Hello I'm Jes

Hello I'm Jes
taking pose request:)

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hi Jes :)
spread pussy for us please

Pls put the pointy end of a knife in ur but hole

oki I'm gonna take a shower now

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like pic related ty queen

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Go to this place again but in your red skirt? Pweeassee

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This outfit to be exact

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Come on dont be a bitch DOOO IT doesnt have to be in far its my kink

You workout today?

to take that I need a mirror but I don't have one
lol that place is far away from here

Mmm fuck I want to lick that hole clean..

Its a Man baby

No shit? That's why we like her.

like this?

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Darn..well can you get that outfit on and go somewhere lol?

Stick a fireplace poker in your asshole

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Oh my god I want you squatting over my face just like that and then slowly taking a dump in my mouth..

God I would hate to be the parents of a faggot like this. Have some self respect instead of seeking attention

just finished taking a shower
anything you want me to wear?

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Would love to see your gape ass

Have any nice dresses? Preferably short and flirty

>anything you want me to wear?
yes. a wedding dress at our wedding

>having a hot daughteru like jes
>NOT dicking her
That's pretty gay, my man.

THere are rules. TITS OR GTFO with TIMESTAMP

Bruh wash ur butthole. Like scrub it with a facecloth covered in soap or baking powder. That shit is unacceptable.

Those rules dont apply for traps


do this pose Jes please

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Finger in ass please

put ur dick in ur mouth

That butthole is clean, it just isn't bleached or filtered. That's what assholes naturally look like

It's covered in old shit and fungus


Ok lmao, whatever you say

You're a total cutie!!

Sorry my friend called me so it took some time for getting dressed up

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lol look at my tiny penis

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Why dress up if you ain’t leavin the room

:3 you look so cute jes omg

soles please

panties feel so good

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Lame do something exciting

Pls be my fag bf

Like what

Do this

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Put nylons toes in your mouth

Pose like this

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gape your ass


second this

Dirty anal

timestamp or gtfo

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put your clothes on and go out and get a job at mc donalds

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why you cover your face faggot we found you before

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Mmmm go do something crazy now :)

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finger your butthole, or put something in it

Think Jes went to sleep :/

he got scared that we know how he look like

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