Are any of the rest of you tired of being blamed for things that aren't your fault...

Are any of the rest of you tired of being blamed for things that aren't your fault? Of having to walk around eggshells around others, or dealing with whatever stupid conditions your sucky hand dealt you?
I'm close to breaking, guys. I'm really not sure if I can keep going the way I am, but I don't see preferable paths.
Does anybody want to talk about it?

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No cause I'm an adult who manages my own life, not a kid who cries to Cred Forums. I did what was needed to graduate college be educated and live. Not cry on a website

You say that as though there were no bumps or holes along the way. As though the path was always clear and there was never darkness before the light.
I'm doing my damndest to get through college so I can lead my own life, but my family makes my current life near-impossible. They're unsupportive, bitter, and constantly at both eachother's and my throat. Without being able to do it for them, I don't have any drive to do anything. I'd do it for myself, but I hate myself. I'm not sure what to do at this point. What did you do?

Sounds like you live with women.

Only my mother. My four brothers and father certainly do act like it sometimes though.

Just fuck your mom, dude

Christ, that'd be a nightmare. I'm all for incest porn, but my mother is the opposite of a hot MILF. She's a spidery, sickly, 40-something who looks 50 something due to years of abuse of God-knows-what substances. Nearly all her teeth are stained, most totally black and rotting, and she's a chainsmoker.
So no. Not an option. My mind isn't really on finding a partner at the moment, anyway.

Partner? when you can't even help yourself.

im in the same boat dude for me its someone spreading rumors about me shits weird

I may as well be 1s and 0s to you, but stay strong my man.

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i feel ya dude. i havent been "professionally" happy in the geographical location ive been living for the past 2 years. most people settle for the easy path, and that comes with a lot of unifinished messes that block your path in some way. its tough, but u recommend taking control of your life. find a job. save up. and go somewhere new and start off fresh. try to finish college while being away from the things that are bringing you down. if your trying to find gold in a pile of shit, you better start looking elsewhere. it aint always your fault if what surrounds you is againsy you. find you place. best of luck user

Like I said, I'm not really considering it right now.

Thank you user. It means a lot.

I'm glad to know others can relate. I want to leave, I really do, and I'm trying, but it's so difficult to force myself to do work I don't want to do when I have no motivation or drive to do so, y'know? I can't do it for my family, I don't have friends to do it for, and I can't do it for myself because I loathe myself, paradoxically for the reason that I can't make myself work harder. I'm scared I'm not gonna make it. How can I like myself, user?

oh yeah i get that you hate yourself. i cant be fucked to do some thinga either. like going to the gym. i realized i only went there to impress others. so i said fuck it and invested time doing things i liked. youll soon see that by doing things you like youll kinda find yourself. also, just try working. work, but not even for yourself, but for society as a whole. youll feel useful knowing you are actually helping the system

There we millions of bumps, money, living, food on some weeks. You can cry all you want but when you're going thru college on literal water and bread then come and complain. After what I went through I wish I had "family problems" or "wawa my mommy wont do X and Y" I could at least eat and have some back up. Sadly I didn't and people said a billion things to me along the way but everyday stomach hurting I went to class did the hw and went to sleep.

and youll get some cash that u can spend on whatever you like. you coukd even save up for a ticket somewhere and start off a new life. is someone you know living in some city far from yours?

true. OP, you gotta take those hits to get through it. youll feel better soon

user, I wish I knew what you have to prove. I know that desire is what pushed you. I don't have it.

I wish, but no. Plan is to head to UCF on a Bright Future's scholarship after two years in Gulf Coast State College. Google them if you're unfamiliar.

I certainly hope so too, user.

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My only desire was to not die or become unhealthy with the diet I had. Let your family kick you out that warm house where they buy you everything, feed you, and bring you on trips or w/e and trust me...

You won't need desire you're gonna do it to survive.

I used to hate myself too. It's difficult not blaming yourself for everything but you gotta catch yourself. Look at it this way:

>I'm a terrible person
What did you do and why? Unless you actually raped a fucking child or killed a baby or smth you're not a terrible person. Get back on your feet. It's not easy, but you have to start.

>No one will ever love me/loves me
Starts by loving yourself. If you can make yourself happy, you don't have to fucking worry about other people trying to make or break you. It's all about perspective

>My family is shit
While family matters is something that is out of my control and may be out of yours, that's something life has taught me and it's how I don't fucking hate myself anymore. Take control of what you can and work towards that shit my guy. You got this

Think about it:

Why bother with shit that ain't in your control? Your body is a temple, and by the grace of fucking god you got to win the lottery of existence and managed to be born into this world. Make the most of it by starting somewhere. Again, not easy. But if some retard on Cred Forums like me can do it, you can too.

this guy is using punctuation and filename.

Pfft. I WISH I was black. At least I'd have a better chance of getting through college with diversity scholarships.

I suppose the difference between us then is a will to live. There's a raging fire inside of you that screams to the heavens that it refuses to be blown out. I don't have anything to live for. My chances of a successful future are slim, family hates me, and I have no friends.

The only reason I would call myself a terrible person is a lack of desire. I haven't betrayed anybody or done anything morally reprehensible.
I'm not sure how to love myself or make myself happy. I don't know what makes me feel good anymore.
My family is totally out of my control. I know that, and I do my best not to make it my problem, but I still have to deal with them for at least another year and a half. I'm just not sure I'm willing to do that at this point. How long can one person live the same day, y'know?

Find some kind of work you DO feel motivated to do, or at least kind of like.
If you can't find paid work that gives you satisfaction, get a hobby.
And get the fuck away from your family. Go get a shithole apartment, be broke as shit and live off credit, whatever you need to do to be your own man. You want to not hate yourself? Seek independence and take pride in your status as a man who's fucking making it and don't have to rely on his rediculius family members.
Go out and become successful then go on the internet and tell other pathetic shmucks "hey, I use to be like you but then I did this, this, and that and so can you!"
That's what I did god damn it - and would you just look at me now? I'm the proud owner of a patent for a new state of the art flying machine. Soon as I convince the government to a sit-down all my dreams will become a reality and I'll be "flying high"

Thank you for talking with me, user. I'll see what I can do, and do my best doing it.

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Go get 'em killer.