Why are liberals so sexually degenerate and perverted?

Why are liberals so sexually degenerate and perverted?

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Poor baby mad cuz nobody has to live by your Bible?

They are under a delusion that they are rebellious and cutting edge. They will all have AIDS and uncontrollably shit their pants when they hit 50 years old.

U must be 12

Not even religious, just think the feminization of men is the downfall of western civilization.

isnt him pro-Trump?
Would breed anyway

>We need religion in order to have morals and nit be degenerate fucks, yes we claimed to be evolved enough to give up on religion and be normal without that book telling us how to but we cant quite do so.
You finally admit?

Why do cuckservatives love Russia using their president as a human puppet?

You must be a fag.
Or a commie.

>muh russia hoax
Like clockwork

cuz it's hawt

Fuck didn't know who he was he looks like the bad guy from 300

Pretty sure that's Ricky Rebel, a pro-Trump conservative. Conservatives have the best gays.

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he is and they have

Without the idea of a higher power, and eternal reward and punishment, man is a vile creature which desires to destroy and conquer.
Convincing himself that the absence of proof is proof to the contrary, man has declared(insert any spirituality here) to be bullshit, and now able to do whatever he wants.
We DO need something higher than man. If man is the highest, we are doomed. We will never become peaceful. We will never stop doing evil to one another.
Our nature is terrible, and there is no changing that.

Conservative gays are more manly than straight liberals.

how do you know?

complains about degeneracy while on /b with multiple asshole pics on front page at any given time

Western civilization is driving the species extinct so let’s get gay, high, and vote for Bronie Sandras

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Its alright OP. Look at any type of story/movie/legend that exists of the time when man lived "unenlightened". It was savagery towards degenerates. Witch trials, slavery, Roman Catholic hand of fist rule. If the liberals plunge us into a new dark age with their nonsense it will become that again. Culture needs morality and liberals cant be sane. Two facts that will always be true.

I have liberal friends, and I have gay friends.


I'm a bisexual libertarian, actually.


That's actually funny

everyone is, it's just the question of living out your fetishes or not, many fetishes need to be silent or they will destroy a human being that lives them

I meant that for

Everyone is perverted liberals just don't have any shame

That's liberalism