know asian females only from porn movies and fantasize how awesome it would be in japan

They look happy. Good for them. I tend to not dwell on girls who won't fuck me

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