What should I say to her?

What should I say to her?

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ey bby u wan sum fuk
>pic of butt hole attached

who is she?

>who are you?

>who is she?

A chick I went to high school with. Cute, athletic, white, blonde, short, and spunky. Fun fact: I had previously freaked her out in an incident where I was really mad (at high school teenage stuff) and yelled at her "Do you wanna die?!"

post pics then

How much for feet pics?


There's no time for that! I need you to follow these instructions closely! I have information that could lead to the arrest and conviction of Donald Trump but it can't be known that I leaked the info. Thats why I've chosen you, a random person, to cover the tracks. Nothing can happen to you. You're a private citizen with no other tie to the office of the president. First thing's first, take a picture of your breasts with the date written on them to know that you're not going to double cross me.

Do you prefer 90s anime over the current style? I myself find that today's anime is just not the same as it was back then.

Fuck this faggot
Do this


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QT as fuck. What's the best way to send her money or gifts?

I make the questions here... DO YOU WANnA DIE BIATCH?

This nigga

Should I ask her that?

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Do it! Also ask how much for feet pics.

I can't guarantee an immediate response but here it goes...

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I hope she responds soon. I'll send to her.

Call her a fag



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Damnit why do all these thots have venmo and not paypal?

Stfu nerd I'm trying to see what sort of fucked up weird sexual shit my former high school crush is into

I love how she doesn't even question you wanting to send money. What a time to be alive. Women have life on easy mode.

If I send you money can we get together so I can suck on your toes. I bet them toes are real salty

Right lol I love how hyperfeminism has turned women into whores.

Dammit this reply was to this guy

I asked an old neighbor that I fapped to all the time about sending money or gifts. She agreed to make an Amazon wishlist but only if I bought her $100 or more of stuff otherwise it wasn't worth her time.

Whats her venmo details then

It's not doxxing to show this, is it?

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Request feet pics

Ask if she will give you a gift for some cash?

I don't know user. Some claim it's fine unless their account is private. I got a 2 week ban for posting some chicks IG account before..

its not

Well for the record she's lying through her goddamn teeth about her Venmo name. I know her last name so I looked her up and found her. It's NOT the same as her Twitter. If any of you queers want to propose an alternate way to communicate that information, that's up to you.
She just said she doesn't do gifts.
No. Other than I think foot fetishists tend to be fags, I'm also taking this mildly seriously because I know this chick IRL.

>legit a donkey face

you fucking zoophiliac

I mean get a nude or sexy gift from her for cash.

Ask for a gift of cash what she would do to make it worth your while.

he ment YOU ask her... why r u such a faggot op? its time to get sexy

oh okay

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Ask how much she will send for dick pics.

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You mean if I send them?


Ask how much would you have to send to get a gift from her.

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You willing to pay it whatever the cost?

who cares retard. just make sure you're posting the questionable content from your mobile data rather than wifi. if you get axed, put your phone on airplane mode for minimum of 30 seconds, take it off and boom you've got a brand new set of credentials (IP, MAC, etc). routing your DNS through a foreign country/region also helps. you should always always have location services off and a panic button installed but if you are dense enough to have your location on, turn your developer mode on, click to allow mock locations then get an app called "private location" from f droid or github. furthermore I recommend getting an app called "connects" (allows you to see where every app is connecting with on a global map) and and app called noroot firewall (let's you prohibit Internet traffic from all apps/programs on your phone). you're welcome nigger.

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No response from her yet
Ouais , mecri tres beacoup monsieur .
You have a nump between your legs.

Update when she does. But what would be willing to pay to see her

No more than $50

I might make an exception since I know this chick, but I typically don't like spending too much money on sexual pleasures.

I don't think you'd get anything for $50. I suspect your looking at $150+

For that girl? Really?

Yeah she's cute but I don't see even this chick charging over 100 for anything. Most likely just a few risque photos for $50 and anything that would cost more she wouldn't be willing to do.

de nada mang

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Any reply yet hm?

Because they're under 45

Not cute at all, in fact looks like a genuine cunt and all around bad person

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Type Green Text

question with a question. There is hope for wins OP!

Good luck. hopefully she will bite for 50.

BBC in pooper

OP is a larping faggot, samefagging suggestions to his own thread.

You're telling me random questions generate answers within a few minutes, but the last one asked not ten minutes ago has an almost 2 hour time gap on the screenshot timestamp? GTFO OP.


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**correction, 1 hour.

Tell her you want to see her to see her intimately.

time actually fit
op asket here

It could be a larp but the time frame makes sense. She could have been in class or working or someshit. We won't ever know if its a larp; unless OP delivers his wins

Ask if you can eat her ass!

Might do that

I'll let you guys vote: See her intimately or ask for eat ass.

This is probably the saddest interaction between two humans on social media I've ever seen..the multiple ignored messages, the "Who are you?", immediately asking how to send her money, her not questioning it what so ever. I think I'm done wanting to live among other humans

or if she can eat yours....

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Kek eat ass of course

tell her you want a pair of her worn panties.

you could try to live under humans you actually like


This might get you further. Going straight to ass eating will work if shes a freak but who knows.

Stfu nigga you're on Cred Forums making fun of other people when you live just as sad and miserable of an existence as the one you're mocking (moreso, actually, because at least I'm having a good time with some Cred Forumsros on here)

ngl kinda wanna do the panties thing

Look around on findom twitter sometime if you really want to hate the world.

Do both...
Start with the panties and work your way to the ass!

do it. offer $65. she'll bite that hook

Here goes

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Good luck OP.

Hopes and Prayers

Keep following my advice user i have gotten you this far.

should have payed 69$

USED panties

Its funny OP but wheres the joke? lol

I didn't say used panties because I want to ease my way into this; not too aggressive yet.

Oooh bold move. Well see if it pays off.
Should have gotten a picture first

stipulations on panties.

>must be worn at least 14 hours

bapzoople. so many women are just expecting to be paid simply for having big flappy bags on their chest and a gash between their legs


i smell jealousy...


Nothing yet

you're damn right i'm jealous. wish i could make a living off of posting lewds and acting like a literal retard online.

>Not the user you replied to
A bit of jealousy, sure - who wouldn’t be - but, what’s retarded is when women bitch about having less opportunity than men, when in fact they have way more opportunity - and as user put it: they have life on easy mode.

For interest, also niceeeee ok

Someone else do this while we're waiting. I would if I knew people.

We can agree on that. lol

Not who you’re responding to, but I’m jealous of it. Wish I could get paid to do that. I have zero respect for the dumb simps who fund them though.

>they have life on easy mode.
I know this very hot early 20s blond. She posts 1-2 pics a week on IG and is constantly getting money and gifts from her amazon wishlist. She actually posted a pic of her car and a friends truck bed full of broken down boxes from all the gifts she received in December. The comments were all positive and some said she deserves even more.

omg... have you studied the blade by any chance?

My cock is a blade.

What's there not to be jealous of? Don't you want to be able to snap your fingers and have your cashapp blow up with donations from lonely women?

does anyone has screenshots of blackmailing ?

i do. kik me

Probably still uses an AOL address

No but I do use the same hotmail address that I made in 1996.

OP here. No response from her yet. This thread may end up 404'ed before I do get an answer.

In the event that that does happen, I thank all of you to leading me towards victory with random women on social media. To loose butthole and beyond!

Post her Twitter at worst your getting her new business.

Well its not an immediate no so maybe shes thinking about it. There is hope for OP

Toadies - Possum Kingdom

(IG & Twitter is the same for her)

PS: Her Venmo username is NOT the same as her Twitter, au contraire to what she says above. I might post that separately (or you can ask her yourself).

Judging by the time of day, she's probably working. Her answers are spaced out and sporadic.

Showing off the cute feets right at the top of her twitter page like a good slut.

Bump to keep alive

bump nump



False alarm

Send her creepy messages.

Her snap is also the same but no response

Im telling you, you jumped to quickly. Should have been more sly. Could have got great fapping material and built up to something.

Should have stayed Iistenting to me.