It's very simple. Here, I'll make it as clear as possible so that your tiny little brain can understand

It's very simple. Here, I'll make it as clear as possible so that your tiny little brain can understand.



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Yeah what u gunna do about it fuccboi?

lol my SJW ex was antifa. She was hot but also crazy. The feminazi man hating type, but also attention whore who would take nudes and need rough sex. Wouldn’t swallow though, “too degrading”.

That's awfully fascist of you...

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Anti antifa


You wouldn't need a mask if you were in the right you pathetic little cock sucker.

kek, antifa are a bunch of faggots... they usually attack you from behind, hitting you on the head and stuff but then they cry when you put a knife out of nowhere into their livers

Les fascistes de demain s'appelleront eux-mêmes les antifascistes

Sup fuckboy? I'm a white cis male and I vote Republican. What are you gonna do about it?

Quick question, so I dont identify as antifa because yall are a bunch of angry angry hippies.
How exactly does that make me a fascist?

i hope i get to drive over a group of you fags one day

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If you don’t stand against them, you enable them.

Who says I dont stand against fascists?

thats what a fascist would say

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Pic of her?

Fascists fucking suck

Antifa fucking sucks

anyone who uses the threat of violence to perpetuate their ideology sucks

Maybe if Antifa wasn't a bunch of whiny violent faggots who like communism, people might like them more.

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So what you are saying is that antifa is fascist because they say they stand against fascists?

Antifa cowards would get their dicks pushed in.

I want to join an anti-fa group. I am sick and tired of these fucking racists. Can you give me the number of a recruiter in Indiana or nearby states?

The Nazi party called themselves socialists. It's like that.

Yeh but Mussolini is pretty cool tho

aaaaah I see, so basically the point is:
Fascism got a PR firm to rebrand them into antifa ( catchy name )
They now go beat up anyone who doesnt agree with them
You are fascist if you dont agree with them ( No one wants to be fascist because history )
You are brainwashed into becoming a antifa member and dont care anymore if you are facist.

Did I get it right so far?

Ok rabbi

I dunno bro. Sounds pretty fascist to me.

no thanks

i too would love to meet some antifas in the florida area

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Anti-Antifa actually turns into actual anti-fa.

I don't think this is bait at all. Please continue.

You like Hitler and oppression, too? We should hang out.

For me it's millhouse

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Pretty much.
No one wants to know they're the baddies.

Aren’t you being a fascist by promoting a uniform ? Dumb af

centrists like you suck

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Bait threads are really YLYL threads with a specific joke.

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>if you're not a lefty extremist like me you must be a centrist

Anyone who identifies as any of this bullshit is a total faggot.

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>Antifa is the only club that let me join

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Actually, the precursor to antifa started it in germany, inspired by the russian revolution. They became such a problem that other political parties had to form their own militias. Among them the nsdap...

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Antifa are just as bad as fascists.

Also, define "fascist" without looking it up.

You're mother

Like Mussolini and Kennedy

Y'all ever just take a shower on all fours in the dark pretending you're a wet rhino in the Africa Savannah durring the first rain in years?

holy fuck. i thought i was the only one that did this

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"thats what a fascist would say" is what a fascist would say.


"'thats what a fascist would say' is what a fascist would say." is what a fascist would say.

>Anyone that does not identify with a group that labels anyone they disagree with as "nazi" just so they can feel justified attacking them
>Said group throws bricks, glass bottles and molotovs, beats people over the head with bikelocks and peppersprays people from the shadows cause they know if they get seen they are fucking dead.

Antifa is a fucking joke. Acting as if you're all fucking rebels and anarchists, but as soon as you're the ones being hunted "oooooh mr policeman pwease hewp me I'm just a widdle fucking baby these nazis are attacking meeee"

Hang yourself you useless cretins

We have a vision of order

For The glory of helghan

What is a to lose a little bit of freedom for the sake of the well being of everyone?

Someday i will raise an army and make people actually work for their country, weaklings.

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Doesn't matter, the united states government is gonna wipe anyone who is forming a militia against the state. Government is already at war with the mob people.....creating new bullshit with no money to spend is pointless. Why can't you faggots just be normal?


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lol it's funny when right wingers larp as leftists on the internet, they're so bad at acting

how many of the butthurt fags you've "baited" are just you samefagging?

If you stand against fascists then you're an anti fascist. You've been shown an artificially homogenous view of antifascism, it's superficial, concocted merely to serve right wing bias.

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fuck you glow brighter than the bushfire in my back yard

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Yeah, and? I hate commies anyway.

Also faggot try harder next time, this is shit-tier bait. it screams irony. conceal it more!

Saying fascists and antifascists both sucks is very similar and about as useful a comparison as saying both overmicrowaving burritoes and living human infants both suck. It's like, yeah, I guess that's true, but, you're kind of over simplifying

well everyone hates communists. this is true. antifa members deserve to be hung, but who has the authority to give normal citizens to right to hang them? no one really. the point is to just let them fry balls on their own. these groups are pointless. we have an entire military industrial complex to combat foreign terrorism/communism. we don't need crazed people on god knows what meds trying to take matters into their own hands.

you do realise that this is a quote from actual leftists right?
at every antifag rally they shout this retarded shit

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I think that's what the fascists, sympathizers, and impartial centrists tell themselves, while families are eradicated. Easier to just dismiss them as insanely whiney than admit they're being systematically targeted by a hegemony you intrinsically understand you benefit from and uphold.

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There is nothing inherently wrong with being fascist tbh.

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lmao nothing has never not happened more than that has not ever happened

these commie niggers in the cia are gonna get fuckin assassinated anyway. who gives a shit about them. they all wear black too btw hahaha. you can run but you cant hide nigger

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gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8

It's very simple. Here, I'll make it as clear as possible so that your tiny little brain can understand.



Imagine being this bored you need to manufacture a hate thread. Get a job faggot