Can we get a dead or dying women thread going? I've been meaning to make a folder for awhile now

Can we get a dead or dying women thread going? I've been meaning to make a folder for awhile now.

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Please contribute guys I'm desperate. that's basically the extent of what I already have

best gore


try this one gg/Mv8Ace

nice thumbnail even this gif is higher res

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what is gg/misc mean?

I thought my stuff was saved at a higher res but going through it now a lot of it is really low res for some unexplainable reason.

So if that yellow stuff is in the skin, how come we don’t see it if we poke ourselves?

You gotta poke real deep

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what a waste
wonder how she died

stabbed in the neck

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the wound, before the autopsy

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Have you fuck a corpse before?

Before death?


an actual public exhibit in china, i'm told

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why are they wearing socks?

Nice, how long do they sleepn?

Your guess is as good as mine

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Wtf they really do that

i don't feel something anymore when i'm watching theses pics or rekt thread.
only mexican executions make me feel a lil something...

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hey look its the dubs man!

Did anyone check for a pulse?

I'd still hit it ngl.

the woman looks older than the man

is she okay?

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Who is that

No after death.

There was this video of a man masturbating a woman and hanging her as soon as she started cumming.

Anyone has?

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natacha jaitt

Natacha Jaitt. Argentinian model who exposed a pedo ring and then died mysteriously

She was an elite prostitute

She was that too

Yea It's all just a filter, she fine.