Ontario 705 haliburton

ontario 705 haliburton

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Got Kadie R if anyone wants to trade

whats your kik


Newmarket here


sent a message

any 450 514 ? leave your kik

Kik me at cuyow for 613 Kingston

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is this some gay hookup thread or something?

post hali chicks

Owen Sound ?


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any montreal ? its dead these days

kik flanniganbop for 403 calgary trade

You know this slut? Works in Halifax?

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You have Emmy b?

went to camp in haliburton. wild couple years there haha

medeba? I used to work there lol

same haha

daaaamn nigga
i was one of the maintenance guys
John's a fuckin legend

i was in the leadership program and then works staff. haha
got kik?

no shit eh, LIT or Prosago?
I feel like I know who you are lol
unfortunately no, i have gab tho

oh ya maybe you do. oh well you should get it. I have not a clue what gab is haha. i did prosago