I've tried to make this thread about 3 times already but have failed each time. That's not important...

I've tried to make this thread about 3 times already but have failed each time. That's not important. What's important to me is that you realize you are valuable and you need to be happy with yourself and your life. Even though I have no idea who you are or what your life is like I need you to keep going and bettering your emotions every day. This might seem like a gay/useless post to most but I really hope there will be at least 1 person who will gain something out of me posting this. Please keep on going and life will surely keep on starting to make more sense and getting better.

Ignore the pic, I just needed something so I could post this.

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Thanks bro

Hoping corona virus starts WW3

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You're wrong

Even though you butchered my beautiful language here
عليكِ بالتستر ايتها العاهرة
"Get dressed bitch"
Be safe and stay healthy

You need to realize that your own happiness is more important in this world than anything else. I really hope my general idea gets through to you because I myself have been unhappy for a long time but I'm finally starting to open up to how I really feel.

The purpose to life isn't about being happy
good night user

The problem with the West is we dont beat our women

They start having ideas that they are better than men, should be bisexual, should be 'sexually liberated', that having babies is stupid, that having a career is meaningful etc.

Islam is right about women.
Fuck Egalitarian "progressive" Humanist Cosmopolitans

Terrorist detected

It Is in a good amount, it's your life

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Yep, womyn need to open up and recognize


Islam is right about women

yeah nah

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Thanks, OP. I'm trying. I was already pretty messed up over being 30 and being "no one", having done nothing. Then when I went to buy some smokes niggers followed me home and killed my dad in the ensuing robbery. Having a gun held to your head feels weird, hearing a death scream from your father being murdered is even worse. Did you know your ears can "close" without your hands covering them? It sounds like the inside of a seashell. "How many shots were fired by your count?" is a common question in the entire process but I don't know, my ears "closed" after 3 or so.

I drink a lot, I yelled crazy shit at everyone I've ever cared about except my mom and they're all gone except her. I live with my widow mommy and fetch her fireword. I spend her pension on vodka and wait for death. Every time I try to shake out of this the alcohol just drags me back down. How long does this take to kill you? I feel like I've been waiting so long now.

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Since when has society gotten better since women have gotten to vote?
Our birth rate is low.
Immigration is sky rocketing causing low wages.
>b-b-but muh empathy for duh immagrants!

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Thank you so much for sharing. I haven't lived through anything as tragic as that but reading it brought tears to my eyes. I've felt it. The feeling of having nothing to live for. Thinking that living or being dead was just for fate to decide and nothing ever really mattering. But I really do hope that you find people you can share some happiness with. Even if it's just your mother. It can mean all the difference between a worthless life and a life you enjoy. Keep going and you will find a way for yourself.

Yo I can do you one better

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That's fucked up bro.. hope you find someone who understands

Break free of the cycle first


thanks OP, even if it feels pointless at times, always try to do good no matter how meaningless it seems

Can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like and still is.
I know saying you need to get help won't do much, you have to want it by yourself, and getting help and admiting your weaknesses/demons is hard.
Please go to therapy, check for PTSD and try to sober up. It's gonna be a long way, but you got this user. And even if you feel alone, there will always be an user there to help you through shit