How do I stop being a sad alcoholic with major outbursts while drunk?

How do I stop being a sad alcoholic with major outbursts while drunk?

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Today has been a rough yet great day for me.
I realized that all that we need is somebody to talk to. Go out and meet people. Don't be afraid. They won't reject you. If they do, they are broken up themselves. Trust me when I say this: I want you to live and be happy.

I have people to talk to, I just feel the urge to drink when I am not currently drinking.

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by "people to talk to" did you mean JEWS?

Then I feel like you need to stop being self conscious when you drink. As long as your not drinking to avoid any real life pain, I don't think drinking to ease any tension is something to feel bad about. Be happy.

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I don’t know.. Oy vey do you think my friends could be jews? Should I report them or ask them first?

But that’s the point, I always drink so much I black out and (from what I’ve heard) flip my shit. Just completely aggressive for no reason, lost many friends already because of this.

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refer to

> be happy
Retards like u are one of the main causes of addiction.

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At least some summerfags carry on tradition, not in any meaningful of productive way but the spirit’s there.

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It's not as bad as you might think it is. If what you're describing is something that goes against your morals while you're sober then it can be treated or at least you're aware of it and can warn your friends. If you tell your friends I can guarantee that if they are your real friends they won't reject you but will accept you with open arms.

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Actually i have a "ski" at the end of my last name

Dude why are you defending alcoholism? I do this every day, I don’t know what I did yesterday past like 10am..

Go work out. Every time you feel you need a drink do twenty push ups. Find other ways to be distracted. Been sober for years and don't really miss it anymore. The first two years were the hardest for me.

You have to give it all up. Stop your social media, drop your friends, change your routine.

The cocoon around you supports you. If you're isolated get out. If you don't exercise start. If you eat like crap eat better. Get as much sunlight as you can. Try to reduce caffeine.

That "Why am I here feeling" is trying to tell you to pay attention. The world is about to change in a way few can imagine.

Pay attention to your dreams just now.

It's time to wake up.

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This sounds insane but its pretty true

Quit drinking 100% starting right now. Don't tell yourself you're going to drink in moderation, or just once in a while. That is known as "The big lie". Just quit altogether. It will be the best thing that you ever did for yourself on many different levels.

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You stop drinking alcohol.
It's really that simple - though not easy.
Go to AA if you're serious, they will give you the tools to quit.
Also understand that you can't ever have one drink again in your life.
I wish you the best of luck, user - dependency is hard to kick, and you're not battling booze, you're battling your own demons - you'll always provide yourself with an excuse to imbibe - it could be payday, it could be a party, or a funeral, and you'll tell yourself "It's the occasion, nothing wrong with that" - and you know it's a lie and that you'll fall off the wagon and be hooked 100% again.

Vigilance, honesty and sobriety.

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Seek professional help. Mental health is important

alcohol is a major depressant, you react that way because your depression urge sublimates into aggression, this will never change because it has nothing to do with alcohol itself, it is you who is incapable of being just depressed and is incapable of not turning that into aggression against people

you can never do depressants, you should check out what biologically/medically speaking is classified as a depressant and keep your hands away from it, forever and ever

you are however fine to consume any non depressants as however you like, tho be aware that your addictive personality might lead to a lot of shit with other drugs if you don't learn proper culture and tradition to consume them without this happening


I think alcohol will be the death of me. IDK why but today might be the day. I have just been sitting and my heart is pounding hard. My shift 8 hour shift is coming up and I'm in no condition to be quick.

Lmao alcohol was discovered before ancient egypt in multiple areas of the world, virtually every single culture throughout history celebrates drinking in some way

Have a scotch and chill the fuck out

the older and longer those traditions (independent of the drug) the more resistance and the less addicted and society damage is created.

I think americans should start drinking as early as other cultures so they can learn it while they are still able to learn anything and haven't just turned into barely grown up super retardos that now understand the world and found out their parents lied their whole life.

get counseling you have resolved trauma.

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