Trying to get into making fingerboxes. This is my first one that is finally working the way I want it to...

Trying to get into making fingerboxes. This is my first one that is finally working the way I want it to. Maybe will try to sell them on the side once I get good. Any advice moving forward? Opinions on steel vs wood?
>pic related

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You made a fingerbox out of mild steel... jesus wept. Mahogany wood is literally all you should be making fingerboxes out of.

Oh man, I remember my grandparents having a set.

But how do you adjust the inner workings?
That thing doesn't look like it expands or opens in any way should adjustment be needed.

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Fuck yeah I've seen some others made out of steel so I thought it was ok. I thought its been working okay but maybe i wont be able to sell for much? I didn't really have one growing up so im kind of figuring it out as i go.

Meant for

You can't replicate the feel of wood. Yeah steel is stronger but you can't beat the classic "feel". Dunno man, search ebay sold listings, looks a little rough to me to be honest.

Grandfather gave me one from his naval days; think the sides were made of an old life-ring.

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Holly shit. Finger boxes are still a thing?! I thought I was the only one!

I forget which country it is but the best manufacturer is Aiido Fingerboxes.

Best quality, best prices.

They're not really. Kind of a collector thing now, nobody really uses them anymore.

>he doesn't know what a fingerbox is

Fingerbox is a Cred Forums inside joke

Its nothing

They act like they own them and use them.

Its just a joke guys


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2020 and you guys still don't know what fingerboxes do.


Gay as shit. I had Elon make me one of cold pressed stainless steel

bruh how do you not know?
fucking millenial

You're thinking of "Ayo". From the late 80's early 90's

It became a joke but they are definitely real. They can fuck you up if you don't know how to use them properly

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Opening up your fingerbox? That defeats the whole point.

This guy knows his history

Millenial? Nah. That fucker is Gen Z.

I mean mild steel is awful for fingerboxes, but got damn that's some nice welding.

If you build your own anyway, do add a way to open it, for repairs.
Or if you can't afford the more luxurious brands, learn how to make one with multiple interchangable interiors.

Any of you ever stick your dick in it? I know it's fucking sick and all, but I'm a messed up individual. But hell, I only ever do it with the synthetic ones, not the ones made of tree.

Did you grow up in a cave or mud hut user? I knew some poorfag trailer park boys who even managed to save up for some top notch finger boxes.
Fucking zoomers I swear.

Fuck you oldfags. This meme is tired and no longer working. Finger boxes are astronomical now because of you faggots.

Newfags, do a 360 and leave. Now.

What's a finger box?

Dude fuck off out of this thread.

Are you two personalities, nicest guy you'll ever meet and twisted fucking psychopath because you know we live in a society

Nothin personnel kid

No, I'm genuinely curious. Is there something inside? Does it like massage your finger?

Don't by a brand name, user - get a cheap one.
Or build your own.
You can find some Ayo blueprints online I think.

Look, it's a god damn fingerbox, you don't open them up. If you can open them up they become useless. Sure you can get DIY kits that come in pieces that you have to assemble yourself, but you have to epoxy or weld them shut before first use.

it does not look so comfty if you know what i mean..

Tactile surprises for fun and pleasure.

Man, you do things your way, I do them my way.
Live and let live.

I'm so lucky to know what you mean ;)

Thanks bro. Made with tig - only been doing tig for a couple months tbh so i appreciate the compliment. The stuff on the inside is too thin to weld with anything else. I should have mentioned in the opening post this is a prototype just to figure it all out. The final product will be stainless, I think.

what about if you spill anything in them?

I remember back in 2006 before they were banned I got a fuckin sweet set of Japanese made Snakewood customs, put them in storage and some cunt stole them and probably didn't even know what he stole. If I still had em I'd literally be a millionaire now.

That's what the drainage holes are for. If you got a cheap one from China that doesn't have drainage holes I'm sorry you just have to buy a new one, but any decent brand you can just rinse out.

I bet you have a wooden one right?


thats disgusting bro

You really are a heathen

Next you'll be using pvc

Has anyone tried their hand at making a 3D printed fingerbox. Has anyone had any success or is it too complicated to get an authentic one?

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plastic is a trash material

Geunine question. Has anyone here actually seen an AYO in real life? Anytime I see them they're on tor and people are looking $100k+ for a full set.

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I had one and almost lost a finger due to infection. Chinese will cut corners on quality all the time.

It's good for experimenting with new designs.

It's actually a penis box isn't it?

3D printing won't cut it when it comes to accuracy and feel. You need a hand crafted one or nothing.

My ex's dad had one. Should have stolen it considering what she would pull on me.

Yes, it's also waterproof.
I'm not claiming it's a "better" material you faggot.
But you could make outdoor fingerboxes and as technology gets better, maybe a nice vinyl outside would be neat looking.
You're limiting yourself really.

I was walking in my house using a finger box and I tripped.

My finger box got caught on the stove handle and peeled my finger to the bone. Took months to recover.

Just remember to always use your finger box while sitting down and not while driving.
It only makes sense.

Man replace that shit with a fake one, she probably doesn't know what it is.

So, I was able to successfully 3D print one, but it's a bit of a cheat, the internal parts are still made of wood. I used a deep high PVC dark green and black on the outside. Works well, looks well crafted, but isn't 100% plastic because of the insides.

Hurr durr fingerbox

Come up with something new fucking retards.

Ur bringing back shit from 10 years ago. Why? To prove ur an oldfag?

Question, what kind of oil do you guys like to use to maintain yours? I've been using almond oil for the longest of times but a friend of mine swears by avocado oil. Is it worth trying or will I ruin my box?

What the actual fuck is a fingerbox

Just remember: A grinder and paint makes you the welder you ain't.

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Love a good finger box lads. Yes

a few years ago i stole a fingerbox from an aging german ww2 soldier who didn't know the war had already ended and was hiding deep in polish jungle.
i tried his box and ever since then it burns when i pee.

Lmao this idiot has never used a fingerbox

why don't you turn 360 degrees and walk away?

You guys are so fucking cringy. You do realize this don't you? Talking like an expert on something that DOES NOT exist. Cringy. As. Fuck.

It's because they've been banned pretty much everywhere for the past 10 years

>Holly shit. Finger boxes are still a thing?! I thought I was the only one!
You thought you were a finger box?

and replying to it is not....
>i NEED to tell them they are WRONG

Ok zoomer

Lol this comedian even inserts the 360 joke.

I swear its been 2 years since I visited Cred Forums and its still the same old stale shitposting. How about you organize another great raid you candyass. Oh wait u probably weren't around when faggot got censored so you wouldn't get it..

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pleb tier sorry

Ah, OP, you have much to learn.
There is some good advice in this thread so I'll not reiterate what's already been said.
I will give some encouragement, though, for it was not long ago I myself was exactly where you are now. I remember carefully sculpting and tweaking my first finger box. It was rough, nothing too impressive but I was proud of my creation and showed it off with excitement none the less.
Fast forward ten years and I'm now the proud owner of three local finger box stores and am looking into locations for my fourth store. Hoping to have it up and running by spring.
The finger box business has been good to me and brought wealth I never imagined having in my younger years. But you know what? It's not about the money. I'd do it all again for not a penny. Nothing brings me more joy than cutting into fresh material, whether it be wood, steel, or other and begin work on crafting a new finger box.

Maybe get a job and save really hard and someday you might get an entry level fingerbox you jealous fuck.

What country do you live in user? They're banned here since 2006.

one of the hardest things to make. i'm a violin maker and it took me 9 years to master the craft of making basic one hole fingerboxes.

wow, 2 whole years.
i've been here since 1846

tell me about it, mechanical engineer myself, it's been hell since i tried to make one.

he said he would include one with the next tesla but apparently they were shit so he didn't do it. can't be made in mass production, elon doesn't know jack shit. didn't grow up with them obviously

Basically legal in Canada still. It's a grey zone

that's bullshit. you might lose a finger, as you might lose one playing with scissors. only total idiots have accidents with them or people who didn't grow up using them.

Wait, are you telling me there's still men in this world that don't know what a fingerbox is and to make up for their own ignorance are actually claiming it's a hoax??

da true old boy here eh
Fuck off Greg

I'm out. Too many fags in this thread, I'm sure I'll chat to some of you on the fingerbox forum later.


Prototyping, sure. but a final Finger box, never. Natural materials are basically a requirement unless you are making them for children

>fact checking with this website
>being this illiterate
Did you even read it? They are real things - it became a meme after. Fucking newfags

Yeah agree

I don't want to give away my exact location, but my hometown did get caught up in those anti finger-box protests in 2010. I had just opened my first store at the time and man was I feeling the heat. Not only was my store being vandalized and people were scared to come in, I was afraid my passion for finger-box's itself would become a crime.
But, I weathered the storm, society eventually got it's head out of its ass about the whole thing. I rebuilt and expanded and am just glad to see public opinion has shifted towards acceptance of my long held love and passion.
Just the other day I saw a young boy, only about 11 or 12 with a finger box cradled under his arm as he walked to school. I smiled and nodded my head and thought "THIS! This is what we fought for."

How do I clean cum from my fingerbox

What the fuck is wrong with you.

>Tfw I inherited a fingerbox
>A friend thought it was okay to shit in it.
And that's how my enthusiasm for the craft died

Shitheads like you shouldn't be allowed to own a finger-box. You fucking piece of shit.

These anons are right but full disclosure if you have one of the more contemporary models it should be dishwasher safe.

As others said before, that thing looks unpolished. Go metal if you wish but for fucks sake, put some class in it. Fingerboxes used all to be about being classy.
And now that everything retro is making a comeback, you might be able to sell those nicely.