Chubby/slampig thread

Chubby/slampig thread

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Does anyone have more of her????

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Had a threeway with this slag and her bff

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Looks like she'd be fun. Seconding for more


Story? More?

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Got a friend who sends me pics of herself.

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Mmm. Thicc, More?

I got you.

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Forgot image

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yessiir I also got some with underwear

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Legit cute.

Anything more revealing?


Like this but fully nude?

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Yeah I got a few.

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i literally love her. please tell her

Cute face decent body. One hell of a slampig

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Pierced. Nice.

Howd you meet her?

Yes please

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We went to the same school but I started talking to her because we met at a house party once. Started hanging out and got to know each other.

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full body?


Fucked her I take it?

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>Met this awkward fat girl on tinder
>fucked her two times
>likes it rough (choking, slapping, spitting)
>call her slampig a few times too
Can't suck dick for shit though
>One day she asks to meet up
>meet her and she has her equally chubby friend with her
>apparently she got stood up so she was invited along
>invite them both back to my place
>tinder fuckbuddy apparently told friend about how our rough sex
>friend wants to she fuckbuddy how to suck cock
>things go on from there
>get to rough fuck them both while they make out
>end by cumming on their tits/faces



Best I got for full body.

Plenty of times.

I'm also gonna show her your reactions I'm sure she'll appreciate them.

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.gg/tnuT35 get involved

Yep. Thats a body made for fucking.

here you go.

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Got any of her friend?


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Just want to give her a good raw dog dicking.

Yeah but cropping the pics

double underwear to keep the stink in?

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I'd definitely fuck, not date though

Keep going

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I got like a couple more pics. Just dumping what I have.

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Satanic trips!

Also, post her reactions if you get something before it maxxes

Pics in lingerie?

Yeah that's what I did lol

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Similar with tits out if you wanna full nude I got a few

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Creepshots of my chubby neighbor skinny dipping
discord link gg/D8j8K4

I'll definitely post them when I get the chance!

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How can yall fuck these disgusting fat asses? I honestly couldn't even get it up looking at a single one of these. Weirdly I can fuck the shit out of the most coyote ugly female if she's fairly slender. I wish I could fuck the fatties though cuz I know I'd get 3 times the amount of pussy.

Share 'em

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Any of her pussy

keep them coming!

Have fun with your tweaker twinks you faggot. If you don’t like the theme of thread why post?


She looks real fun to cuddle afterwards too. Warm and fluffy

Not really fat TBH

Here’s a recent one

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Big ol tits.

Go fuck one and see. Don't get a morbidly obese one, just find a chubby. Try and come back to report.

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Dude keep me coming. She’s hot. Where’s she from? Does she have a kik or anything? You ever hit it?

She has the right mix of fat and thick

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I'm trying to open my mind to the possibility of fucking a fatty but just not sure how to get the attraction working in my head.

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She's from TX and I hit a couple times.

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Have a kik? I want all her vids and pics

Where do yall tend to find chubs

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Well, somehow I got banned on it

She looks like a girl I know

10-4 I think I may try

Well she certainly looks like she can take a dick. I’d give it to her rough as hell, little bit of choking while I pound her from behind and squeeze her tits. Train her to be a good cock slave. Then finish on her tits or wherever else I want. That’s exactly how I’d use her

what state?

42 Gs super soft very snuggable

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Nice. I’m saving all her photos. I like her man she’s got me going. Show her if you get the chance. I want her to know how she’d get fucked if she wants to hear it

fucking nice

I'd love to just cuddle her naked. Those tits are amazing

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shes reading the messages

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This is the only one I could find. I feel I should also mention that the tinderpig was 17 and her mate was 16

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Ahh. Sounds fun though.

Show your pussy for fuck sake. You're not teasing us your pissing us off

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Good. I would rip that fucking thong and shove my face in that ass while I eat her pussy and get her wet before I shove my cock in her

Just look at this squish

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would pound hard

Woah. Yes. Moar.

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Mmmm. Looks fun

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What’s she saying user?

Thank you :)

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I second that, her body is perfection.

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Very appreciative

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and it only gets better...lucky user

Oh fuck yea, fantastic angle for a picture

I would not say perfection. I would by no means date her. Definitely causually fuck and cuddle till I fell asleep on a weekday night though

Here’s a clothed pic

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Who's got her nudes?

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Any interrest

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Take the top off and let's see a full frontal

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Ass and more pics in general. Perfect soft piggy

I knew her in HS and we met again in college when we starting dating but damn I knew she had some rocking tits and fat ass I could pound for days. She gotta a great personality

going hard for her

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Here user

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I want her tummy

I want her to sit on my face. Lingerie?

Literally the only reason I fuck her is because she takes it in the ass hard, each time.

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She’s been into face farting lately lmao here’s one

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That's fucking vile

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That's gross to hear m8

As long as the ass on my face I’ll survive that’s kind of her excuse to face sit

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She'd be really cute, if not good the trashy tattoos.

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Thanks user

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Bitch pout

Just wow user. She's beautiful. Amazing belly, boobs and ass, curly hair and full lips. Marriage material

Pimply hairy butt

I feel you. I don't think I'd mind either


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Fuck yeah

You know her?

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Please more

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The cord.

Yeah, me and her used to have batshit crazy fuck sessions for days at a time. She'd take dick like a Shamwow takes water!

...and by all that I mean, I vaguely recall seeing that picture and the name in another thread once.

Show off her ass then.

Love veins in her tits

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fucking hot


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fuck she is slammable


Sauce on her?

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she's loves to get fucked

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would fill that so fucking fast

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wow hot. more?

Perfect hairy cunt

are her nips pierced too?

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She says she wants them pierced but no.

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how old is she?

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any full body?

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She should get them pierced. Little gold rings would look great.

I want to lick it.

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Hot! More?

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nice, she looks like she has a cute ass


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That does sound fairly accurate as a description of her, as she invited me over just for that, even though she had a guy at the time

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Anyone have any pics of fat girls getting sexual with each other?

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fucking nice

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nice shot yum

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I hammer this one regularly

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What do you think of my chubby wife

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Cute. Front?

Have none

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Need more of this one, she looks soft, maybe a nice fat pussy.

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would clean her off tbh
so hot

going hard

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I've been randomly coming to Cred Forums since 2006 and I haven't seen this specific pic before. Is it newer or maybe I just never came at the right time. I don't come here daily. Inb4 I'm a newfag. Okay children.

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If this specific body type and face turns you on, you won't deny her your dick if you didn't know she had those tattoos before getting naked.

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some hot fat bitch in my college

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WTF user, you were doing so great... I can't cum to this.

nice hangers, any full body?

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Will a little animation make up the difference then?

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Only one I got of her pussy

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so fuckable

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love to share that

This one then?

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Attached: DATPUSS.jpg (1333x1000, 802K)

The ass was fat
The puss was wet

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Is this slampiggy enough ?

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fuck this is hot

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would make out

Does she like BBC?
She looks like a BBC machine.

I've officialy been a citizen of England for a little over three years now and every time I see BBC on this goddamn site I automatically think of the broadcasting channel.

Basically perfect, too bad about the tattoos though.


Thicc girl on Snapchat if anyone wants to attempt wins.


I don't know that she has/does take them, but i wouldn't rule it out.

She does love to lay back on the bed, relax, and take in a load of british broadcasting (who doesn't like Dr.Who, right?)

Full body???

Yes. Like this but fully nude?

Full frontal nude?

Does anybody have her vids?

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Don't have one, she's too self conscious. Here's her tight 18yo pussy though

Attached: Screenshot_20200124-102623_Snapchat.jpg (1440x3040, 1.25M)

Like this?

Attached: 20200127_133550.jpg (1710x1961, 1.81M)

I fuck this asian slampig a lot. Anyone want any requests?

Attached: IMG_20200101_211841.jpg (578x431, 27K)

Attached: Snapchat-1121882280.jpg (750x1334, 86K)

Attached: 6.webm (720x1280, 1.96M)

Attached: 2.webm (480x853, 1.96M)

fucking hot, more

Attached: 7.webm (720x1280, 1.95M)

fuck she looks fun

she is :)

Attached: 1.webm (480x853, 1.64M)

I just snuck these while my mom was taking a shower

Attached: VideoCapture_20200127-154309.jpg (1080x1920, 89K)

Other one, not a good shot but i dont have no more

Attached: VideoCapture_20200127-160224.jpg (1080x1920, 114K)


going hard for her

Attached: 10.webm (720x1280, 1.97M)

cute, got more?

look im not marrying her user

Mmmm good cumslut. Post more!


I'd give you a little brother m8. Hell of a mom

Old fwb

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I didn't notice any tatoos...
...I was looking at tits...