What were his last words?

What were his last words?

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Ooga booga oboonga


"hey let me drive"

Whytee, dety iz raysis.

Pull up, too bad the pilot thought it was hol up.

UAV inbound

'this ain't the way to the kfc'

I love China

"See you guys in the chopper."

honestly if I was in this situation im probably trying to jump out of the helicopter before it hits the ground

you're still probably dying but you aren't in a metal coffin

I thought itd be the ultimate "KOBE" if they had hit a small pond and survived.


I dindu nuffin

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'muh chicken'

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what does this button do?

Das right take all daddys jizz in ya bootyhole daughta...KOBE!! *squirt squirt crash*

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"i tried to catch fog once

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Probably reaching for his daughter and saying "Oh God please no," like any human would do in a similar situation

more than likely G forces are pressing you into your seat and you are trying to figure out what is going on. you might feel the impact but the force of it knocks you out. if you don't die in the impact, you might come to but I imagine you slip away do to blood lose from internal injuries. if these don't get you, I guess the fire does.

Fuck you wypipo

This is de wey

trying to grab some ass right up to the end
typical negro


Wakanda foreva.

that part sucks, knowing your something is fatally wrong and you look over to protect your kid for split second, then slam knowing your dead and darkness.

I think centrifugal force would say otherwise as you get pinned against the wall while the helicopter goes into an out of control spin

I wonder what this button does

I think they were just too low and smacked into the hillside.

Man...if only you had decent grammar this is almost certainly how the situation went down.

does anyone know if the helicopter was inverted or anything, did they just fly into the side of the hill?

that's where the years of training to stand up in the gravitron at the fair kick in

There was an onboard fire

sorry, I have been up all night at work. it sounds good in my head but it doesn't always get down to my fingers correctly

kobe highlights are always FIRE

You didn't even do the better quality one

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No there was not you fucking nigger.

>Be me
>Helicopter tour pilot
>get a celebrity and a bunch of children for this ride
>gonna be boss
>helicoptering along
>see wife getting banged in her bosses car
>fuck life, embrace hillside.

a fire before or after, surely it burned afterwards.


wasn't it his personal pilot and helicopter?

"I'm Kobe Bryant and this is the chopper drop"

Endless popcorn chicken, im ok with this.

that's not bad

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I dunno, I barely care enough to remember the dudes name.

"Atleast I didint wast my life on Cred Forums."

It was spinning like it lost its rotor and tilting down. Maybe the hydraulics went out


Can't wait for people to start blaming boeing

Buddy of mine is on the recovery team....
The blades from the tail rotor hit the ground and then ended up in the passenger compartment.

They only found half of Kobes head so far.

Such a shame too, Gianna had a NICE BUM

The pilot wasn't IFV so he was following the highway because of the fog and smashed into the hillside because he was too low and couldn't see it.

which half?

no chance of an autorotation crash landing? if they were spinning, they were just holding on for dear life. can't do shit when those G forces hit you.



I call bullshit, if his head was chopped in half, how the fuck are you even going to tell it is him

lol helicopters are pieces of shit

I am a rapist.

Oops, I ment IFR. I was thinking VFR and slipped.

Ooga booga where da white wimmin at. Naw I'm sane Naw I'm sane Naw I'm sane Naw I'm sane Naw I'm sane Naw I'm sane

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"Orange man bad"

What a shit pilot

I got dirt on Hillary.

Slam dunk!

i should have listened to Cred Forums you have 10 seconds to name something dumber than traveling by aircraft


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Epstein no suicide

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Who is John Galt?

"Shit" - Mr.Bryant last words.

Who cares, he's a nigger, and all niggers deserve death.

'sheeeit' Kobe Bryant

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we was the best basket ball team alive the los angles niggers I mean lakers.

I'm usually always on board for edgy humor but man how can some of you post the shit you're posting after hearing about this? Like on a human level I would just feel..gross. I'm just genuinely curious what it's like to be that empty of a person.

He probably told his daughter to stay calm and that he loves her.

they can Jump but they cant fly.

I was gonna say Ssssshhhhhhheeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittt


he held his kid and said
>'oh lawdy we's goin' to Jeeezus now chile'

Just stopping by to point out that he raped a woman back in 2003.
>muh bassetball hero doe!

Eject!! Eject!!!

I guess you didn't look into what came of that accusation. Do we suddenly just believe all women now?

He is an admitted rapist, fuck him

>black guy
I mean it checks out though right?

Get a load of this cuck


every ones crying over rape nigger and his char baby, eat shit nothing of value was lost. these niggers were entertainment for high stake bets and to sell nigger shoes nothing more. And fuck this nigger the weather was so bad pilots were told they could not fly. But they this super nigger fly beace he had so much money and thought he was so smart because he can bonce a ball.

Ho Lee Fuk

Who fucking wrote this shit code. the firmware for fuel management system is fucking garbage

“Holy crap this helicopter is plummeting towards the ground, I think we might die”

This is Cred Forums not feelschan


If they ejected wouldn’t everyone hit the main rotor?



TRUMP 2020!

Image with smoke looks staged and fake. He's probably off to Israel, maybe he was a pedo like Epstein. I'm pretty sure as Iran begins its spiteful attacks on America and its allies Multimillionaires are getting ready to split to some place safe.

Muh dick

Muh Dik!

He probably told his daughter he loved her or something

million people die in war none even blink.... stupid nigger dies in helicopter after everyone told him not to fly that day everybody looses there shit.... society is funny

His last words were "oh no....pain is changing me from being alive NOooo *shits himself so hard he flys out of the crashed helicopter*

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Beat you to it.

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probably thinking he gonna die with this kid who isn't even his.

It slammed into the hill at 184mph while descending at 45mph. Even jumping out, you're dead.

That daughter is from nigger rapper. Not his kid
Fucking hilarious.

Didn't his daughter try that and get fucked by the chopper blades? Lol

Niggers are not self aware

seek help you psychopath

RIP Kobe, his daughter, and everyone else lost



Actually you won't die. Just wait to be 2 meters from land. In that moment you jump. It will be like jumping a fence. You'll be alright.

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You remind me of user who wants to go where the warm is
>8 minutes per hour

Considering it was a CFIT accident (controlled flight into terrain) and they were traveling at over 200 mph in low visibility, they likely didn't know they were crashing. There one minute, gone the next.

I feel bad for his daughter and his family, but really not a terrible way to go in the grand scheme of things.

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Awwww sheeiittt

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I hope it cries during a fuck fest

Over 200mph.....

This one looks fucking good


The chopper is completely safe, I hired the finest Negro mechanics available to maintain my ride. Wat could go wrong?

nigger what

Do a Barrel Roll!!!

This. A million times this.

Sorry, just read a new article and did the math: it was 160 knots, or 184 mph. Their rate of descent at the time was 4000 ft/minute or 45 mph. That's more than enough to kill everyone on board instantly. Sounds like I was wrong and it wasn't CFIT. They climbed and then dove into the hillside; probably knew they were crashing.

Black hawk down

You wouldn't die if you jump at the right time. Perhaps a broken ancle, that's it.

Hey dont drive like a peasant I'll take us to the children's basketball game in my helicopter...whats that smell?

Do a barrel roll

It was his helicopter. Also read he was flying it,but I'm not sure if that was corroborated


Super cool. Can't wait to hear more details

Sorry, but this is BS. The helicopter hit the ground going 185mph, there was nothing left of the fuselage and little left of the bodies.



"I have information too prove Epstein didn't kill himself"


from all reports it was so foggy they couldn't see where they were and just flew straight into the mountain

he was dared to aim at a pond, he yelled KOBE and took hold of the stick.

thousands of people die everyday Kobi isn't any different or more special than any other death

he probably told her to stop blowing him cause he was worried about her biting his dick off


Cred Forums/b are faggots

> All you had to do was follow the damn train, CJ !

"I'm a flammin' fagot!"

Why? because he's famous? If you've laughed at rekt threads or anything related to death or human suffering then you're a hypocrite



>Just a broken ankle

It wasn't like the helicopter was going 10mph. The speed would probably still kill you.

No, humans are dumb fucks. The police choppers were grounded because of the dense fog. The pilot should have done the same, but went anyway. Most accidents are attributable to human error. We just can't seem to learn that...

Eighteen seconds after beginning the turn, the helicopter had lost 800 feet and returned to an easterly heading. But what the pilot had failed to reckon with is that the ground rose not only straight ahead, but on the sides as well. The S-76B had impacted a hillside above the Los Virgenes Municipal Water District facility at a speed of 170 mph.

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Barkley... thank you...

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> why should i feel bad for him when others die too
You must some special kind of autist

170 mph was near the top speed of the Sikorsky of 178 mph. Through foggy conditions. At EXTREMELY low altitude.

Either the pilot was hungover or Kobe took a turn driving.

Oh, it's just that simple? Idiot.

They couldn’t see anything, there was intense fog at a low altitude, hence the crash. It was quick and painless and they probably get nothing.


"Cred Forums is and it's only effect on the world is to validate ignorance, stupidity, and misanthropic world views"

Weird, right?

“Kobe’s helicopter is 29 years old, and most Sikorsky S-76s fly with two pilots. On Sunday, Kobe had just one pilot, who was likely flying on visual flight rules, rather than using instruments to monitor altitude.”

There's no excuse for this, if visibility is low. Don't fly, why is this so hard to fucking understand. Take the God damn car who cares if you get stuck an hour in traffic. It most definitely isn't worth dying.

Pass the watermelon

helicopters are shit. airplanes are shit. and pilots are fucking faggots.

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bernie lost 6 votes

Imagine being this retarded.

Sikorsky is a shit hole that hires degenerate weed smokers and alcoholics


Yet you're in here for a thread dedicated to him, cuck.

Ba na na

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what a worthless machine a car can tell you there is a raccoon ahead and stop automatically a helicopter can't detect a mountain fuck flying and fuck pilots

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Sikorsky makes *easily* the best helicopters in the world. They don't have a close competitor.

The Sikorsky S-76 has sufficient instrumentation to fly in zero visibility. With the right pilot, you could literally tape completely over the windshield and all windows and still get where you're going. In this case, it was the pilot's incapability that caused the crash.

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"scarlet begonias!"

Blacks can't fly a heli, they're too stupid. - >

"hold my basketball"

Seriously, many died, the pilot too. Nobody crys about them all. Everyone talks about "the rich / vip guy" . That fucks me up every time such accidents happen.


From what we know, he just crashed into the side of one of the mountains in the fog. The pilot was inexperienced.



At least you tried.



never fly shitty american helicopters, like never fly a shitty boeing, get an european one if you dont want to die

"...and the secret ingredient to the Colonel's Original Recipe is..."

Ayo nigga bix nood shieeeeeeet fam dis fuggin cray nigga, shiiiiiii-

Lemme do the helicopter in this helicopter real quick.

Society ain't funny at all, son. It's the most natural thing to care for those you know/like. How the fuck you gonna blink an eye for a faggot you don't even know exists? Besides, if they retarded enough to be in the army, then I can safely say, nothing of value was lost.

Lol he wasn't a rapper you fuckin idiot.

>What were his last words?
Damn Captcha is raysis!

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>retarded enough to be in the army

Being drafted and you have no choice

But it's fucking accurate you mong.
It's like the bullshit with Sandy Hook when it first happened, it was a terrible tragedy but guess what, thousands of other children die in ways even more horrible than Sandy Hook. It's either you sympathize with every human, or you're selfish and literally care about yourself and the people closest to you. Not sympathizing with millions makes it easier for everyone.

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>What were his last words?

Make this thing do a flip bitch.

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op is a homosexual and also likes being chucked

Kobe Bryant was a rapist.

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Hes an american nigger playing some sport I last played in pe class. Its literally more disgusting to pretend youre actually in any way part of his death

"Damn I should have hired the White pilot instead of muh brutha."

He probably said I love you to his daughter

The grear KFC in the sky, yo.

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I didn’t think we were supposed to land here

Are those really the best pics they had of those people?

trips of truth checked

cops are pussies. kobe's pilot was flying just fine until he wasn't.

Probably correct but also not dank at all.

GTFO Faggits

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Probably "mamma mia"
He grew up in Italy.

"All we had to do was fly the damn Heli, Gianna."

"but i dindu nuffin"

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I lost.