So a few months ago, my GF here was outside like this and my friend was rubbing lotion on her when i walked out...

So a few months ago, my GF here was outside like this and my friend was rubbing lotion on her when i walked out... is this normal? How would you take it? No way he wasn’t enjoying rubbing down my girl. And it bothered me that she let him

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tactic to make u jelly
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I’m 100% dead fucking serious. I’ll post pic of us both by the pool. Why is it so hard to answer a simple question without being a complete douche?

you are a fag, and she is a bitch, dump her ass

But idk how i felt about my friend rubbing down my girl. Like that’s not normal right? Lol

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I mean would any guy honestly be able to do that to their friends girlfriend and not think anything sexual? That’s what’s bothering me

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Hey, being your gf doesn't mean you own her. If she wants to play around a little, that's her business. If you don't like it, you know what to do.

Do u think my friend was crossing the line? U don’t think he was enjoying it?

I mean someone has to do it

he was closing a fucking red line my friend. What´s next?!... assfucking her in front of you and stating you don´t own her?!

Just wondering if i wouldn’t have came outside what might have happened

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Relationships are learning about yourself. What you like and what you don't like. What you can live with and what you can't. There has to be boundaries for any healthy relationship as well as communication. Have an honest talk with her. And if you can't come to an agreement about what is acceptable and what's not, you have to leave her as it won't work and will just end in more heart ache. Also whoever was rubbing lotion on her isn't your friend. I was in a similar situation 20 years ago and it's about lack of respect towards you. In general you don't go around touching other people's lovers unless you know they are swingers or in an open relationship and told you they don't care.

How the fuck would I know? I've only got your vague description of something that probably never happened anyway. IF it happened as you say, and if you have a problem with it, don't you think you should be talking to them? Do you honestly think this is a sound place to take relationship advice?

This fucking guy knows.

he would have kept rubbing and tried to rub places he shouldnt... lets see her tits

if my mate's gf asked me to rub lotion on her I'd do it
If you were there, she likely would have asked you instead and if she didn't I would have checked with you if you were okay with it
If I'm outside chilling with your girl & she asks me to help her out I'm not gonna go get you from inside the house you absolute retard

next time don't leave your friend & your girl outside while you're doing god knows what inside

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already came lol

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My ex friend tried that shit, I beat the fuck out of him. I stomped his hand. Went to jail for 3 days (weekend) My girl moved out and left me, but you know what? I kept my balls.

Sounds like your friend is moving in on your shit, like youre some bitch. You let that shit happen. You needed to establish your dominance.

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Id smack the shit out of you bro

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if this is a problem, fucking ACT. tell her, or tell him, or dump her or whatever, but don't just watch and complain on the internet, you pussy

You have quite a way to go. I know because I was there 20 years ago. You will come to the point where you realize that the vast majority of the time, violence isn't worth it. Yes there is a place for violence but it's rarely worth it. Your emotional maturity is lagging behind. But it's okay I know from experience. I just hope you realize before it's too late.

>my friend was rubbing lotion on her when i walked out... is this normal?
>it rubs the lotion on its skin
>or it gets the hose again

>but you know what? I kept my balls
You pathetic, insecure, immature little manlet

Second this.

If you’re a cuck or are ok being treated like a little bitch boy until she leaves you then let her do it or don’t bring it up.

If you are a man, ask what the hell happened and if it happens again she’s done.

Cut that “friend” off, consider punching him in the mouth if you see him again

They have fucked..

Don’t listen to those emasculated pussies. You did the right thing, never compromise your values and don’t let people disrespect you.

He's not your friend OP, and your girl is looking to cheat. You've been warned.

Did he stop rubbing the lotion on when you came out or keep going and stare you down like an absolute chad? did you sense that they felt that they'd been caught out?

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are you somekind of a nigger? So just because your so called ''friend'' is in the house, its okay to rub his girl with lotion? lmao.
> sorry bud, you were in the house and since its so fucking hard to call for you, I started rubbing down your girl. Your problem for leaving me with her.
You just sound like a bad person and a shitty friend


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I obviously wouldn't do it if you were just grabbing a drink or whatever & then coming back outside
but if you've been playing your nintendo switch or whatever for an hour why the fuck would I go out of my way to grab you

Fake and Gay, you obviously dont know this bitch, her pics get posted here all the time. stock fantasising about being a cuck faggot with someone you dont even know

Not that guy, but why would you be chilling with his girl for an hour or so while he’s playing video games?

That’s sketchy as fuck, almost like you were her “friend” and not his

Then do it so we can call you a cuck instead of a liar

I don't fucking know
Why's my boy sitting in his house for an hour when me & his girl are there at his place

Maybe their girlfriends are friends and it was just a chill time by the pool ?

Fucken thirsty incels cant see a situation as normal cause theyre so starved of sexual attention

I just realised, everyone has autism at the place you happen to be visiting

More like you have autism and dont understand how ordinary people work

if I'm having a good time at my boy's place outside in the sun & he goes inside, I'm not just gonna get up & leave if I don't feel like it
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Would you think it's weird if you rubbed lotion on your brother's girl?
I've done that in the past and he didn't seem to mind

These people are autistic and think everything in life is like a porno.

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>Ignore theses retards and rub your girls boy with lotion like a normal person
user you're thinking of something different

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Was it on the back? yes, normal.
any other place, they are flirting

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I'd be very suspicios. Keep an eye out.

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