Imma keep this simple and short

Imma keep this simple and short.

Does anybody else think about a future without work, stress and real responsibilites. A future when everything is automated by machines. A future where you could spend all the time in the world with friends and family. Travel and explore all you want without a care in the world. A time when all people can feel the sweet freedom from childhood when life for most of us was simpler.

These thoughts came up in my head the other day from listening to old videogame music from my own childhood. Maybe I'm being selfish but I sincerily look forward to the future if this is what I can expect.

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No, you can look forward to more of the same bullshit were people are cunts towards each other because their lifes have even less purpose than they have now.


I'm definitely working very hard now so that this will be in my future.

I may fall short of a super luxurious life, but I'll definitely at least have all my bills paid and have a lot of time to do what I want.

It's not going to happen in your lifetime. Automation is a great and expanding thing, however big corporations and the government hate it because it takes away jobs and such. There are many many jobs out there that could easily be automated but society isnt ready for it. Though, yes I do dream of it. A society where you only have to contribute a little bit and spend the rest of your hours being creative and loving other people at your own pace.

Corps love it for that very reason.

I hope there will be soon because there is literally nothing worse than work. I mean even death is not as bad as that stupid slave shit.

Right wing thought needs to be eradicated for any of that to be possible.

Good for the company, bad for their image.

Remember, though, this will ONLY happen if you yourself make it happen for you.

Never EVER assume that a "cavalry is coming for you", that you'll receive some sort of magical help from "future space people".

This is 100% on you, fam.

>spend the rest of your hours being creative and loving other people of your own race

>thinking eradicating right wing thought will somehow allow humanity to exist without work.

you need to grow the fuck up dude.

Yeah, I'll do my best to be of any use to our world in my time.

A robot isn't going to tow your wrecked car after you've ate all the tendies and overdosed while driving

this time is right now, you might not be completely free from work/job but if you manage you life well and get get a part time job that is at least somewhat enjoyable you can be living this life right now, the only issue is that vast majority of people do not share this philosophy and want to fill their lives with tangible goods that require a lot of work from them. it really is sad, but if more people would realize this we could have what you describing right now.

I don't care about robots and all that, all I really want is $2000 per month for free, without any work or anything else, just every fucking month $2000 will come to my bank account and that's it. I'd be the happiest person alive, bbecause fuck work and fuck all that bullshit like waking up early. All I wanna do is chill and play vydia and eat KFC and watch shows.

You be surprised how little people care about things like that when they can save some money.

>new vidya prices go up to $150
>kfc bucket is $75.75
>regular cost of living prices double/triple
>gas prices triple
>have to go get a job in order to keep bills on
>back on Cred Forums "all I really want is $4000 per month for free"

In my mind this kind of future is only possible if the global population is reduced by a significant number or at least is stagnating. No way humanity can achieve such a state with 10+ billions of people on earth

I genuinely believe we're born in the worst possible time. We now know enough to understand how shit life is, but it's too early to actually change it for the better. In 500 years, if we live that long, people will see these years as awful to live in.

Truly. Depending on where you're living 2k is enough to sustain just about anyone. Everything else is just luxury.

Inflation faggit.

I propose a new type of communism, as automation expands people get paid relative to how much work generally humans no longer need to do. Starting from a small number. Or something of the likes. I'm not really in the mood to go deep on how that might work.

>being glowie's pet

Adjust with inflation, this is a fantasy land of free money we're talking about.

I've been wondering how the future automation could play out. Maybe every person owns some robot, and they can rent it out to corporations for money. Though in order for that to happen, there would have to be some law to only allow actual people to own bots, and not corporations.

I'll let you off then.

Wake the fuck up dude. Nobody owes you a fucking thing. You are probably the kind if dude who is to lazy to shower and you think that room in mommy and daddys basement is an apartment.

>A future without work, stress, or responsibilities.
But everyone is responsible for supporting their own metabolic needs.
>A future where everything is automated by machines
You're in luck, I maintain said machines and they take a lot of effort to keep in working order. They don't run nicely for very long. They take upwards of 400+ amps of three phase power. You can't automate the creation of non-renewable resources. You can't automate your way out of the depleting oil, gas, nuclear, etc. They take lubircants. Humans on the other hand run off the sun. And if we don't kill ourselves off, we can find a way off this rock before it explodes.
> A future where you could spend all the time in the world with friends and family.
I'm glad you said this because it's "not what you do, it's who you do it with". You go to a themepark with the wrong people and have a bad time. You can go to the convenience store with the right people and find yourself laughing, enjoying company and possibly making memories. The same applies to work. My work history is long and diverse, and the thing that determined if the job sucked wasn't even how hard or early it was, it was the people you worked with. That's the problem with employment today. Everyone's a fucking wet blanket with diverse mental issues. There's no united identity. No common ground.

>Travel and explore all you want without a care in the world.
Cars and planes use intense amounts of fuels. You'd have to be able to create energy from nothing. And in this life, energy is neither created nor destroyed.

>A time when all people can feel the sweet freedom from childhood when life for most of us was simpler.
Nobody challenged you. No one encouraged growth. You were raised poorly. A man should never platau. Kids who were raised by the TV and the vidya can't understand this because they have had their dopamine systems theroughly broken. The video game challenged you and gave you shit for free. Real life cannot dose out dopamine the way games do. Real life accomplishments are much more rewarding but you will never know that. You were raised on cocaine's puny little brother. And rehab has proven ineffective.

Congratulations, you figured out the non-propagandist, non-distorted view of the end goal of communism. See its not scary. Marx wrote much about the alienation one feels from having to expend all your mental amd physical energy on work, let alone work that doesnt even benefit you and benefits am employer.

Machines or not, if people can make money from your work you will forever work.

>Maybe I'm being selfish but I sincerily look forward to the future if this is what I can expect.

Your future is sleeping in a highway drainage pipe. No offense, I'm being serious. I know a lot of hobos and your though process matches what theirs was when they were being done being raised by their parents. Only some of them are deranged substance abusers and mentally ill. Although your dopamine troubles classify under mental illness. Do what you can now to change your fate. Or else you'll be remembering this post when you're falling asleep under a highway bridge and an 18-wheeler passes at 70mph every 10 minutes waking up the dead.

>all I really want is $2000 per month for free

"Free money" defies the definition of the word money. It's a portable representation of work done. It's made so that a pastry chef doesn't have to fill his pocket with apple pies and try bartering for plumbing repairs on his house. It should be noted, that you and the cronies ruining this country have that desire in common. Except they're brilliant so they put their plan into action. They have loans, and interest, and banking, and all that rot is basically "money from nowhere". You're not as smart they are so you have to just dream. Objectively, the nation would be much more functional and better off if you and your thinking weren't in it.

>All I wanna do is chill and play vydia and eat KFC and watch shows.

Spoken like someone who doesn't understand the subtleties of farming. A robot to raise the chicken, field chickens, harvest the feed, etc. etc. Farming is very hard work and if a machine did it, the biosphere would be a smoldering nuclear wasteland by the time you used up all the plutonium,cesium,thorium,etc it would take to run all that automation. Then you have to use trucks to cart the chicken to the deepfryer, then a car to cart the tendies to your mouth. It's not viable.
But if you think it's worth a shot, start working on it.

Bring on the next paradigm shift in energy production. But at that point they the fuck would you want to spend your life wasting it playing games when the entire universe is on your doorstep.

i don't think too many people have said communism's "end goal" is terrible. but that it is literally impossible and doesn't work.

Buy a few rental homes and you'll have your dream.

>Objectively, the nation would be much more functional and better off if you and your thinking weren't in it.

Which is the premise of national socialism. Where the powers that be decided "you and your thinking aren't allowed in our country anymore". Where "money from nothing is no longer allowed to exist here." And what happened? The largest economic turnaround in human history. Every positive measure of a nations health exploded. There was happiness, comraderie, production was robust. Completely opposite of the repeated failed outcomes of marxist socialism.

Instead of a $5 KFC bucket, how about a red pill.

capitalism will never let it happen

I'm the OP

I'm sorry if I made any of you angry. I'm in college right now studying Game Design and don't get me wrong I love what we do here but from time to time thoughts of being able to spend more time with my family and friends come to me. After losing a relative at the start of the year it really made me think a lot.

I'm doing my best to graduate and get a job. I know that we aren't anywhere close to a fully automated society yet but that's just why I said it's my dream. A foolish dream but one I hold dear.

Nazi Germany sucked asshole. They thought space was cold because it was full of ice. They built that economic turnaround on bullshit and it would have collapsed even if they weren't belligerent retards that started fights they couldn't win.

Neck yourself Nazi fanboy

listen buddy Utopia isn't coming for any of us anytime soon

all we can do is try to make the absolute most of the life we're given, roll with the punches, hopefully leave some cool art behind to prove we were here at all

don't let anything tell you that your time isn't worth shit, if you want to spend more time with friends and family then do so

life is fucking short

Nah the rich will gobble up the extra productivity provided by automation, just like they have been doing so since the 70s (average wages haven't increased in 50 years). Enjoy your dystopia.

i experience this every day

>Does anybody else think about a future without work, stress and real responsibilites
lol the absolute state of npc wageslaves

Honestly, i have my doubts about something like this. I dont think ppl would like it as you imagine.

Sure traveling and family is fun, but not on the same level for everyone. Many ppl enjoy work, and also what would happen to ppl who actually want to do said job. They just deactivate a robot and there you go, you can go in?

Or why learn anything at all beside basic knowledge, you aint gonna use it anyway. Robots will do your job. And if you learnt it what you gonna do with it? There are no jobs anymore.. naaaah. I doubt ppl actually want that much freedom. Not everyone just work cause they must. Maybe a doctor became a doctor to help people. I could imagine a coexistence with automation way more than no work, only family and travel.

The matrix ?

Ok grandpa.

I've seen this plot somewhere before.

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That world is already a reality for the supremely wealthy through inheritance.

For instance Bezos has enough money to make it so that his children's children's children's children's children's children's children wouldn't need to work a day for their entire life. I'm sure it's probably even more generations than that.

We could all live more comfortably if we had a wealth cap.