Cuck thread

Cuck thread

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Cuck here. Kik philmathews5

Does me denying you bump make your dick hard?

sage goes in all fields

Is that you locked and if so who locked you

Kik xchangesam
Looking for dom and aggressive bulls who'll bully and humilliate me hard.. (Preferably BBC)
Turn me into a cock loving faggot and make me send you pics of my huge titted sister while i jerk off to your cock pics instead of her pics
Don't even bother asking for her nudes right away because i'll just ignore you, please me and i will please you with her bare tits.
Kik xchangesam

Fucking pathetic. Just kys

How can I get my wife to do this. She knows I want to watch her with 6 to 8 men all fucking her at some point.


Same here. Wife is repulsed by the idea of gangbangs

Would love to watch my gf take bbc

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Please take this picture down. You know why

Show her please

Her she is.

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Wanna jerk to her?

app unsee cc/#8dd41312

I've tried a few times and once she nearly did do it.

I’d love to kiss that neck and run my hands all over her

My gf invited over some guy from tinder and told him his friend could join and was gonna take 3 cocks at once. But the guys ended up backing out at the last minute.

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I don't know why. Tell me why.

She loves to flirt and tease guys walking around naked and in the garden I've just got to try to get her in a room full of guys to fuck her.

I love fucking my girl after she’s been stretched out and all swollen and gooey

Shared my wife once before. It was fun, we aren't into the cuck thing but more into the hotwife thing

We stayed in the same hotel and she went over to his room for a couple hours. It only happened once but it was cool

Pic related- what she wore under her dress. This was taken 5 minutes before she walked over there


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What hotel

More ass and asshole pics of her please

youre a fucking menace, kill yourself faggot

Cool. Did u watch her fucking. I want to watch my wife with 6 or so men but don't know how to organise it?

Not my type, but would totally dick her.

i d love to become a cuck, wish my gf did it

I will wwyd ur girl

Kik ta5544332211

she looks like she fucks dogs

A hotel in Dallas
Here you go
No but she sent lots of pics, videos, and audio. Talked to me the entire time through IM

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Who is this

Can I have her phone number? I have a BWC.
>there’s a 99.9% chance this user will not respon

Oh wow
Does she like to be rimmed
Skype or discord ?

Cute! I love bangs.
Can I have her phone number? I have a BWC.
>there’s a 99.9% chance this user will not respon

Drop your Kik

No kik
Cred Forums

Yeah I'm gonna post my gfs phone number on here

show more of her body

Yeah that’s retarded guy.

Where is the best site to meet real couples/swingers/bulls these days ?

Ex gf went out one night with a friend, got blackout drunk, and was blatantly fucked by at least 2, maybe 3 guys, although she claimed if they did anything, they must have done it whilst she was passed out. At first I believed her, but several months on I had serious doubts, so got petty revenge on her. She thinks she has had sex with 6 guys, its more like 15-20. Can give more details if wanted.

ye go on pls

Agreed go on!

I've been talking to this black bull on Kik. So far I've just been sharing my wife's pics, but I wish he could fuck my wife. She's okay with pictures, but can't seem to convince her to take his bbc

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My gf has said she would never fuck a black guy. But she also wants me to tie her up and blindfold her then bring in a stranger to fuck her that she wont be able to see. Definitely thinking about getting a black guy to do it

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Lol little dick anxiety

Chuck thread gg/dGThtD

>My gf has said she would never fuck a black guy.

what site?

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She probably thinks the two of you are gay for one another and doesn't want to interfere

thats my bet


Did a similar thing with my wife. Got a suite with two bedrooms and while she was in the shower had the guy come to the room and wait for her to get out. She got out of the shower and I walked her to the room where she saw him and I took her towel and told her to have fun and closed the door. Listened and heard them talk for a second then a few minutes later heard her start moaning. Few minutes later he's fucking her brains out.

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Closeted sissy wannabe cuck with a gf. Please bully me and take my girl. Kik surferkid33

post a sample here first

Cb0000008 kik. Bully me

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Her friend wanted to sleep with some random guy they met that night, so he took her back to his house, and (ex) went with them. Following morning she phoned me in a weird way, asking me to pick her up, but didn't know where she was. When I did, she was still drunk, but based on how she described the room she woke up in, it was obvious she had been fucked. According to her, her dress was bunched up around her waist, thong was around one ankle and the other leg out of it completely (leaving her naked from the waist down). She was slouched down the sofa so her pussy/ass were at the edge, legs spread wide open, and a cushion was on the floor between her feet. There was also 2 guys she didn't recognise in the room, one "asleep" (or pretending to be) in a chair directly opposite her, facing her, and the other "asleep" (again, or pretending to be) next to her, one hand on her pussy, finger between her pussy lips, tip right on the entrance to her hole. Not actually inside her, but she said if he put any pressure at all, it would have been.
She was obviously fucked, but whether she was conscious for it or not is unknown. Looking back, I think she probably was, then when she woke up, she had immediate remorse and only described how she woke up.
After telling me the first time, she slept off the drink, and always claimed to never remember leaving the nightclub with her friend, let alone remember the night.

sc me your girls nudes, cucks


*kik surferkid32


Ass and soles? Or more in heels

Any cucks, message me on kik tim6367. Send me nudes of your gf/wives and I'll let you know how a real man would fuck her

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Why don't you just come out of the closet already you fucking homosexual

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Fuck... amazing body

Cucks, send your sluts to me at godisaduck on kik. Gf, wife, ex, sister, mom, friend, doesn't matter. I can do wwyd, degrade, or share her further if you wish.

>and I'll let you know how a real man

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this thread is full of subhumans and larping faggots

this site*

wannabe cuck here, wanna be humiliated, but don't really want to post her public on her


what was ur revenge?

For 37 yo Hotwife, BaWü

I have been trying to get my wife into hotwife or cucking for years now, she just isnt interested. It is starting to lose its appeal now, so this will be one of the last times im sharing pics. Make your requests

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>but can't seem to convince her to take his bbc
Then find someone else. She sounds like an upstanding woman who deserves better.

German Bulls here?

Ass and soles. Any in heels

Manning the fuck up and dumping her clearly.

Where is a decent place to buy a roofie for my wife?

No heels

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Let’s see some favorites

Post your kik

I figured if she wants to fuck multiple guys when she's hammered, I'll make sure it happens, so got her absolutely wasted so she would pass out when she had invited a group of guys round (they were friends of a friend of mine), stripped her off, knowing how embarrassed she was about her small tits, and asked them to make sure to check on her whilst I was out as I had to go for cigarettes, knowing the only place open would take about an hour to walk to. When I got back roughly two hours later, there were loads of beer cans and bottles in the bedroom (neither me or her drank them) as well as 2 empty condom wrappers on the floor. She was still out cold on the bed.

Love this spread shot she sent me

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Damn. So small and tight

She is super tight, i know her body would be enjoyed by anyone to have her

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Interested in her?

app unsee cc/#9f6ed8a0

Id love to leave her like this to be used

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Gladly take you up on that offer, fucked by dozens of guys and filled up with cum for you to clean up

any tight dresses or skirts?

Best full clothed in tight dress

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Any pics of her?


I love posting my GF faith but feel bad when I do. Degrade her and convince me?

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Honestly, cuckolding can be pretty crazy and erotic, but the amount of bullshit and roleplay that's going on in all of these threads is really stupid. People new to this type of kink will be more susceptible to making huge mistakes and believing this garbage.

This is fake news.

Post yours

You know she is a dumb slut and would love being shared. Look at her, shes advertising that she is a cock whore.

I get off on dudes tricking my girlfriend into giving them head or fucking them.

Kik me her pic and mention my gullible girlfriend in your first reply. My Kik is punkrockstock

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Why would I send you your own pic?

would love to see my gf gangbanged by a load of strangers

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Don’t waste my fucking time. Just post a kik name that you can show more of this little tart on. She is cute but i doubt she is more than that. Prove me wrong

I love sexy blonde girls


Into exposure candaulism bullying etc

Utterly stunning. Need to see more

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Kik MarcusAlman

Let my thick cock remind your girl what a real man looks like

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Total 10 out of 10 for me

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I would gladly wait in line to fuck her cum soaked pussy

damn u got more of her? hot as fuck

can we see her little tits?

share to us some pics that she s done with her bull

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Keep going

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away with the bra!

Kek... why? There's hardly anything there.

Starting to think these are as good as it gets

more please

Want to look at your cock like a faggot while you beat off to my ex-gf, I like the thought of other men enjoying her. Kik is illRockUrCasbah

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It’s strangely ironic that this is the least sexy pic of her

can you post the audio?
sounds hot af

more do you have kik?

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>discord w39k3bQ

my gf kjersti43

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Cuck refuses to show face so this is what he gets.

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Do not cuck your wife out. I was once in your position having the time of my life cucking her out. It was so exhilarating and I was so high when massive dick guys started pounding her away. I needed more and more cucks and more massive dicks. At one point I had a house full of 30 starngers with massive dicks fucking my wife like a train wreck. She shortly died after a week from too much cucking. A car slammed to her at 80mph going the wrong direction. I now have no cuck action.

Tldr cucks will get your wife killed

22 yo cuck looking for strict bull to blackmail me into whatever you want.
Kik: jodel1676

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Kik poundskeeper

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>She shortly died after a week from too much cucking.
>A car slammed to her at 80mph going the wrong direction.


Want ?

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The old broad looks one sneeze away from turning to dust so just hurry up and post them before she snuffs it

A hotwife that is actually hot. Rare enough. Kik me and I'll show you mine, she honors the title too.

wiping cum out of her pussy

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a white trash slut and a masked nigger

I’ll do it also got a bwc kik me anon0867

Uk bull, I have a gf to trade if you're scared to go full cuck yet but I can get you there. Kik: Paaaulz

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I’ll also do loyalty tests or snap girls my cock. So kik me

>I have a gf to trade

Sounds like an awfully roundabout way to say you're a cuck too.

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putting on clean thong

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Cute toes, legs and ass. Keep going

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Fuck yes! If you have a Kik I want more of her love the candids. Hyg3iolatry2

no kik

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Well keep going here then

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i told her to get her husband to get her some new tits. you agree, or like em like that?

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Gf with a fuck buddy. She’s getting fucked by 2 brothers on Wednesday.

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Kik me your sluts for a rate/wwyd burner1002



post more nudes.

I'm more of a log men myself, but her with fake ones could be nice

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Those toes... More ass? Or ass and soles?

This may be the cringiest shit on Cred Forums, and thats saying a hell of a lot.

Massive load.

ass and soles

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Attached: Ti0UJMG.jpg (1536x2048, 543K)

Attached: 7A432B0A-BCDA-42DF-A507-B1630DF176D0.jpg (693x911, 438K)



So inviting

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Looks promising


Ich komme auch aus BaWü

I would eat that ass

how about AMC? average mexican cock?

>real man
>on 4 chan
choose one

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where's the full-frontal?

high schooler

No fake tits. Bolt-ons suck.

Cucks and couples can watch me suck my own cock


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Kik me your girlfriends or wife’s and I’ll rate them NammiSjoppan

plenty of cuck content here


I just heard my crush qets fuched in evenning ...

whats the link? sorry I'm not familiar with gg

it's discord



Dang that's a fat cock

kik me jralph322 to talk about my gf

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looking for a cuck video I lost on PH:

The girl is facing the camera while getting fucked from behind. her face is super close to the camera and shes talking to the cuck and holding his hand a bit.

white girl and I think curly hair.

33m bull. Looking for preggo wife

Kik milkcarton86

9in 26M in NYC

Kik me @ bullishcock



Sharing my girl

Open with your age and location

Bull here message me on Kik iwin9000

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Why are all cucks white Americans?


youre small my nigga

wifes ass

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yes more!

Starting a cuck/bull group on kik

KIK me @ Bullishcock with which you are for invite

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Any yoh?


i dont usually use kik, too many closet fags lol
also had a super creeper last week

Damn, I feel ya. I just like using it to avoid captchas

then post more here pls :D

Nothing gets me off like cucks completely submitting to my 8" cock. Kik moffer234 to lose ur girl

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Any cucks in Provo or SLC? Here for the week then back to Cali.

Kik is ewhite933

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Attached: 20141101_155049.jpg (4128x2322, 1.79M)

any bulls over 6'4?
prefer well built

Kill all cucks

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All cucks should kill themselves

great tits on her, more?

Ya girl looks like trailer trash homie. Time to level up.

naw dog i love trashy girls

No it takes a wimp with no self esteem

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This is pathological. You deserve each other. Just please don’t have kids, humanity doesn’t deserve that.

Better angle? What's the story

nice, more tits?

More with face?

She needs to use that Downey back there to clean all the skank out.

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lets see these tits?


Cat eyes.

Oh she does have cat eyes. The fuck. Is she possessed?




This one wants to be a sissy bitch. He just doesn’t know it himself. Easy to manipulate tho

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Kik me @ bullishcock

Invite to Bull/Cuck group

Kik Dinkinflicka69

Google fourniers gangrene

my gf needs a real dick...

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I will gladly give her one based on that ass alone. Show more

more of her

Been talking about hotwifing with my gf alot last few months
26 bbw wpg canada

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Attached: 20191227_064729.jpg (927x1731, 680K)

Attached: Screenshot_20200121-165218_Video Player.jpg (720x1280, 447K)

Sadly she doesn't like to send nuded, just teases me

Attached: 78.jpg (1280x720, 41K)

Attached: 20200121_164024.jpg (680x1208, 393K)

maybe shell send me nudes

So pathetic you cant get nudes from your own gf? lol She really does need a real dick

Attached: 209764314689087.png (640x480, 370K)

Wow that’s a beautiful dick. I’d happily give my gf to that monster

I am from Nuremberg

Holy fuck. Have kik?

Cuck and force fem cucksissyb1tch1 on Kik.

Dernettejungemann auf kik

Wwyd how would you cuck me

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Send me your women. Can do wwyd and captions if you'd like.

back from a break and yes she's 24 lol

Attached: 322.jpg (1556x778, 209K)

I literally didn't realize he had a mask on at first.

He refused to share with me because he’s “not as much of a cuck as he thought”. Eh. If anyone did manage to get pics from him share them here

Fuck me. I’d get deep in that. What’s your kik/snap? Gotta see more of that ass

Not got either wwyd? Will share on here

Attached: 24805035-2345-48E6-85F8-132027DC5E2B.jpg (1280x960, 264K)

I’m UK based bro, make an account. I’m sure we can come to an agreement. How quickly do you think your babygirl would drop her panties for a hung stranger? I’ll have her bent over the arm of my sofa, belt around her neck, reaching back and spreading that tight little ass for me. Might even let you hold her hand while I stretch her out

Nice get

saintsfantu 22m bull , expose ur girl

please upload my girl on xhamster or imgur. kik uit78

I know her she lives in okc have some nudes too

Attached: 53.jpg (2074x1245, 462K)

Ah don’t think she would it’s more of a fantasy atm, wwyd?

Attached: 066F6952-478C-4ACF-980C-4C825993C81F.jpg (1280x960, 245K)

My gf agreed to fuck another guy while I watch and I've never been more turned on. It's gonna happen next week, I'm so excited.

Attached: 20190712_195018.jpg (1328x3861, 1.84M)

she got nice tits

Only a fantasy until she starts getting excited about the idea of having a nice thick cock to play with. Has she ever taken two cocks at the same time? I might bring a friend so we can violate your babygirl’s mouth while she gets her cunt stretched out. I imagine having two cocks inside her would get her feeling very slutty and naughty, she’d be dripping

fuck, I'm in love with your girls ass

She’s never took two she’s filthy though what else?

Attached: 9908818D-DC37-4ABE-AD26-C4542924335C.jpg (1280x960, 380K)

I bulled over the summer (is that the term? I don't fucking know. I'm not familiar with this community) for a couple that were regulars at the bar I worked at. It was a strange experience but I'd do it again.

Attached: 08.jpg (1176x2090, 450K)

damn, if you have Kik hit me up: Fed_Up1992

I would like to provide detailed inspection, comment, and feedback of your girl
Kik 1937d

cucks kik me bull here

Do you have snapchat?

Maybe she’ll fuck you...

Attached: F7B3E329-7BDC-497C-8A91-E6FBFFDE0BC0.jpg (1063x1951, 770K)

Philly area. Respond with your kik if you want me to fuck your gf or wife. I'm experienced.

Attached: received_10153350172996527.jpg (1158x2048, 110K)

Message james.baxter93 on snap, tell him you want to see holly’s cunt

I love big pussy lips

Go on. I bet she would love my 9 inch cock

This closet gay shit is just getting pathetic

About 15 years ago my wife and I had a threesome with a guy she picked off plenty of fish.

Attached: PANA2802.jpg (1280x960, 181K)

i want to watch a bully fuck my girlfriend raw and cum as deep as he can in her..telling me she is a good whore as he unloads in her

Cuck sent me this. Not bad

Attached: 22EB2FE2-64B8-40A0-B2ED-41637831562E.png (750x1334, 1.23M)

Off yourselves, cucks. Bye

She’s very conservative.

Attached: 2B483E33-F2CA-453D-B441-30A5594E993C.jpg (1125x2051, 1.66M)

Would love to slip into that

She is only conservative until she sees my dick then she will be my slut