What is your fetish? Have you successfully scratched that itch?

What is your fetish? Have you successfully scratched that itch?

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Exposing girlfriend
Dressing her up slutty in public

I have succesfully scratched the itch with 2 girls.

I want to watch my wife having sex with around 8 to 10 men just to see how she handles it all. Not done that yet....but trying....

I want to watch my wife get fucked my niggers and be forced to have intense multiple orgasms.

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>What is your fetish?
little boys.
>Have you successfully scratched that itch?
my lawyer advises me not to answer that question.

Forced exhibitionism is tough. Some girls will cave to make you happy and get off on making you happy and others just won't.

Some of them, yes. I've fucked girls in public, jerked off on them while they're sleeping, tried anal, throatfucking, and choking. I've tried fisting but most girls tap out after 4 fingers.

filthy Israeli Jew whores named "rat" this is my fetish b

Mmf threesome and ffm threesome. Various foot stuff. Ive fufilled all fantasies

Anything femdom, exhibition, strapon, cum eating etc. The first gf i opened up too make it all happen then dumped me soon after.

Took my niece virginity when she was 16 (5 years ago), we are still together, her mother (my sister) doesn't know.
Had her rim me, fucked her mouth and ass, and last year cucked her by fucking one of her schoolmate while she was hidden (and watching) in my wardrobe.

have a similar sentiment, doubt i'd ever actually scratch the issue

i want to see how she handles, more interested to see what happens if she orgasms too hard/much

belly button piercings


i've shown off wife(just not full on exposed) to internet strangers and a long time buddy, its addicting
she'd probably dress up more sluttily if she's ever fully back in shape
might try to convince her to walk around naked in her hotel room with the windows open when she travels though

Same here. Just the thought of her naked in a room full of guys and they will all fuck her. I want to see her exhausted and covered in cum and yes to see how many orgasms she can have.

Got pictures?

My best mate has seen my wife fully naked and gaping open too. His reaction when he see it was her was brilliant as I hid her face first.

Yup, I feel you. See her reaction, the noises she makes, how it all goes downhill for her, and the kind of mess she is in after everything is done.

Amateur girls saying filthy shit, like nasty fantasies and stuff but so hard to find much of that.

Not her but very close.

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oh man please describe, mine was more pleasantly surprised, but thats because my wife isn't built like a goddess

Lay off the porn there, bud.

barely legal pregnant teens


Feet and oil
I play with my girlfriends feet pretty much every day and oil her up whenever we fuck
I'm pretty lucky

To fuck my cousin, and I did but it cost me ££££

to be in a loving relationship


My girl has had hers since she was 11

Any sauce? I’m very interested

Mine has had 3 children so her pussy is lose plus she was pulling it open. He seen 3 pics before but didn't know it was her as her face wasn't visible plus she has 6 tattoos of some he's seen then the last pic he knew it was her. I sent him the pics so he could look in private. He loved her body.

More ?

>A redhead teen to sit on my face and suck my cock in a sauna

I hate that I love it but having girls cheat on their SO with me.

It's happened 4 times, I don't do it to hurt anyone it just happens

1 of mine is sisters sharing me, I was able to do that about 5 yrs ago with my gf and her young sister

kek... faggot

I wanna suck the cum out of the girls I know IRL after they have been forced into a gangbang

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True the noise when 3 guys are all fucking her at the same time would be crazy. And the cum and sweat would be all over her and her hair and make-up would be a mess too.

I love it when my wife says cunt.

fuck me sideways... sauce of the one in the middle?

I want to fuck a chick's urethra.
I saw s video of it once and I've been fascinated ever since.

Used to be preggos, eventually got to fuck one, doing cowgirl anal and she came, and accidentally pissed all over me.
Now I have a piss fetish, which I’ve scratched numerous times.

I'm really masochistic in a way that's hard to satisfy.

I literally can't imagine enjoying intimacy unless there is some kind of abuse involved, so I kind of feel like there is no point in expending energy on other people.

Even porn is just terrible. It's not made by people with certain needs or for people with those needs. It's designed to be shocking for five minutes to excite people that got jaded jacking off to vanilla porn.

It's literally lower risk to my freedom and happiness to dispose of a dead body than to open up.

It's really easy to tell somebody to get help when the reality of doing so is expensive and it's an underdeveloped science that awarded a nobel prize for frontal lobotomies and is currently attempting to convince those suffering from mental illnesses that the cure is feminization. I've lost interest in trying to kill the person that enjoys suffering and replacing him with a comatose pill popper digging deeper into debt. If a predator consumes, that is just nature.

Castration. It's a shame it only happened once. I don't really have any urges anymore so I have lots of free time.

I want to fuck my co workers face

Do you still think you're a man?

man thats amazing, does he still talk about the pictures/ask for more/talk dirty about her?

my friend would remind me every now and then about what i showed to him but it's died down now at this point

Nice blogpost, edgyschizo.

I like it when my girl pisses on me but she only does it in the shower

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Stuff like this - motherless - 6A0747E

sharing a girl online so much that someone finds her and fucks hers

that and her just sprawled out on the floor exhausted, cum covered and unable to do anything but lay there heavily breathing

Yes. I can still get hard but it takes a little work.

Imagine being this much of a beta

Fucked a couple trannies. Disappointed every time and not aroused in person. I have come to the conclusion I'm just too deep into porn and I'm not actually into trannies

seems like cuckoldry with extra steps

Love fapping to them but they're not great in person. They will never compete to the feel of a proper woman

I love sucking tranny cock, but I haven't had any in almost a year.

Why do cucks find this exciting ? is there GF the real brain behind this fetish or it's just porn addiction and the need to have the confirmation from other dudes that their wife/gf is hot ?
You plan on stopping porn and masturbation ?
pics of the trannies ?

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Yes he does say things now and again. I see a pic of his gfs ass. But he hasn't got the pics anymore as his gf would kill him and it would be even worse as she knows her. Risky. I'm sure he jerked over her pics too.

i'm into clown girls. i scratched the itch when i landed myself in a threesome with 2 clown girls from this traveling gothic circus that rolled through town but that only fueled the fire. gotta pump up those numbers.

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Mine: drunk/passed out girls, married women and Girls with boyfriends/fiancés. In all cases I love to cum inside them.

I’ve scratched several itches multiple times.

how about 8245B5D

also if you want real b/s let me know, pretty much got the entire internet archived, but I'll add a few links

I disagree. 2 out of my top-3 fucks were with trannies. They take dick like few women do and are generally just nasty pieces of filth. Granted, they were prostitutes, but still. I guess there's somewhat of a psychological component, as in I don't really see them as people, more just as living sex toys

Band staying at a members girlfriends
Playing a gig out of state.

Huge party the night before show
everyone chillin

Getting late into the am people are starting to find spots to crash.

Couple of people in the finished basement crashing with me.

2 females come down stairs with another member of the band.
After a while I can hear my friend fucking the girl he brought downstairs.
Somebody throws a blanket on me tells me to cuddle with her cause she’s cold.

I’m fucking hard listening to my homies girl moaning as she’s trying not to make it look like she’s fucking.

I apologize for boner and point at friends. She laughs and gets comfortable

I got my arm around her. I’m trying to drown out the moaning and go to sleep. This girl already seems to have passed out.

I must of started breathing differently or something cause I feel a hand grab my dick from over my shorts very timidly.

Shit.. I’m getting molested

I’m awake and I make it clear when I grab her tit.

She takes her hand off startled.

I do not remove my hand. Figured if this chick is jonesin enough for dick that she’s gonna grab some dude in his sleep. I’d probably get at least a hand job out of it.

Whisper to her, she can keep squeezing it if she wants.

Hesitated but she goes back to feeling me up.

After a bit a pop her tits out. Start playing with them

Eventually I take my dick out of my shorts. She jerks me off a bit.

I ask her if she wants to fuck. She says yes, but we really can’t make noise she doesn’t want people to know.

All good with me. She lowers her pants cuddles up next to me bare assed. Hand on my dick trying to squeeze me in her already wet pussy.

I grab my dick start rubbing it against her till she dripped enough on my dick to squeeze in

Raw dogg slow fucked her.
Bitch is too tight.. fuck, I could almost nut right away if I tried. Felt like pussy was pushing me out.

Couldn’t get the whole thing in, too far she would say it hurt.

Girl cums fast. Can hear her half whimper trying to be quiet.

Says to me, hurry it’s starting to hurt.
Ask her if she’s on birth control
She says yes.

Nut allllll in that bitch.

Next day goes on.
Everyone chillin

Me and female hitting it off.
She’s cool as shit. Sure it helped we already fucked lol.

Show goes on. Exchange numbers with chick.

On they way home friend informs me big tittied fine bitch is not something I should be talking back home.

Age legal in her state however.

Panic a little...
Realize it’s fine. check internet and confirm age with chick. Barely witching legal limit that month.

Go back and fuck a number times. Couldn’t get enough of those big tits and tight pussy.

Puts me on a dark path I would scratch when I was younger with different chicks but I’m too old now.

Barely legal shit makes me diamonds. Tight pussy when you know how to fuck is the dopest.

I had the interesting experience of scratching an itch I didn't know I had, mother/daughter (doing both, not them doing each other). Found out my wife's mom and stepdad were swingers. It got us into the lifestyle. Now I get off on seeing others experience the same fetish.

I had a really slutty girlfriend that went to university in NYC and she would not say no to ANYTHING.

She was annoying and I broke up with her but what I would do to have that again.... I live in NYC now and always think about hitting on girls on union square. Would absolutely love to fuck on one of those little dorm beds again infront of the window.

Interesting. What do you think it is?

>married women and Girls with boyfriends/fiancés. In all cases I love to cum inside them.
Had the same fetish in my 20s. Was just like a game to see how much you could get them to do.

True your just like me. Yeah she's naked on the floor legs still open and her pussy swollen still and some guys still want to fuck her again and she has no energy to push em off so she just let's em fuck her again. Then the nxt day I tell her she was fucked nearly 20 times.wow.

>Impregnating girls

My primal instinct is always to nut deep inside girls. I've gotten 12+ girls pregnant. 2 had abortions unfortunately. The remaining 10 all have happy children, I only speak with 1 (my wife) and of the other 9, 7 of them have husbands who believe its their kid and 2 are in relationships but the guys are not the fathers (eg - they met after I nutted in them).

It's fucked up. I honestly feel bad about it but I have intense desires to keep doing it.

I've also creampied tons of other girls who were on birth control or took plan b tho

I wish

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I can’t stop thinking about it

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i like my girlfriend to say no and stop when we're fucking, she forgets sometimes but she's in to it, she was quite innocent when she met me, i've gradually warped her mind to my will

I'm not a nigger, but I'd still fuck the pig for you

Good, but adore hearing woman say the filthiest stuff. Not easy to find on the mainstream vid sites

follow up note. if you find a girl that will lovingly do the dirtiest of shit on command, don't take it for granted...it may never come back.

i got cocky and figured i'd find another girl like that but as you get older girls have more to lose and aren't as care free.

some of my favorites memories:

waking her up regularly at 2 am to fuck her and she never turned me down no matter how tired.

i came on her face nearly every time.

she would wear the sluttiest things out in public no problem.

her making topless makeout videos with her dorm mate for me and the other girls boyfriend. so i go to see the other girl and show off mine.

her making a blowjob video with a friend and she did everything i requested. i'm really into blowjob porn and she did EVERYTHING i requested. the length of time, angles, she even said specific dirty things. the dudes mind was probably blown that a girl would do this. biggest regret was deleting that video.

Nice reddit spaced blog post you insufferable faggot

are you paying child support on the 2? Seems like an expensive hobby.

They’re all lame, disgusting introverts dude it’s all smoke and mirrors

also girls took WAY more nudes back then when there were digital cameras and revenge porn wasn't quite a thing. most girls won't do nudes with face unless you're practical married or they are total hos

^angry virgin

Right? Let’s just say I got many of them to do a lot...

Its the heavy makeup clothes and neon hair that I find so hot. Tell me a blowjob off of her wouldn't be amazing

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Girlfriend with a /ss/ fetish

what do you mean? like how the fetish formed for me?


Could be, could also be terrible at it, who knows. I know a handful of ethots, cam girls and “gamers”.. they’ve all got that same introverted weirdo thing in common.

Yes start there.

Straight shota... A female pedo basically

She could just lay on her back and let me do whatever I wanted and it would be better than any other sex imo

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Any chance you’d be willing to send links to my wickr? Real b/s is so fucking hot

Get help mate

Fuck off faggot

Liking nose, women sitting on my face, women pissing on my face, slapping me, liking womens ass and asshole, watching women pissing.

None sadly

Fucking Kalindra Chan and making out with her, having her as GF.


that's me, pretty much.
i always try to get my gf to wear stuff that show off her big boobs, i love it when guys stare..

my very first gf was really into it too, she got topless around my friends all the time when she got drunk and she'd be soaking wet after..

I don't use wickr, and yeah I know.

I could add some links here or through other means, don't really use social media apps though.

I'm willing to figure out something else or to stay here and share some things even though some of it might be rare, anything else that would take more time I wouldn't do for free as I might as well be working.

If you wanna do it in here, I'll add some, if something else other than wickr, I might go back and forth a bit, if you really care more than that, I will go through all my archives of regular sources and more extreme things and gather what you want for btc, got pretty much infinite bookmarks and terabytes of drives.

This is an amateur one that I like, b/s webcam, twins, there's more of these good ones in that exact gallery.


''my'' gf.

You cucks are so funny, do what you want, but don't be deluded, the moment you indulge in that cuck fetish and your girlfriend loosens up and does things, she starts enjoying it too and she's solidified as public property.

>What is your fetish?
Seeing pretty girls willingly getting it on with large male canines
>Have you successfully scratched that itch?

Rape orgasms
No and no

i'm not entirely sure. i've never been phobic towards clowns like a lot of people are, and i perform as a mime at gigs so i've been exposed to clowns for a good portion of my adult life. i work burlesque gigs too so somewhere in my brain some wires probably got crossed and started associating clowns with sexuality.

physically, i enjoy the exaggeration of features like eyebrows and lips and the thought that it can be anyone you want behind the makeup and persona they put on turns me on. they're often times very dexterous too, the two clowns i was in a threesome with were contortionists so that made for some interesting positions to try out. and i much prefer the darker gothic clown look (edgy, pointed makeup, dark patterns and colors) as opposed to say the traditional clown most people think of (bright neon hair, big shoes, red nose, etc)

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If you have kik I’d be willing to give you that. I don’t need all your content or anything. Anything you can quickly share is more than fine and would be extremely appreciated. Here works too if it’s easier for you. I’m not rich enough for btc though.

that's right dude, relationships don't have to be about ownership.. how old are you?

Damn that’s hot. You’ve seen it happen irl?

All my fetishes are fairly mild and normal. My wife's fetish is watersports, receiving specifically. I can tell when she's thinking about it and horny when we are out as she'll say things like, "you need to drink more water, you don't want to get dehydrated." I know it will be a good night.
She's been into it before she was even in middle school.

Describe your three best instances of scratching that itch?

I was concerned that as I was my wife's first she was lusting after at least one other cock for comparison, to the point where it became a bit of a fetish for me. Eventually she did go through with it - shit was cash for both of us (possibly for all three involved)

Loving sex for the sake of procreation with prepubescent girl.
No. Little girls are for fantasy only.

Alright then, don't use kik either, I'll either do it publicly here or if I figure out another app we'll do that.

I wasn't expecting a lot of money or w/e, but I figured if you cared that much and it's gonna be more of my time, I might as well take anything to make it worth it even if it's not much.

But obviously if you don't care that much and aren't expecting that much, it's fine, was just trying to figure out the balance, sometimes people do want more or expect like hours of things compressed and you're the one missing out, for example I'd be willing to make a wickr or take it elsewhere, but if there's nothing in it for me I'd be contemplating if it's worth it right now, that doesn't mean I wouldn't still help here or anything that could be easy.

Do you use discord? could use that and then delete messages after or w/e, so it's not all public in here.

Of course we'd have to stick to the rules though as wickr is a bit more secure, you get what I mean.

>You’ve seen it happen irl?
Yep. Invited to help out a girl who wanted to try it

it's me who gets to fuck the girl, even if others would like to. i'm not in it for the humiliation, it's quite the opposite in my case..
things aren't all black and white.

I like how cucks and people practicing polygamy always pretend it's about maturity and age.

Indulge in what you want, you will never be seen as more mature or special, lmao.

I'll fuck my bitch and fuck yours, I'll own my bitch and own yours, you're a bystander to life.

Only had the once. I was asked by a female acquaintance who was also into the idea to help out, as an inexperienced dog requires a bit of help. She did not fully trust the dog's owner

Amputees and Casts... Obscure as fuck but somehow I pulled it off.

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i asked you how old you were because of this ownership thing that you keep bringing up.. i feel sorry for your partners.

Share more of how it happened?

I could probably throw like $20 or $30 your way but not till mid-week or so. Probably not enough incentive though, and probably sounds sketchy as hell too lol

I do have discord though.

I don't have it written down so I'll have to type a greentext. Give me a minute

Cucks thinking ''ownership'' is about age.

Keep it up, your fetish literally revolves around others owning who you're with and you're so fragile you try to pretend it's different.

thigh high or stockings. no idea why but i think its the hottest shit ever.

apparently, it's fucking Emily R while she's trying to cook dinner

You know what, like $30 is obviously less than I thought of, but the fact that you even brought it up and for some reason afer you said it sounds sketchy, it made me still believe it enough that you're trying, I'll take you up for it, let's hop over to discord and maybe other things later, and you can also then take my pp or btc wallet and in good faith whenever you can send some over midweek, would still help out a bit with bills, so fuck it.

Can you give your discord? I'll pull it up and add you then go through my files and links.

thigh highs certainly do create a nice frame for a supple ass

>The girl was one I nearly had a relationship with, but she had a distance relationship on the go (OK, I was friendzoned).
>Still, we got on well, flirted a lot went out for drinks and meals and shared stuff.
>One drunken evening we ended doing a sort of "truth or dare" and I confessed that I was heavily into dog-on-girl, especially amateur
>Rather than be shocked, she confessed it was something she fantasised about too, and often found herself eyeing the junk of passing large dogs
>I asked if this was just a fantasy and she confirmed that if she had the opportunity she would definitely do the dog
>She also said she knew a guy with a Labrador that she had a crush on, but she thought the guy was a bit of a creep
>I said that if ever she decided to go through with it then I'd be only too willing to help


i find pantyhose and bodysuits under normal clothing extremely arousing and comfortable

it’s my biggest kink and i could never get rid of it. makes me sometimes wonder how it plays out with a gf and that topic. not hurting anyone and not trying to be a girl - i just love the feel

pegging and no. some fingering, and rimming yes buttplug too but never any pegging.

nothing gets me going like a cute bra. when you can see a bit of strap or the back band in public especially if it's brightly colored? have mercy on my meat

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Keep going

Time passed
>Over drinks one evening she asked if I was serious about helping a girl get it on with a dog
>I confirmed it was a definite fetish and featured heavily in my porn search history
>She said "Great" and confessed she had agreed to fuck this Lab she was in lust with and she was hoping I was serious as she wanted someone she knew there
>Arrangements were made
>On the allocated night we met up in a large barn on a farm owned by a family friend of hers who was out of the country
>Description of the girl - about 5' 4", long brown hair, hazel eyes, slim, about 100 lbs, A-cup, cheeky, wicked smile
>Description of the dog - large black Lab - not the biggest I'd ever seen, but lean (Labs can run to fat), active (bounding around), friendly and seemed to know what was going on as it kept trying to put its head up her skirt
more coming

My main fetish is blackmailing and exposing dykes.
I've done it numerous times

no, you didn't

>Could tell she was excited
>She took of her jacket and she was wearing a thick T-shirt and a short, denim skirt, both of which she said she was keeping on to minimise scratches
>She also had a pair of fabric knee-pads like gardeners wear in her bag.
>The guy took the dog off the lead - it didn't have a collar and he had a choke chain on it
>she started to get to know the dog, ruffling it's fur, playing with it - they were both getting excited
>The guy just stepped back, lit up a cigarette and just watched as he'd been told I'd be doing any helping
>The playing was getting a bit more heated and she started to grab at the dog's junk, he started to make small humping motions when she had him in her hand
>Pink tip was showing
>She stood up, removed her panties, put on the kneepads and knelt down next to the dog
>She started to bump her hip into its side to get it interested
>My trousers were starting to get tight
more on the way

Things I don't necessarily consider fetishes but part of healthy variety:
>fucked another guys gf while he was away, only because she wanted me
>fucking outside
>chicks who are really into giving blow jobs, are amazing at it, and swallow
>have girl orgasm while riding me, and me not come

Have done all of these. Took 9 years from losing the V to be able to hold it while gf came on me. Have had several gf's who were good at bj's but only two instances, with different chicks, which were god-tier bj's, unlike anything else you will feel.

>Labrador that she had a crush on

i can vouch for a god tier blowjob. i hooked up with a woman almost twice my age and she sure as shit knew what she was doing. i started to cum while she was sucking the tip and after a spurt or two she up and throated the whole thing and held me in her throat while my orgasm finished. there were two distinct waves of pleasure, one when it started and as soon as she got me in her throat i fucking lost it. i've never had an orgasm like that before or since

>Dog started to try to mount her
>She spread her legs so the dog was between them and hollowed her back
>Dog starts stabbing forward
>She yelped, lifted her skirt to put one hand over her asshole looked at me and asked for a little help
>The dog was clearly now down to fuck
>As she was covering her ass with one hand and holding herself and the dog up when it jumped on her, she could not guide the dog herself
>The dog was still stabbing and trying to find the right place
>She was continually shifting her hips to try to help it while covering her ass
>I reached under the dog, grabbed its dick, told her she was too high and, as she spread her legs wider and dropped her ass down, put the tip just above her pussy lips
>Bingo! Fido drove home and she let out a little gasp
>The dog started thrusting and promptly slipped out, air humping and spraying everywhere with doggy lube
>I grabbed slippery dog dick again and pointed it to the right place
>Rinse and repeat several times - dog and girl both getting more excited and frustrated
>Dog was also trying to climb on her with it's hind legs as itr mounted, raising scratches and weals on the outside of her legs (she should have worn something like leggings with a strategic hole)

This user knows. Yes, part of it is getting deep throated. My last gf could do an imitation of that with her tongue just under the tip, but not quite the same and she never achieved god-tier status.

Crooked tooth/teeth.
And yes, yes I have. At least partially, my girlfriend has the perfect two crooked teeth. All I need now is to get her to suck my dick eventually, hopefully~

god dammit Cred Forums. first you get president retard elected, now you're right back to fucking dogs.

it's time to settle down!.

Do you know how she even got in contact with the guy and brought up the possibility?

Similar to this

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But just one side.

very hot

more of her?

a good deep throater is a hard thing to find. i firmly ascribe to the ben franklin school of thought though. older women are the way to go. more experience, less chance of pregnancy, and they eat ass like they're getting paid for it.

>As I redirected the dog I could feel its knot starting to swell
>Finally the dog drove forward and home, making little, sharp thrusts and lying fully on her back
>Girl was nearly knocked onto her face so she removed her had from her ass so she could support herself and the dog with both arms
>She was just going "Ohmygodohmygodohmygod" with a few "breathy "fuck" thrown in
>I also stepped back as it was obvious the dog was now there for the duration with knot engaged
>I knew my next job was to keep the dog on her back once he thought he was done
>Dog cum was dribbling down her thighs and soaking into the kneepad fabric, turning the fabric dark green
>After about 5 mins the dog started to try to get off, the girl yelped "No! Stay! as he tried to pull the knot out
>I grabbed the dog's back and held it in place
>She lifted an arm from under her and grabbed one of the dogs forelegs to steady it
>For about 30 seconds the dog was struggling and we were trying to hold it
>Then she yelled "fuck!" and with a gush of doggy cum the knot was out and the dog's dick was hanging, red, wet and angry-looking
>She collapsed forward onto her chest, still on her knees
>The dog sat, licked its dick clean then got up and started licking her pussy clean, which initially made her jump
>I fetched a towel from her bag, the dog's owner pulled the dog away from licking her and put its lead on
>She turned and sat on one buttock, took the towel off me and wiped herself, looking decidedly distracted.
>The it was underwear on, towel and kneepads in the bag, quick word with the dog owner, made a but of a fuss of the dog
>Apparently she thought the dog was "A very good boy! Yes you are! Yes you are!"
Then it was off home, dropping her off on the way, then back to mine for a beer and a glorious and much needed masturbation session

>what is your fetish?
Being fucked by cops in uniform

>successfully scratched that itch?
I can't stop

Discord? Shes hot

Im somewhat of a sexual chameleon. I get off on other peoples fetishes, specifically fulfilling them or discussing them so i can see how excited they are by them. Anyone else like me or is this weird?

Adam Schiff?

I did ask a few times and she never really gave me an answer. Each time I asked the story seemed to be a little different. I don't know if the guy was an ex she was ashamed of or someone she met though a beast site. From the way she knew how to position herself and get the dog interested I got the impression it wasn't her first time, although she swore it was and she'd just watched porn to prepare and know what to expect. She never asked me again - don't know if she stopped or decided to use another guy as a wrangler.

>>Apparently she thought the dog was "A very good boy! Yes you are! Yes you are!"
This is the kind of detail that says user is either a very good storyteller or every word of this is truth. Either way, top marks.

Female feet

Scratched both

Not really; maybe? I did once fuck gf while wearing my motorcycle leather and white gym socks because she asked. She enjoyed it. Let her watch me shower while she touched herself. That quickly became for both of us though. Role reversal was hot too, but again mutual. I guess I would do most things if asked, even if I wasn't into it.

Can confirm. Met wife at 35 (her age), she does all of those things. Several of her friends have gotten divorced, and I hear the stories of the things they are dong now, far different than what they were doing in their marriages.

Fantastic. Did she talk with you at all about her experience?

>Have you successfully scratched that itch?
Getting there

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My ultimate fetish is to be caught dressed as a girl getting fucked by men by my wife and friend and then my wife saying to her her friend "this is why I fuck other guys." I'm cheating on my wife with another girl to make this reality possible

gay incest. plenty of old men happy to pretend to be my father as they fuck my face.

I'd like to see my mom used like a cum and piss slut. Will never happen.

My fetish is fmf 3sums. I have had one and my gf gave it to me as a bday gift. As a plus she knew I wanted them both to make out with my cum so as the finale I came all over their faces and watched as they scooped it into each others mouths and made out with my cum. One of the most empowering moments of my life.

Beastiality. Not very common.


did it first time ever 4 days ago. Shit was cash. Condom even broke and didn't realize so I got to do it raw.

I was an incel 2 weeks ago too..........

nuns, always been horny for them, closest I've come was a cute guy dressed as one on Halloween , now I have 2 fetishes.

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Fetish is first time giving bj

I want to be at a club or party with a new group of people, get to know everyone as the night dwindles down and the girls usually leave. That's when the remaining horny guys are left to keep drinking. I want to bring up bjs and dick sizes and then get one of the guys to sit back on a couch and I'm on my knees in front of him and just go to town sucking his dick. Other than that fantasy I'm 100% straight. Kek

Being surrounded by naked girls in a public shower.

Happened at the Glastonbury Festival at the end of the 90's. Didn't realise the showers were communal until I got in there, just one big tent or shed with showers along each side. Absolutely fucking glorious. I never expected to fulfil this fantasy, which I'd had since seeing Porky's. Girl to my left was young, cute, short strawberry blonde hair and perfect tight body and neat bush. She seemed really happy to be naked. To my right was late 20's brunette hippy chick with curvy hips and big tits, and thick black bush. All around there were other young women, and a few guys. Amazing how you can be so turned on but not boner. Thank you god for that day.

Like when my wife dresses slutty and we go to friends parties

They all stare at her then look at their own wives and wonder WTF happened to their lives lol

Keep in mind were in our 30s and so are my friends and their wives did not even try to stay in shape even this early in their lives.

Im glad my wife is a freak about not being fat.

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Just go to a gay club?

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Too bad I ain't with you lmao

Nah, its gotta be us straight guys that are sexually frustrated at the end of the night and I decide to help out. That's how the fantasy plays out at least.
A gay club is too direct.

How can she learn to suck dick when all she does is sit at her parents house doing that face for $$ from idiots like you

You're a good mate to have. Almost tempted myself.

Piss. I have a huge thing for being used as a urinal. Getting pissed inside is amazing when it's successfully done. I also really like watching men pee or ultimately holding their dicks for them while they pee. Everyday I get to indulge myself and watch my fiance pee, getting soaked with piss I usually have to be in the mood to get in a shower afterwards.

Eh, and I guess there's straight shota, loli mixed in sometimes too. I developed my sexuality and learned how to masturbate really early as a kid cause I watched way too much porn. I had a few close encounters where I could've done stuff with boys around my age too but they were all pussies. Lost my virginity willingly at 14 with another 14 yr. old boy. I genuinely only like 2D, and it's really not a pedo mindset, I'm usually fantasizing about the things I could've done when I was still that young, ect. I'm lucky enough to have someone who developed their sexuality early like me, so sometimes we fantasize together.

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Unbuttoned shirt, or suit and naked beneath. Never scratched that itch, my ex would undress herself in a handful seconds, and our sex was as vanilla and bland as you can get

Mature and chubby women.
Yes, I fucked a 33 years old woman, she has a nice ass and a belly that I loved, she wasn't fat, but had a belly as any milf, oh yea, she fucked me when I was 19 and her daughter was 18, those were the good times.

tall girls
prostate play


Regain control of yourself. Detox and gain your power back

I have very common ones:
- Lingerie (stockings, blondes, heels etc)
- strapping her down/light S/M with spanking etc
- cum in mouth, face etc

Got a new mistress last year, and she doesn't say no to anything! Sucks me off, dresses up for me, lets me tie her to bed and fuck her... All good!

Lovin' it!

Pic very related

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Noice got more ?
Btw how do you fuck them if they're tied like in your pic ? what position and all

Becoming a submissive 'girl'friend for an older couple, and all that entails.
>Have you successfully scratched that itch?
Yes. It was pretty good. Glad I did it, never doing it again.

Well with THAT attitude

When I was 19 I lived with 17 yo gf who had a white bathrobe and in the morning liked to just get out of the shower and climb on top of me in bed, with the bathrobe hanging open. Several times she fucked us to orgasm like that. Still gets me hard thinking of it.

Girl farts.

I'd been fortunate enough that a few girls were willing to humor me and fart in my face on rare occasions, usually they'd have a good laugh, maybe they'd joke about not kissing me the rest of the night and we'd move on.

My current girlfriend has incorporated farting into our regular sexual activities. She farts while i lick her ass, if I'm laying down and she's blowing me sometimes I'll reach down and squeeze her ass and she'll have one ready and loaded to release while sucking me. She'll also just spread her ass and fart for me while I jerk off to her playing with herself.

It's great.

In that position I cant, I just toy her. But with her hands tied on the back...

She also lets me face fuck her the way I like, and cum in her mouth and face.

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Btw anyone saved that webM of a girl teasing us with her tongue?

I want to fuck a cute, busty black chick and race play while I fuck the shit out of her and shower her in my cum over and over again. I want to call her my nigger slave and hear her say it back to me and call me master.

I have not been able to do this yet but I really really want to. Pic very related

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Panty stuffing.
Only managed to do it all the way inside the wife once. Usual warm up before sex, pulled her panties off, start licking her clit. Start fingering her, then start slowly pushing her worn panties inside bit by bit. Shes lifting her hips up and pushing down on my finger pushing those panties in deeper until they were completely inside her. Keep licking her clit until she cums.
Figured she knew what was happening and before I start fucking her she would have pulled them out or something. Trying to fuck, but super tight....she pulls the pin and starts looking for her panties to put back on. She asks do I know where they are. Floor bed etc? I'm like ummm they are inside you. She didn't believe me at first thought I was joking. Then flips out goes into the bathroom and pulls them out and chuck's them to me.
I fap like a mad man and hit the hay.

She's a keeper. Where did you find her ?

At work - she actually came on to me! She's turned on by people she can talk to, that cares for her...

Trying to keep her as long as possible. Wil perhaps leave my wife to keep this one.

>that cares for her
She was ugly in high school or got abused or something ?
nah dude keep the wife if she's more stable. A good shag is wonderful but a stable house is priceless
how good looking are you ? you're the only men at work she came to ?

Lesbian here, conceptually into it, it's hot to think about but I doubt I'd like the reality of it. The risk/consequences are just potentially way too high.

Fucking my ex’s little sister
Scratched that itch a few times. Too bad she has a boyfriend now.

Oh yeah?

Ass sniffing and ass worship, I have sorta done it, but not to the extent I'd like to

Pregnancy/breeding fetish

I did. I still have the itch but now I have a kid...

No, she's actually good looking at 40 yo and has several people lined up waiting for her. But she just got out of a relationship that wasn't good for her, with a guy that's just not nice. Think she fell for my care and listening skills. Have had her for a year now, and each time we meet is a new top.

I'll give the family a good thinking - 50-50 these days about who to choose. Thanks for the advice though!

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scrubs/nurses. itch not scratched.

And no, I'm quite plain looking with a tiny bit of a belly. So girls like this don't tend to come my way.

discord QfXhy9a has plenty

I'm no expert in relationship and stuff. Try to spend time with her without sex to see what drive her to your arms (to be sure she's not here to digest her failed relationship with her ex you know)
stay frosty my dude and think with your brain and not your dick
Godspeed for the future and congrats she's a cutie


A couple of times. Best time was banging my gf against her window at university. The flat oppersite were playing fallout 4, and at any moment could of turned around and seen her tits pressed to the window.

Yeah, we're giving it time now to get to know each other.

Thanks a lot man! Actually getting relational advice from /b... Priceless! :-D

taco bell spicy hot fritos burrito farts from a cute grill in and around my mouth area

My fetish is ditzy, vapid, plastic bimbo fuckdolls. Nothing makes my cock throb harder that a stupid cunt with massive plastic tits and a hairless body from the eyebrows down.

Sadly, I'll never get to use a bimbo cocksleeve because I am not an obscenely rich person.

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As in discord . me ?

Snuffing hot teen girls I know, no but I’m giving out their info to anyone interested

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My Kik is AanonMaximus2

I’d like a hot redhead to love me and take part in a meaningful relationship.


Yes, all the time. I always wear tight pants that outline my small junk. Yes, girls look and giggle. I love it.

My fetish: Mom/son
I'm not attracted to my own mother but always had a thing for a few of my friends' moms growing up. Older woman/younger guy in general is hot to me too but the taboo of the mom/son thing is intense for me.

I've scratched the itch several times now, using dating/hookup sites and roleplaying with older women. I've had the best luck with AFF but like any site like that it's hit and miss. One was so good at it and so into it that I genuinely suspect she may have an ongoing relationship with her son.

The roleplay thing seems to be relatively common but i'm not sure if that was always a thing or if current porn influences it.

The best time:
>year ago now
>arrange to pretend to be her son at college that she is visiting
>get picked up from "school", both of us trying hard not to break character
>hug and kiss, asks me about classes and friends
>takes me to dinner, some flirting
>parks afterwards, she has a "secret" she needs to tell me
>she slept with one of my old buddies
>we "Argue" then hug, start kissing and making out like teenagers
>she takes me to motel and i fuck her as she hisses at me to "fuck your mommy, give me your fucking baby"
And then it was over. It was almost exhausting to not "break character" that entire time. And suddenly she was a totally different person, more like the open minded woman i had been emailing with. Was jarring but also fun, coming back to reality, splitting the cost of the room, being able to be open and what was hot and what was awkward. I don't even smoke but felt like i needed a cigarette more than anything right then.

i have a fetish for pregnant girls

Yeah, my wife is also into it.

I really want to meet a date a t-girl. Not a femboy, not a trap, a full on t-girl.

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Transboys. Never fucked one

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walking in public with my cum on her face. and yes, i got her to walk through the mall, buy a shirt, then go to the apple store and ask for help with an ipad. pic is not her, but you get the idea.

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>Transboys. Never fucked one
I have, once. She had her tits removed already and was on hormones. With her clothes on she looked like a dyke'ish lesbian, naked she looked like a kind of hairy girl with no tits.
They were actually very nice but the sex was just mediocre.

cuckold where i'm the bull. i was able to experience it and it was great.

My gf had major gas the morning after eating the chipotle cheddar tacos from taco bell. She literally farted all morning, in my mouth, on my dick, in her sleep. Dreams do come true.

Emily Bloom, Ukrainian

massive masochism, I want to be cut up, slapped, hit around, choked, etc.

i once had a bf that’d choke me but thats really it. i’ve cut myself a lot too but i want someone else to cut me.

These are the bitches that got Trump in all this trouble?

I always dreamed about licking the anus of an asian girl.

I did it last year. Although for just around 10 seconds, it was magical.

I want to do it again.

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getting my GF to expose herself in front of others

Got her to go skinny dipping with another couple recently and I loved it

I live in sf and there is a big party centered around a marathon called bay to breakers where you dress in costumes.
My girl wore a sexy cop outfit with a little skirt. Halfway through the day she got horny and we fucked in someone's side yard next to the parade. After i came in her she threw her panties away and went the rest of the day flipping her skirt up and twirling while cum dripped from her pussy.
Best experience ever.

>65 million people voted for Trump
>Cred Forums got him elected

I want what you're smoking. He got elected because his opponent was Hillary Clinton you retard.

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looks a lot like AOC

Fetishes I have that I've completed:
>Public Sex
>Creampies in every hole
>Crossdressing (also in public) - this turned out to big a big fucking turn off, story if interested
>Asian girls
>Rough sex (choking/etc)
>Light bondage
>Exhibition; showing off gf in hotel windows, fucking on balconies, etc
>Going to a porn convention with my gf
>Creating my own porn with all my gf's - like actual productions tho, not cell phone bullshit

Fetishes I have not completed but want to:
>Piss play, pee on her, she pee on me
>Filming gf pissing in public places
>Making a career out of porn
>Someone, preferably a girl, watching my gf and I fuck while she sits in the room and masturbates but doesn't touch us
>MMF but I'm too jealous for that to ever happen in reality
>public domination - putting GF on a leash with nipple clamps, making her walk around like a dog with a mini skirt and no panties someplace like public library or school or whatever, obviously filming the whole thing

Ah nice. She got shy pretty quick but not so soon that the guy couldn't stop talking about her body to me when the girls were farther away and all the clothes were back on

i got a mouth stretch fetish.
i like porn of girls when they suck big dildos and open wide around it or mouth gags or panties in mouth alot. i like that mouth brace opener thing but not really the gums

She was also walking around naked with the curtains to the balcony open all week (on vacation)
I don't know if she realized what she was doing but considering how easily I could see into other rooms people could definitely see her too

okay micheal

used to dress my 16 year old girlfriend like a schoolgirl when i was 17

fucked my ex in the ass when she was sleeping then she tried to say it slipped to her pussy. it didnt. and she tapped from 3 fingers

used to fuck my ex in public.
at the library, behind the school, across from a bar with people watching, in a feild, ect

>Exhibition; showing off gf in hotel windows, fucking on balconies, etc
Any good stories on this?

>Piss play, pee on her, she pee on me
Mentioned it above, but have to say, I didn't even know I was into pissing on a chick or in her mouth until my then-GF, now wife asked me to do it. When a chick is into kinky shit, it's so fucking good.

Finally got her to wear a thong at the beach.