Trips and I buy it

Trips and I buy it

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You better get both and post proof and yourself eating them once they arrive.

Ya gotta get the video too tho

Dude theyre going to be so nasty after a few weeks in the mail

The legitimacy of your claims are suspect, nonetheless I shall participate.

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rolling just once for good luck

And? What else would you buy them for? They are meant to be eaten by some degenerate so... if you are a pussy the video would be interesting at least.

Believing you're actually getting what is claimed

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Doesn´t matter. If we get something it´s neat, if we don´t get something nothing was lost anyway.


>130 buckaroos
thats way to steep
have this for free instead

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Why the hell would anybody spend so much money on that


I have the power!


imagine being born into a body where you can literally making a living selling gummy bears marinaded in your cooch

I'm jelly

So close too!

roll for trips

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Trips get.
Eat them on camera

Who is the lady?

130 dallru

>marinaded in your cooch
Or your anal. Read the full description dummy

peepee poopoo




You're an idiot if you actually buy this

hope you enjoy your shitted gummy beas disgusting pig
>trips checkem

Gonna get a half melted log of gummy bears that smell like shit


Wasting money on gummy bears that she probably didn't even put up her butthole


Roll for da bears

are you okay?

You want some ass gummy bears. Ill send you some for free. I have free time on my hands

bruh dubs is close enough

I'll shove sour gummy worms into my wife's holes and send them to you for half that. Trust me, you can taste the unwillingness.