Let's get #cuckforKobe trending telling women to fuck black men in celebration of Kobe's life

Let's get #cuckforKobe trending telling women to fuck black men in celebration of Kobe's life.

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unironically this

I'm not je*ish enough to have a twitter account

How many white pussy he came into during his career ?

This is retarded, stop being faggots

All gay white men fuck black men. is more like it

because of the ghetto-hood image or because they're more dominating in bed whatever that means, nobody could still explain how and what they do

Lol even Kobe knew better. Why do you think his wife was black?

Took my wife's son out for ice cream in celebration of Kobe's life!

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Whats scary about you user is that you have >20 images of scat porn saved on your computer regardless of intent

let's fuck nigger skulls instead

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explain yourself nigger

I'm sure they'll listen to you.

Here's one for kobe being in nigger hell...high five.

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No, these images are fetched from imgur. don't you know how to use js?

Blame blacked.com for making such great content

oh fuck, do you stil have the greentext?

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So this is a "girls night out" ?

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philly cheesesteak with cheese Wiz

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I would love to watch her being fucked by BBC

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kobe fan and aspiring cuck here, couldn t ask for something better, wish my gf did it

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degenerate cuck
repent faggot

You're doing gods work

Don't be a cuck, you will feel greater pleasure in life with a loving wife and family than watching a nigger shag the love of your life.

>Implying cucks can love anything other than monkey spunk


exactly, thank you sir for showing me the way

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oh god yes, she looks a bit like her but skinnier and younger, wish she cucked me with a very BBC


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Breeding out those traits

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It's gonna take her 9 months to take that shit

Mumble talking, robbing liquor stores, and making single moms

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