I've recently come into a large sum of money

I've recently come into a large sum of money

It's not enough to own mansions and drive Lambo's but it's enough to live comfortably for at least 30 years without the need to work

My issue is what do I say to family/friends when they notice my quality of life upgrades and that I'm not going to work anymore? I'm not comfortable telling people due to jealously it could induce. I've told my mum and she's going to leave it up to me what I decide to do

Any decent suggestions and I'll happily transfer you £100 via paypal. I considered saying I've made an app, but people will want to know what app I made so that's not an option


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Tell them you’re investing properly and the market is good, also you should probably put some of it into a mutual fund and invest in property

If true, do charity work or something you enjoy because if your just going to retire at like 30 with no purpose to your life and without enough money to do extravagant shit all your life chances are you will get bored/depressed

And where did I get the money to invest in property in the first place? Not really a good suggestion

I enjoy sitting on my ass playing video games, occasionally going out for a drive. Something social media related would be my best option and most believable, but I need something where people won't ask to see my profile and whatnot

make up some passive income bs, and enjoy life

The belief that you had to have money to begin investing and couldn’t have been saving and properly investing over a long period of time is why so many people stay poor. Quit being a mong, virtually anyone with a 40 hour job is capable of investing in stocks, with those earnings you were able to diversify your holdings by purchasing rentable property to create a self sustaining income.

Tell them you inherited an annuity from a distant relative. This explains the monthly income and it's a fixed amount so you're kind of living on a budget.

Wouldn't cut it. My family would wonder why they've never heard of this distant relative and why they got nothing

Don't stop working. Seriously. Find a job you like. Learn a trade, go back to school, whatever, but if you're not doing something with your life, it's eventually just going to feel like a waste. Millions of people dream about working a job they don't hate, and you have the opportunity. Take it.

As a bonus, no one among your friends/family can give you shit for spending money you're earning.

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I don't want £100 from you. Tell them nothing, it's none of their business. A man's finances are a secretive thing

The investment excuse does work. There are plenty of stock that, over the past decade or so, have grown from a few dollars a share to a considerable amount, like nvidia.

You could also say you made a very wealthy friend online years back that comes to you for help with depression/anxiety/whatever, and in return for being a good friend, they're giving you free shit.

Or, if you don't care about your family's opinion of you, you've become a gigolo for wealthy clients.

Assuming not fake...

Put it in an annuity that is indexed to the market. You’ll get decent increases when stocks do well and you’re probably young enough to absorb losses from market downturns.

They’re also tax-deferred and will give you a set amount of income for the rest of your life, plus if you’re worried about greedy-ass relatives it’s a good way to hide the money.

Or just talk to an actual licensed financial advisor and not fucking Cred Forums.

Guess you want his family thinking he's a drug dealer then

They can think whatever they want. He isn't a drug dealer.


Tell everyone you work from home, if they ask you what you do tell them you do contract work for private companies and that it’s to do with patents on private products, telling anyone could get you seriously fucked and even possible jail time. Most will say fair enough, especially if you tell them it’s completely dog shit boring.

Don’t worry about the $100, just be careful with your money bro

The point of the thread is getting his family to think he's not a drug dealer. Saying "none of your business" is the most drug dealer-y thing you could possibly say in that situation.

"Hey user, uh, where do you get all your money from?" That's an obscene question to ask a person, from family or anyone else. I'd have zero qualms telling them nothing, neither should OP in my opinion.

Just tell em, you'll see who the people really are.
You'll find out who your real friends are.

Don't tell anyone else. Drive a shitty used car to conduct normal business, drive a nice one when you go out. There's no need to flaunt what you've got. That's how idiots go broke within 5 years of winning

Also buy a few books like “business law for dummies” and leave them lying around your house etc just for the added effect of realism haha

Don't stop working and don't give yourself huge quality of life upgrades. Live humbly and if they ask just tell them you've been saving money and/or you've always wanted to be able to do these things.

never let people notice you aren't working

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At least where I live, your finances are a private thing and it's rude to ask about that shit. What do you want suggestions with? And how much did you actually get?

Tell them you made an app, then when they ask which one, tell them the type of app (dating/communication/whatever) but you can't say which exactly because of the contract you signed when you sold it.