Does this actually work for gains?

Does this actually work for gains?
If it gives me an extra inch temporarily how long will it last for sex? If you pump every single day will your dick get permanently bigger? I can't find a straight answer anywhere but Im desperate to make my dick bigger

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Not sure about the science but from what I heard it pretty much doesn´t and has the chance to fuck up your dick worse than it just beeing small.

How small are you, it´s probably enough and you are just not confident about it.

Of course it doesn't work. Your dick isn't made of muscle that regenerates once you damage it and therefore grows in size. Your dick is more like a sponge that gets filled with blood when you get an erection. So any tissue damage you cause to your dick is more or less permanent and can lead to erectile dysfunction

It works temporarily for a few hours but over time, with consistently yes. You have to decide on air vs pump. I prefer water because it retains a better aesthetic. Pic related. Just came out of the pump but this is overdoing it a little.

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Obviously it doesn't work or every man would be using it. It'll also fuck your dick up. Save your money and find another way to improve yourself esteem. If your dick is average or even slightly below you're literally fine.

Sorry. Meant air vs water

It does. Some are better than others. I added a little over an inch and got up to 8 and1/2”. With daily use for about 3-4 months. Lived out of state from my girl. She actually said that she didn’t know what I had been doing but it was too big. I stopped using it and went about back to normal size over the next few months. But I was nice knowing that the perfect size isn’t 10”

how long are you supposed to pump it for and how much suction. i stop when it feels like pins and needles. is that the correct method?

Air? Been a while as I’m a water guy but I’d say no more than 15 mins. Best aid is to make sure to have a pump with a pressure gauge. I am pretty experienced and can go for hours at a moderate pressure. If you are feeling sensations like that you’re using too much pressure. Back off. It’s not a race. You can find plenty of online resources regarding appropriate times and pressures.

My dick is 5.9-6 inches and kinda thin like 5-5.5 inches thick. Its average but I hate it. Everyone thinks its small so if I get one permanent gains would be nice but if I could just add an inch and keep it for like 10 minutes that would be amazing.

>5.9-6 inches length
>5-5.5 inches thick

So you just have some fucking doorknob down there?

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I can please my partner but shes really hot and I can tell she wishes I was bigger. I feel like thats just something people assume to be nice. "Oh your average your perfectly fine. Oh wait me? Oh..Well, thats too small for ME sorry."

It works for girth gains, but not length (at least for me anyway). I’ve pumped for almost 15 years now. The girth gain lasts for hours if you use a cock and ball ring.

Arent you veins fucked up ? like they're pumped even if you're flaccid ?
Once you pumped up your dick, is she hard like a classic boner or soft like in a blacked vid ?

I started out at 7.5” in length if I was raging. I now am about 8” on a terrific day. Sometimes a bit more. But the good news is girth, which is far more a factor in pleasing the ladies. I started out at 5.3” or so. I’m now about 6”-6.3” on a decent day and straight out of the tube it’s getting close to 7”, which is far more daunting for a woman but it allows you to absolutely make her see stars if you know what you’re doing. I was a skilled lover before I started pumping but if you add it to girth it does wonders. Too long and you bottom out and it will hurt her. It’s very doable. You are frankly above average to begin with but if you want to take the plunge for God’s sake be safe. You can hurt yourself but if you are patient the world is your oyster.

Everyone thinks...Are you not telling us something user?

Works momentarily but fuck you up if over use it

What kind of cheap one can I get? Can't afford a 300 dollar one, but am willing to spend up to 100.

No fucked up veins. Unpumped, it looks and functions just like it did 15+ years ago. While pumped it looks a little darker, but not niggerish. Still nice and hard for sex, as long as you don’t pump to long.

If I can add 1-2 inches of length or girth for 10-15 minutes I'm cool with that. My dick is super sensitive so if a little scar tissue with a little bit reduced sensitivity is what it takes to get permanent gains I'm down.

You really get in the game for 100-200. You can get an entry level bathmate for 130 here

Or you can go the air route and get in for 160. This involves a pump and cylinder. You gradually go up in size but just buy a new cylinder. The nice thing with these is you can detach the hose and kind of go about your day at home.

Also if you live near a large city find a hustler store or a decent larger sex shop. The seedy small ones sell crap and if you get the 50 POS it won’t last and it can sour your experience. And if you go to a reputable large one they are more than happy to help. Even if they’re female they do this shit all day long.

What about super cheap ones like 30-50 bucks?

There is no way known to medicine or shamans or what the fuck ever to make your dick bigger.

You can cut a bit in the base for a slight length bonus, but it's a surgical procedure with a risk of impotence.

Your only hopes:
A. Waiting for gene therapy to advance a few decades.

B. Realize most women don't give a fuck about your size.

No. You are going to hate it. It will break in two weeks. Trust me I’ve done it when I was younger and didn’t have the bread for a good unit. Look at it like buying a weight bench for your dick. You can get the 59 dollar sand weight bullshit or spend 800 on an Olympic standard home gym unit that you put in your garage. The cheap ones have an inner membrane that have spherical nodules that will leave marks like a leopard and a chick will know something is up. Pic related. That’s me a little while ago. I went a little too long because it’s my day off but if you do it right it will look perfectly natural if your pumping for effect and it’s not a normal training day.

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